Can You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

Updated on November 21, 2016


Okay, in order to consider any of this you need to know the scenario. All of this is hypothetical, so we would need to play along and overlook anything that may not be possible. Let's just pretend zombies are real; they can kill you or turn you; the world is ending; and that's just something we have to accept. Now that you have that down, here is what happened:

  1. A virus broke out and most of the people you know or ever knew have been infected and/or killed.
  2. The miliatry is not going to help you.They have either been killed, given up, or just went into hiding like the rest of the world.
  3. All untilites are off. No power, no running water (besides natural water of course), none of that stuff works anymore. The world is ending, so of course all of that was shut off.
  4. Zombies are dangerous. They come in hordes and they are hungry. They will tear the flesh off your bones and leave you as one of them, or as a meal for them. While they are killable with a headshot, the odds of getting a lot of headshots in a row with any weapon before they gang up and bite you or infect you are very slim. Most people want to avoid them, especially in large groups.
  5. Most major cities would be over ran with the infected. Most people would want to avoid those places.
  6. No government, no rules. There would be dangerous people out there who want to survive and may do so at your expense. They can do whatever they want, so if they want to hurt you, they will try to do so. You would not only need to watch out for zombies, but you would need to watch out for other people too.

With all these rules in set...would you survive? Let's break it down.

Food and Supplies

No one can live without food and water. That would be the most important thing to get. Most people would try to loot a grocery store or someone else's abandoned house. If you are lucky and very sneaky or fast, then you might be able to grab some things before other people show up to fight you for it. Maybe you can fight them off if you manage to get enough people on your side, or have the right weapons. Still, eventually that stuff would expire or be taken by someone else. Also, a lot of those places would be full of zombies, so you would need to deal with them. Maybe you know how to farm and grow your own food, or you want to raise cattle or chickens. Well raising cattle might seem like a good idea, but then you have the zombies...who would want to eat those huge hunks of meat right as they are. Not to mention other people who would want to steal your cattle. Unless you have a barn to hide them in or some kind of security measures, you might not want to raise animals. Growing your own food could work if you had fertile land, seeds to plant and knew how to grow them right...not to mention the time it would take to actually grow the food. Maybe in the mean time try to stock up on canned foods and make each item last as long as you can.

Then there are other supplies you would need over time. Medicine would be valuable during these times, as people would likely get very sick and not be able to get to a doctor. A number of things can happen during these times to make you sick or injured, so any medical supplies would need to be hoarded away quickly. Not to mention they would make for great trading if you met the right people who you could trust to trade with you. Of course you might need clothing too (I suppose going nude is an option, but you might get cold in the winter!). Most of us would need to find a store and take what we can, but it might help to get resourceful. Wear a trash bag over yourself, use boxes when you can, or just grab whatever materials you can any make your own makeshift clothing. It might sound insane to walk around in a trash bag, but if your clothes are ripped and you have nothing else on you, it might be better than going commando.

Of course there are other supplies you would need for sure, and some you just might want (like a tooth brush, hair brush, scissors, a knife, or basically anything else), one other thing you want certainly want to get is a weapon. While guns and ammo would be great for fighting off dangerous strangers or shooting a zombie between the eyes, this might be risky. For one, you would make a lot of noise and attract more zombies. If you can muffle the shot, or have a silencer, you still have to have ammo. A cross bow or bow and arrow sounds great, because you can often reuse the arrows if they aren't broken, but you'd have to make sure they didn't break and also be able to go grab the arrows after they were used.


Besides basic supplies, food, and water, you need shelter. For one, you need somewhere to sleep where you won't be out in the open and just laying there for a zombie's next meal. Also, you need somewhere to store your things, make a safe house and just live whatever life you can. Some people may want to go to any house they find. It may be a good idea if the neighborhood is cleared out and the house is not infested with zombies or someone else who wanted to stay there. Once you were in, you would need to block off the doors to keep out zombies and other unwanted visitors. This would be great, assuming you can keep the house and not be blocked in once you were discovered. You would have to come out at some point for supplies, so if you somehow attracted a horde of zombies you might be in trouble.

Some might want to camp out in the woods if they had a tent or something else. That might work if you found a spot that was safe, but you would need to set traps to alert you if there was trouble. Not to mention facing the elements of nature and animals as well. Some may be more in tune with nature and able to camp out and hunt their own food, which might work out. You would be out and away from most people, including the undead, but if you were to get hurt or ambushed, you might be in trouble (unless you were like Daryl and knew the woods very well).

Of course there are other options. A hospital would be a good place to hide out, assuming you could get it cleared and keep it for yourself. Hotels, grocery stores, a prison, a police station, a gun store...any place with supplies and places to make into a home could work. The problem is, you won't be the only one with that idea. Even if you clear it out, you would have any other survivors trying to get in as well. Maybe you would make friends and defend the place together, or maybe they want to kill you and take everything you have.


One thing you would need to learn to avoid certain death is defense. Yes, we all know that to kill a zombie you need to get it in the head or the brain. But how? Shooting it, if you are a good enough shot, would do the trick...but it would cost ammo and attract attention. A bow and arrow or crossbow would do the trick too, but you would have to be a great shot, have time to set it up, and be able to get the arrows back. If there was a horde after you, this wouldn't work.

Melee weapons, such as a bat, a knife, a sword (if you can find one and know how to use it), a pool stick and basically anything around you would be best. Anything can be a weapon. Use a tree branch to bash the skulls of those rotten zombies, or to fight off a violent survivor. Jam a pencil in the eye socket.. beat them with a rock...anything you can get your hands on can be used to fight with. It's a fight for your life, so grab anything and put up your best fight.

Cardio would be important as well. Sometimes, you just have to run. You might be outnumbered, out-gunned or just not a fighter. If you can run fast enough and far enough, you might escape. Not to mention that cars require gas, and gas would eventually be useless or used up. So at some point, you are going to have to walk EVERYWHERE. You will need to be in decent shape or you might struggle.

Armor? Well, you could get some nice boots to protect your feet if you can find some. You could get some decent clothes, or maybe even some padding. Sports gear, like helmets and knee pads, would be useful. Some people may even have access to bulletproof vests, swat gear and things like that. If you could get that, it would be very useful, but most of us don't have riot gear laying around our houses. You might have to be resourceful and make your own armor out of materials you find around.

Forts? Well maybe...or something like it. You would need to be sure that where ever you bunkered down was safe. Get some people and build a wall...use some chairs to block off a doorway in a house...go to an actual jail, make sure you have the key and just lock yourself in. Whatever you need to do to make sure you are safe.

What would be the hardest part about surviving?

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Summing It Up...

In conclusion, there would be a lot of things to consider here, and every scenario is different. I for one have trouble even lasting long in a survivor-style video game, so if this happened to me, I don't know how long I would last. We all might think we have a plan to survive this...but think about it and dig deep down. How long do you think you would actually last? Lucky for us we never have to find out...hopefully.

How long would you last?

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    • CYong74 profile image

      Kuan Leong Yong 15 months ago from Singapore

      I would like to imagine I'd survive for months and years, build my own stronghold, become some sort of warlord, and go down in history.

      But I'd probably last like half and hour, and end up scrambling for someone's brains.