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Writer Without a Clause: Abandon Passivity

Abandon Passivity

I want to write. Based on the title, it should be clear I don’t know what I will write. I’ll say what’s on my mind right now. I am a writer without a clause until I create one.

My mind is a whirlpool, spinning, swirling, disappearing into unknown depths. I want people to understand that black lives matter, and if that makes you cringe even a little inside, you are the problem.

Understand that guns don’t kill, people consumed with hatred kill, weapons in the hands of angry people kill, mobs incited to riotous behavior can threaten democracy, sweet platitudes of peace don’t prevail, demagogues are liars, warmongers lose everything they fought for, money can’t buy happiness. Still, it can make a hungry child smile. Religion is the cancer of humanity, people of faith are the hope of the world, blind faith has doomed us, if God exists, he loves all, and when all is said and done, God, if he lives, is responsible and accountable for all. Otherwise, man is responsible and accountable for man.

Where are we going? Who is leading us? Why are we following? Do our leaders deserve our trust? Will cynicism save us? Is there a man or a woman among us with such character that he or she will step out, defy the enemy, laugh at the silly rhetoric of political opponents, champion the cause of the American people, poverty-stricken, the rich who have everything, who are an eternity from losing anything, who could lose most and feel nothing?

You tell me socialism is evil, against God’s law. My socialism has nothing to do with religion. My socialism is not atheism. Those who oppose my ideas say socialism is atheistic. You are confusing 21st-century socialism with 20th century communism. The two are not comparable. Those who persist in equating the two are either ignorant or are liars. Communism is evil, degrades people, enslaves, takes away basic rights.

Socialism, when practiced in the context of a secular state that guarantees the freedom of religion and the freedom of speech, is a wonderful thing. When all share willingly so that the needs of all are met, society can flourish.

When people pull themselves up by their bootstraps and succeed, it is a beautiful thing. They feel that if they could do it, everyone should do it. But that is not so. There is such a thing as hopelessness. There are people who will die in their sad circumstances unless someone comes to help them.

I fight for such a compassionate society.

Our elected officials are being put to the test in such a way as we have not seen since the founding of this nation. Watch how they take the test. Some will say, “Fall in line and vote for the party.” Others agonize over choices and part ways with their comrades. One side demands that members adhere to the party line. The other allows freedom of conscience.

There was a time when elected officials and the common man were made of the same stuff. That is hard to come by today. This is not the government of the people. It is elitism. Politicians are celebrities. Celebrities entertain.

Is that what government has sunk to? Is the daily news about the things of our government a reality show?

My mind is a whirlpool, spinning, swirling, disappearing into unknown depths of despair for a society that has either morally lost its way or has become so drunk with abandon passivity as to hope our current state will last forever.


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