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Yours truly, me

With every write, E. David John turns feelings into gracefully linked words to open up a shared sense of depth and presence

Yours truly, me

Every word I told you was the truth I took out of my heart, I only made it mean something else

Sorry about the lies, one way I fed you fine and died harbouring every truth,

I wasn’t ready, we were just caught up at bad timing.

Yeah, I considered your feelings when I lied, yeah I had to convince you I was open

I was. I just didn’t say I love you, at least not loud enough, didn't want you hurt.

I know you really did love me, yeah I loved you too but damn, I wasn't strong enough to fly.

You expected more from me than just who I was, sorry I acted like I didn’t care so much,

If I got caught up in those feelings, we could have dived deep in pains in time, I was too busy chasing the money, addicted to trying to make it big, yes, it's still hard to quit because I haven't reach the goal yet.

Even though love is sweet, I was more concerned about how to take care of you if we yielded and said the words.

Yours truly, me


Yours truly, me

Those moments, you know I still remember, yeah

All the laughter we shared, I don’t forget any bit.

And sometimes it haunts my feelings like a ghost from my past.

All the words I never said to you, that consume me in the dark when I was alone

Yeah, you were the only one I slipped in those notes to, now I miss writing, do you miss that too?

I can’t say how much I would lay in my bed wishing day breaks the next hour, so I could just see your face, you know you always did walk in late.

I hear your breath in my thoughts, minutes before he came in and took you out.

My heart doesn’t break, I don’t think it will ever break, that should make you happy, I know.

But I miss you so much that I sometimes wish I go home late, put my security on the line, because I was with you.

I remember your favourite line, it pained me, yeah I got it out in pidgin most times, yeah you loved to hear that.

I know it was kinda hard for you to tell me about it, how could it not be? Struggling between love and reality opened before you. I used to be mad at you that you came through with that Invitation when I had already known about, but time has taught me, you did the best you could, it was hard for you, I do understand.

Hey! It was the right choice, I don't hate you for it.

I’m just saying, we have been both mistaken and misguided at how we handle the past

Forgiveness can bring the solace, I do forgive all the wrongs you could have ever done and I’m happy seeing your beautiful daughter in the moments you paused, thanks to technology. She looks just as gorgeous as you did the first time we ever met.

What is life if we lose the people we care about just because they are not with us? I am in the light, I refuse to buy the selfishness that is ruining beautiful togetherness around the world. I love you same from here as I have ever loved you. I will never cut you out, we are friends.

Standing here by the mirror looking at the man on the other side, you have a lot to be forgiven too. Yes, I am asking for it like it meant more than just forgiveness. Like I turned the lights on and it was all your heart desires, I could give.

I am asking to have my friend back no matter where you belong. I’m asking for a better world for all of us, there’s too much hate and heart breaks in the world. I wish, I could let people see what we could all have if we stopped thinking all about ourselves alone. We are too busy trying to gain everything we want, not considering someone else who actually needs them in order to live.