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Would my Life be Better if I Were to Wear a Stick Pin?

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

Listen closely . . .

What is a tie pin?

a tie pin(also known as a stickpin) is a neckwear-controlling device, originally worn by wealthy English gentlemen to secure the folds of their cravats. They began showing up at the beginning of the 19th century.

This male-oriented neck jewelry goes back even further than the 19th Century and for good reason. At first glance, you will know that stick pins were noticed almost-immediately by ladies and gentlemen who met the person wearing the stick pin. Then, I assume, the whispering began to swirl about where “Joseph” could afford such an item as a stick pin? Others would add: he probably swindled his company’s revenue in order to be able to own a stylish stick pin. That’s it. All of these possibilities make sense.

I first began searching the basic information about stick pins when a legendary Rock Band, ZZ Top, released “Sharp Dressed Man,” in the early 80s and the hit song says in the early part of the song, “stick pin,” as the boy who is in the video is getting dressed in all the finest clothing, shoes, and a car. But I did hear “stick pin,” so it stands to reason that if ZZ Top mentioned a stick pin, it had to be popular.

 Stick Pin (USA 1890 1900.

Stick Pin (USA 1890 1900.

On the Other Hand

if a Country Music artist, Jason Aldean, maybe Luke Bryan were to sing about a stick pin, (Namely Sharp Dressed Man) do you think that the meaning of the pin would be more attractive or just a part of male jewelry? This is a serious question. And I will answer my part of the question: NO, it would not make the stick pin more popular as ZZ Top said in their song. Sorry if I offended any Country Music fans, but I have to be honest. After all, I have to go to bed and rise the next day with myself.

Not to discriminate against the female Country Music stars, do you reckon that Faith Hill, Leann Rhimes would fit the bill to sing a song (at the Grand Ole Opry) about a stick pin in her version of Sharp Dressed Man? And if that isn’t enough, let Nora Jones sing (Sharp Dressed Man) the “Stick Pin,” lyric in her Pop Music genre. I think that I have covered all the bases.

Before I leave this section about stick pins, why don’t the powerful Hollywood film moguls produce more Oscar-Winning films with stars that wear stick pins---and I am referring to George Clooney, who is ready a fashion plate, so the stick pin would fit him perfectly.

Human Skull stick pin.

Human Skull stick pin.

Now Please Allow

me to be a bit more serious about stick pins. And in all reality, may I ask you one question: besides the looks of a stick pin, what other purposes do they have? Have you ever thought about this? Sorry. That’s two questions. Feel free to answer only one of them and I am fine by that.

I am no fashion expert or critic, but would it be acceptable behavior for fashion conscience men to wear a stick pin on the outside of their left pocket? Why not! I say let Brad Pitt or Robert Downey, Jr., just film one production with their characters sporting a beautiful stick pin and watch the stick pin sales to soar. I may not know that much about fashion, but I do a little about sales and marketing.

To really cover this issue about stick pins, for even an attractive man to wear his stick pin on the tops of his shoes would be so wrong that even the wildest Hollywood stars would complain. And if the female Hollywood stars were to wear their stick pins (with a small gold chain) around their necks, oh, the Sandra Bullock’s would be fine by this move (t their face), but the true stick pin population would do nothing but talk about Sandra (and other stick pin rebels) and their somewhat bizarre ideas to NOT wear a stick pin in the accepted sense.

. Stick Pin (USA  1890-1900.

. Stick Pin (USA 1890-1900.

People Who Wouldn’t Look Good

if they wore a stick pin in public: Viggy Mortensen; Stone Cold Steve Austin; Sly Stallone; Floyd “Money” Mayweather; Sally Field; Meg Ryan; Glenn Close and Kathy Couric. I know that there are more to be put on this list, but you get the idea. And while I am here, what other uses would a stick pin serve?

  • Using it to kill rattlesnakes if trapped into the dessert.
  • Using it to defend yourself if a gang of thugs were to try and mug you.
  • Whirl it around with a chain on the end of your stick pin and you would have a new dance step.
  • Barter it if your financial picture has shattered. Pure gold stick pins can be valuable.
  • Give a stick pin to your favorite brother, uncle, aunt, or rebellious niece.
  • And give a stick pin to the police officers who patrol your block.

I want to leave you with this thought: as the headline implies, I do wonder if I were to wear a stick pin would I be more popular? I suppose we shall find out, then I get brave enough to get out my raccoon coat to head to football games.

May 11, 2019____________________________________________________

© 2019 Kenneth Avery