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Writing with Personal Style and Flair

Virginia Alice is the author of "HONOR ONE ANOTHER: The ABCs of Embracing Our Spirit Within." She writes about fitness, values, and writing.

Sunrise Over Coastal Patch

Sunrise Over Coastal Patch

Writing with Personal Style and Flair

What type of writer are you? Have you always known you wanted to write creatively, technically, or journalistically? Did you have to work hard to get into your current writing position? Or were you just lucky to “fall” into it? Or, even more curious, did you start out in writing, thinking you would change jobs later? Or perhaps you are still trying to find your writing niche?

My Beginning

As a young child, I dreamed of being a creative story writer or columnist. But I struggled with my confidence in writing and finding a writing job just right for me. I didn’t want to be a copywriter, technical, or grant writer. And I didn’t have the know-how, guidance, or confidence to work for a magazine or newspaper.

Yes, I should have worked on the high school yearbook, or local newspaper, but shied away from it – thinking I wasn’t good enough. Was that you? Did you have low self-esteem as a fledgling writer? Or, like me, did you not get that any experience was better than no experience? Yep, that was me. I just didn't make the connection back then.

After high school, I did interview for a writing position with the newspaper in the next town over. But I didn’t want to end up writing a sports or wedding column or the obituaries. So, I paused too long in accepting a start-up position, and it went to someone else. Eventually, I ended up in clerical administration.

Little did I know that no one can take your personal style away from you.

— Virginia Alice Crawford

My Middle to End

Over the years, I was blessed with family and friends who love my writing. In my desire to do creative writing, I published two family newsletters, did Layout & Design for a nursing home newsletter, wrote articles for my son's PTA, and taught journaling classes to young people, aged 9-13.

On my last job, as secretary of our church, I was blessed to be the weekly bulletin editor and, later, the website content and social media admin. Both positions were challenging – drawing on all my creative talents, writing and editing skills, and learning new technology – all at the same time. I was never bored.

So, again, why didn't I find a different job in the writing field sooner? I couldn’t answer this question a few years ago, but I can now. I was stubborn about wanting to write with my own personal style and flair. I believed that if I wrote for a company, newspaper, or magazine that I would have to lose my style and write their way.

Little did I know that no one can take your personal style away from you. Sure, maybe they can tone down your flair a bit. But to write for someone else simply gives a person the opportunity to hone writing skills. It allows writers to become better at writing in ways they might not get – if they wrote only for themselves.

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.

— Benjamin Franklin

Viable Venues & Possibilities

So, what are some ways you can write and keep your personal writing style – and flair? That’s a good question. I have found that blogging is a great way to showcase writing style. So is social media, fiction, essay, and other nonfiction writing. Even content writing can allow for some personal style.

If you love to write, there are a vast number of ways to do so. Whether you create your own website and blog, post short stories or humorous clips on social media, or find a writing community to share how-to articles and longer essays, the digital world has made it easier and easier to get your writing out into the world – your way.

And there are always traditional ways such as books, newspapers, and magazines. Many publications also offer online options. And even if you are writing a book, you can start with an e-book format. I know of several authors who publish strictly digitally and do well for themselves.

Endless Opportunities Abound

Once I set my sights on writing publicly, I started to search for as many ways to get my writing published. While doing so, I have found there are endless writing and publishing opportunities. The more I search, the more ways I find. It’s like a rabbit hole, never-ending. And this is a good thing.

And so, I encourage you to keep searching for your writing home. It is important for writers, new and seasoned, to continually search for new writing venues. When writing is such a big part of who we are, the search to write in ways that allow us to write with our own personal style and flair should fill us with excitement. And the journey should always be ongoing.

Whether we simply want to share our words with the world, make a difference with our ideas, or bring in an income, writing is a vital aspect of every industry across the world. There is always a need for writers. Whether it is technical or creative, your writing (and style) can find a home.

There is always a need for writers. Whether it is technical or creative, your writing (and style) can find a home.

— Virginia Alice Crawford

Believing You Can Get Published

The key to being successful is first deciding you want a career in writing. Then, depending on where you are in your writing journey, decide what you need to do to get your writing out there. Do you need to take a writing course? Do you need a writing mentor or community? What job will make a good fit for your writing style?

Whatever you deem right for you, always believe you can and you will. And never lose heart. If you love to write but keep finding yourself on another path, remember that writing is a part of every industry. Just gravitate yourself toward a position with more writing opportunities, and eventually you will develop the writing portfolio you need to succeed.

I'm just now realizing that even though I spent a lifetime in clerical administration, the opportunities I was afforded on my last job and all the writing opportunities I've had along the way in the way of hobbies and volunteering, have garnered me with a portfolio of my own. Sometimes, we just need to shift our perspective and believe in our own skills.

Once you have achieved a certain skill level, you’ll have the confidence to seek publication in every venue your writing fits. Things take time and diligence. Perseverance will not only get your writing noticed, but it will also get your writing a home.

So never give up. Get your writing style – and flair – out there. You can do it.

© 2022 Virginia Alice Crawford

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