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You Can Change What You Want, But Leave My Milk Cow Alone

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

Milk Cow Blues

In The Beginning...

God created all things as said in the Book of Genesis. For all of the Bible scholars, Genesis is the first book of the Old Testament. But this piece, a sweet little narrative, is not about Bible scholars, although I envy them for their Biblical wisdom, this is about the absolute of things and how mankind should leave things be.

Do you need a refresher-lesson about The Manhattan Project and Los Alalmos, N.M.? President Truman and the Defense Dept., are to be credited for the most-dangerous weapon on earth: the Atomic Bomb. Thank God, no Atomic bombs have been dropped since they were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.

But I did give you a painful-memory to prove that when we, the noted human beings with a bit of so-called wisdom, you are going to experience two things: one, a mess of things and two, embarrassment. Possibly both.

This is a milk cow. She is responsible for the sweet milk that we consume.

This is a milk cow. She is responsible for the sweet milk that we consume.

Moving Past Genesis . . .

and now back in good ole 2019, I had the disappointing-moment of watching (what I thought to be) a sensible TV commercial, and although I do not trust many TV commercials, this one I am talking about suckered me to listen about their product, but after the first statement about a New product, I was outraged. And very upset. All I could do is scream why? Of course I screamed the “why” inside of my mind due to my wife not wanting to hear any of my negative-thinking as she so delicately puts it.

The TV commercial rolled on and on. The presentation even had the gall to put an innocent kid in the middle of things and one can only assume it was for the sake of selling this so-called New product. I said New, but I could not prove it.

Now’s your chance to join me with your outrage. The so-called New product has a lot to do with the nut, an Almond, a Milk Cow, and a glass of milk. All three are fine as long as they are not intermingled. But no! The powerful Idea Guys (and Gals) from the Almond Growers, LLC., I am guessing, had plenty of help to get a company off the ground and then plaster it on TV, but I will NOT call the name of this New product because I do not want the friction from my editor friends at HubPages.

The Mechanics About . . .

the “New” product: Almond milk, I think, will be a help to those who are lactose-intolerant such as myself, but I am not one to jump on the “Almond Milk Bandwagon,” for this simple reason lactose-intolerant notwithstanding: I do NOT like change. Especially drastic change such as this one. I am a senior citizen, 65-years-of age and by now, I think I know best about what I do or do not like. But I can lend the Almond thing a bit of personal compromise, by trying a sip of this concoction. But do not expect me to spend any scratch on it. I have a monthly-amount of medicines to buy.

A final thought on Change: I was perfectly-happy with things the way they were. I was so happy when the Beatles came to America in 1964. My life with the Fab Four was made better by their music and songs. Who will ever forget, “Rocky Raccoon,” or “Hey, Jude” but in this case of some collusion about almond and milk, there are NO songs. So sad.

When the Beatles disbanded, I still blame Yoko Ono for the split and so did Paul McCartney, the late John Lennon’s partner in the songwriting when it pertained to the Beatles . . .but when Ono barged into the group, a vivid tension was apparent. You know the end result.

This is sweet milk . . .pure, white, and delicious. This product originates in milk cows.

This is sweet milk . . .pure, white, and delicious. This product originates in milk cows.

And Speaking of The End-Result . . .

I can only think that a certain sadness is now going to cloak our All-American animal: The Milk Cow. Just imagine what life will be like without the Milk Cow! When this Almond thing gets to rolling, thousands of employees who work for various milk companies as well as cheese companies and other dairy products will be sent packing thanks to a barrage of serious-downsizing.

Truth is, you can use only Two of the Three Pictures on this hub. Watch it and I will demonstrate. You can use the Milk Cow with the Glass and Pitcher and still get fresh Milk. But you cannot take any amount of Almonds and try to make the Same Milk as that which is produced by Milk Cows . . .but you are going to have a tough time of getting Cows to eat almonds in order to make Almond something or other.

Almonds; a Good Snack , but I cannot think about milk and almonds  right now.

Almonds; a Good Snack , but I cannot think about milk and almonds right now.

What Does The Future Hold . . .

for Sweet Milk (that Cows make?) A serious encounter of sorts of I am any expert. And what about the fans of Chocolate Milk (that I belong to this contingency) can the same “broad thinkers” who have all but convinced the Milk-drinking Public that Cows are not good enough for their supply?

One thing’s for sure: you cannot make tasty Chocolate Milk by grinding a few thousand pounds of the Chocolate Root! The same can be said if you get a Milk Cow to eat several tons of this stuff . . .you will not see, any way soon, Chocolate Milk from Cows.

So put that back in your Bosco . . .or Sweet Milk!

March 24, 2019___________________________________

This is a Yazoo Big-Wheel Mower' made in Jackson, MS., this machine can mow the grass to feed milk cows, but not to cultivate almonds.

This is a Yazoo Big-Wheel Mower' made in Jackson, MS., this machine can mow the grass to feed milk cows, but not to cultivate almonds.

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ken Avery on April 12, 2019:

Isiah -- sorry for taking so long to respond. I realize that my comment and hub was sorta like making it plain (comedy) about Milk and Cows, but Not almond. I should have said how do we milk almonds? But HubPage editors would surely flag me for saying that although it was not vulgar or profane.

Thanks for the interest. Write soon.

Elijah A Alexander Jr from Washington DC on March 25, 2019:

Ken, You are NUTS [Laughing], so I'll become one with you.

You began with the Bible and so will I, Isaiah 7:14-22. Because it is prophetic language which only the "born again" - those who rejects civilizational (butter, a human produce by processing another animal's offsprings food) for an environment's product (honey) - will most like understand only after they change, like a tadpole changes into a frog, from civil living to ecological living or someone who has reveal it to them.

If we observe mammal life in the environment we will not find another mammal feeding other life-types with their milk, with few rare exceptions, which means every type mammal produces the food for their own offsprings. A further observation reveals they do not process their foods but eat them straight from their growing locations. Then we should look back at the "creation of man" story in Genesis to find that is what man are told to do, eat it where and when we find it. But, we are talking to human (hewed from man) the Bible called woman (woven from man) because one man was removed out of another which left them both "woven from" each other to mean they are incomplete man as implied in chapter two's 24th verse.

Since the word man is a derivative of "homo sapiens" defined as "minds able to become wise" and wisdom is in everything; man must mean "minds able to comprehend all things and", as "dominion" is defined, "exceed the earth and all things hereon". With that understanding it would be safe to say "human and woman" both lowest common definition means "minds unable to comprehend all things or exceed the earth and all things hereon". Thus, neither man, human or woman are genders which only denote the role one has in specie reproduction which are boys that produces the sperm and girls who produce the eggs. That only happens once man, human or woman has grown from babyhood through childhood and adolescence and become adults.

Now that we know what we are and how we should eat, what's the big deal about making "almond milk", at least it is something we are supposed to eat?


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