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Writer Mom's Life Is Tough

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“Why don’t you write stories or novels?

You should become a writer..”

These were the words of my brother in law who is my first cousin too. But, I was always confused about it. It took me 15 years to find out that I want to be a writer.

But wait…it’s never too easy for a mom having three children to be a writer. It’s not possible for her to write any time she wants to.

So it took me days to publish my first article.

The very first article i published at midnight, because there was nobody to disturb me.

But of course it’s not possible to write at midnight in daily routine, when you are too tired by doing house chores all day, you need rest

I managed to publish two articles. But now It’s been a month, and I am still unable to decide that what can be the best time to write anything? When you are a mom and housewife, you have many responsibilities, even if you have a maid to help.

So.. Let’s come to the main point, when to write?

Well. Don’t judge me please..I am very serious about writing and specially want to write on research based topics and for that you need more time.

I am sure many of you will advise setting priorities. But these advise about time management does not apply when you have kids. They are expert in making all your plannings failed. Specially, toddlers don’t have any fixed routine of sleeping and waking up. Sometimes they wake up in the middle of the night and whenever I try to get up early in the morning, my little one wakes up at that time too when I leave the bed

And when finally, after doing house chores I try to relax, oh It’s time to change the diaper of little one

And wait! I forgot to tell you that when you publish some work, definitely you need to promote that too. So I could do one thing and I managed to promote my those articles and got encouragement and support from family, friends and writers.. Thank you, all of you for your support.

I keep on thinking about the topics, I want to write. While working in the kitchen, I got many ideas and I write them in a diary, which is placed on my microwave.

In the evening, when I finally got some free time, I turn on my phone and start looking for my topic, my daughter comes to me with a message. “Mama, baba need your phone. His phone is not working, and a very important event is going on right now .(Just imagine)

(Actually he tells me to use laptop for this purpose but I feel comfortable to use my phone).

Then I start waiting for the time my kids go to park with father. Okay.. let’s wait for that time now but you know what my kids and husband are demanding now? Let’s go to park with us, we will not go without you. When I resist, my husband says “you need fresh air”.(Seriously?..i need some space too).. When my little one asks me “Mama, are you ready?”..Oh! I have to go now for her

So my question lies still there, when should I write?

Should I get up early in the morning? (it’s tough for me too)

Should I skip visiting to park with family?

Should I wait for my kids to sleep and write at midnight?

Please help me out with this problem and give me your kind suggestions. Waiting

Feeling sleepy, so for now good night friends.

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