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Zoe Love

As a dog lover, I know the benefits of having dogs in my life. As a registered nurse, It's my nature to attend to the well-being of others.


As I watch you run and play, I see what carefree looks like. I see how happiness can come from simple pleasures like the joy you find in rock collecting, the comfort you get in carrying around your favorite toy, or the warmth of finding a patch of sun to nap in on a cold, February afternoon.

In you, I see how simple it is to find true joy in life when you show what it means to live, laugh, and love. Zoe is your name but love is the lesson you teach by example to all those around you. You live not wanting to miss a thing, going full throttle until sleep sneaks up on you.

And you laugh - yes laugh! I am amazed that you can give such a peculiar, almost thoughtful look through those big passionate brown eyes. After which, you throw your head back with a grin, take a running head start and tackle me with a huge hug and a lot of love!

How enlightened I feel when I allow myself to learn from your unpretentious, sincere, and innocent nature. Oh how much richer our lives would be and how valued our loved ones would feel if we all followed your example of living life to its fullest and loving without hesitation.

When we find such an impressive example of simplistically living with a pure heart we are wise to follow it. Even wiser, to refuse to be hindered by the fact that this message of how to live a contented life is packaged in a four-legged, pug nosed bundle of fur!

Maybe you can't actually speak but you communicate volumes. Oh the volumes you could teach us humans! If I could actually have a conversation with you, I would tell you how thankful I am for the insight you have given me.

Maybe I'm the one who doesn't understand for somehow assuming that you don't already know. Zoe, your name means life. You definitely inspire life and give honor to your name!

© 2021 Shawn Holmes