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Writer Without a Clause: What Can I Do to Make the World a Better Place?

In his "Writer Without a Clause" articles, Chris writes about whatever is on his mind at the moment without research and without editing.

Can one Person Make a Difference?


Writer Without a Clause

Writer Without a Clause refers to articles I write off the top of my head with no preparation. Sometimes they are funny and sometimes serious. Thanks for visiting today. I hope you enjoy this "off the cuff" article.

Is There Anything One Person Can Do to Change the World?

I was on another site a moment ago, and someone asked a question that struck me as both overworked and profound. Now that is an odd couple, isn't it? The question was whether there was anything one person could do to change the world. My first inclination was to say that there is nothing one individual can do to make the entire world a better place. How could it be that you or I, with no notoriety, could influence the world?

I want to discuss some things here that are close to my heart. They are difficult subjects to talk about, but the discussion is necessary.

Human Sex Trafficking

 Prostitutes in front of a gogo bar in Pattaya, Thailand. Original text: Like slaves on an auction block waiting to be selected, victims of human trafficking have to perform as they are told or risk being beaten.

Prostitutes in front of a gogo bar in Pattaya, Thailand. Original text: Like slaves on an auction block waiting to be selected, victims of human trafficking have to perform as they are told or risk being beaten.

Men Can Change Their Attitude and Behavior Toward Women

What is our greatest crisis as a world? I've thought about this. Have you? Some of you have, I'm sure. You may not readily recognize this problem in your community, but I believe it pervades societies worldwide.

The number one crisis which we as a global community face is the enslavement of women to the role of sex objects.

The male population of the world along with the sex industry confine women to the role of sex toys. You may object that I suggest men, in general, do this, but I will not back down. I was at a Christian conference several years ago when I still identified with the Evangelical community. It convened at the Silver Dome in Detroit, Michigan that held 82,000 spectators. The stadium has since been demolished. The place was packed with Christian men. This was one of those Promise Keepers events.

One of the speakers was quite frank with the gathering. He had spoken to an owner of a local hotel. The man told the Christian speaker that he had never had so much demand for pornography on his hotel televisions before the Promise Keepers came to town.

No, it's not only Evangelical, white males who hold women captive in the role of sex objects. It is men in general and a worldwide industry that is both seen and hidden. Sex trafficking enslaves young women and traps them in a lifestyle from which they cannot escape.

Sex trafficking is slavery. There are more slaves on this planet today than at any other time in history.

The first crisis humanity faces is the enslavement of women as sex objects.

The Tea Party, Your Tithes and Offerings at Work

Tea Party, Philadelphia 2009

Tea Party, Philadelphia 2009

Give Women Everything They Need to Rise Out of Poverty

The second crisis our world faces involves the enslavement of women in the role of baby factories. For the good of the world at large and for the defeat of poverty, women must be released from these chains. And who holds the keys to these chains of imprisonment?

The Roman Catholic Church, Evangelical Christians, and the religion of Islam are largely responsible for this disgrace. The RCC says No! to contraception for their laity. Evangelicals say NO! to free contraception for the poor of our country. What an outrage when aids and other sexually transmitted diseases are seen to be less harmful than condoms. How morally twisted are we when we consider unwanted pregnancies to be better than no pregnancy.

For the advancement of societies around the world and for the worldwide defeat of poverty, women must be given the freedom to be the sole caretakers of their own bodies.

This is purely an issue of women being totally equal to men. They will not be there until we give them ultimate power over their own lives.

When women are free from the enslavement to bearing as many children as is humanly possible, societies will change and poverty will be defeated. You say you don't see this in your neighborhood? Well, wake up. The world is a big place, and this is the reality in most of it.

Gary Haugen: The Hidden Reason for Poverty the World Needs to Address Now

Think for Yourself

The third crisis our world faces is leadership. Look at the history of America and Europe. It is the history of the Christian church. It is no different today. Evangelicals run America, and The Roman Catholic Church runs much of the rest of the world. Add to the mix the religion of Islam, and you have a triangle of world domination. They've been at it for quite some time. How are they doing in your estimation?

My wish is that people would wake up and begin to think for themselves. I am not suggesting anyone stops believing in their god, but that they practice that spirituality outside the oversight and control of a religious organization that has become absolutely political. These two religions and three religious organizations have become just that, totally political.

Doctors Without Borders: Talking About Sexual Violence in Communities

Is There Anything One Person Can Do to Make the World a Better Place?

Back to my original question. Is there anything one person can do to make the world a better place? The answer is yes!

  1. Men, begin treating women, all women, every woman, with respect. Not one of them is your personal sex toy. Let's give that up. Otherwise, we are part of the worldwide domination and subjugation of women.
  2. Take a fresh look at your personal beliefs regarding women, their bodies and their ability to reproduce. Men, why is that any of your business? Keep in mind, it is men who have held women as slaves to childbearing, and this is the source of poverty in the world. Take a minute to rethink your position.
  3. Two religions and three religious organizations dominate world politics. We can pull the rug out from under these political failures by withholding our allegiance and our money from them.

Writer Without a Clause

I didn't plan this when I came to the site today. It was on my mind because of a post on another site, but still, I didn't plan to unload like this. My commitment to these "Writer Without a Clause" articles is that I will not research, and I will not edit except for spelling and grammar.

Thank you for your attention and for your understanding. You may not agree with everything I have written, but you hung in there to the end, and I appreciate it.

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