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Words From an Italian: Spreading Inspiration


Throughout our lives, many people come and go for various reasons, but every once in a while we find a unique and rare connection with someone and we just know that person will always be there for us, no matter what stages of life we go through. I am fortunate to have such a precious friend who is also my soul sister, who always knows what to say and what to do to support me and lift me up. Not only that, she is inspiring. Such inspiration shouldn't be kept to myself, as I have learned a lot from this beautiful friend. Here is to sharing her beautiful words of wisdom and hoping that the world will be a little brighter because of all the light she brings.

Dedicated to Carmela - Happy one year of friendship. Thank you for being my soul sister, and here's to a lifetime of support. I'll always be there for you, no matter what.

1.) "Similis cum similibus facillime congregantur." Those who have similar souls will always find a way to each other. I'm so grateful that you found your way to me.

2.) "The world is beautiful because of its variations." You embrace diversity more easily than anyone I've ever known. Without even having to try, you celebrate different perspectives and believe the world is better because of our differences.

3.) "A little madness lives in all of us who are truly alive, and it isn't something to be afraid of, it's something to embrace." A lawyer, a composer, an actress, a musician, a writer...there is nothing you can't do. You know and understand the importance of storytelling, and you embrace all parts of yourself - even the parts that are difficult to reveal.

4.) "People's perspective of Christianity and what Christianity actually is are two very different things. Jesus taught us to be open." I imagine if I were to truly be shown God's love through a person, it would be you. You're as awake as a Buddhist who has reached nirvana, only you find your comfort in a church, instead. Your unconditional love for others in the name of God has been very impactful for me.

5.) "Never lose your sense of childlike wonder: it will help you throughout your entire life." I often notice, through all of your education and the strong intellectual drive you have to always continue growing, you possess, at the same time, a pure and innocent heart. You find beauty in the smallest, simplest things, and in my experience that isn't something that often comes with highly educated people. It's a characteristic I hope to take with me in my educational journey and throughout my entire life.

You are the strongest person I've ever known, and although it isn't easy for you to see your own bravery, you are a beautiful role model. If everyone in the world could know you, or be a little more like you, the Earth would be a better place. Never underestimate the influence you have on me, and never forget how much the world needs you. Tvb sempre.

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