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Winter's Limitless Beauty

Beautiful Mountains in Canmore Albreta

Beautiful Mountains in Canmore Albreta

Winter's Limitless Beauty

Winter is wet and cold, and most people don’t like being wet and cold, but winter is also very beautiful. The winter months have a limitless beauty about them when you actually take the time to look around. When you are walking around outside around Christmas time, for example, looking at all the houses on your block that have Christmas lights up or you go to a Christmas carnival or Market. Or my favorite as a kid the Fantasy of Lights in our town at the big park that we have. It’s the best to see the lights when it is snowing out with hot cocoa from your local coffee shop. I remember getting all bundled up and going out to the Fantasy of Lights with a group of people with hot cocoa in hand getting pictures in front of our favorite lights.

That is not all that winter has to offer, though. What about the first snowfall, at night or even during the day? Watching the snow fall down during the first snowfall is so pretty, even if it does bring with the ice that nobody really likes. But the look of the first ice that covers the lake is pretty with the sun shining down on it don’t you think? Or the way the trees look with the snow on them and sun or moon shining down on them. Now if you live somewhere, with mountains the limitless beauty that, is there during the winter is something completely different. However, I can’t comment on that because I haven’t actually seen it firsthand but the pictures that I see on the internet look nice.

Seeing the snow glistening on the trees in the dark of night with the moon shining down on them is limitlessly beautiful or at least that is what I think. Seeing the snow glistening at all brings about a limitless amount of freshness to the world and gives you a different mindset. A fresher mindset in my opinion even though I don’t like going out in the snow it is still pretty to me. With the snow being cold and white, it brings about a fresh quality. Which makes most people happy and gives them a limitless new fresh look out onto the world. I think that is why we have New Year’s right after Christmas. There is still snow on the ground and most of the time it is fresh, to give people a fresh limitless outlook on the year to come.

The snow that covers the trees or the rocks depending on where you are living is pretty isn’t it? That is where the limitless beauty of winter comes from according to all the pictures you see on the internet that is. It looks nice, it makes you open your eyes a bit wider and actually see what is around you when you are out in the snow. Have you ever went outside when it’s snowing and tried to catch snowflakes on your tongue? I have done that, and it is fun, but the best part about doing that is the snowflakes that get into your lashes, which is where the beauty of it comes from. What about the ice sculptures that, are made during the winter months those are beautiful in themselves.

The limitless beauty of winter helps you clear your mind of all the stuff that boggles it down when you look at the pretty snow. It’s fresh and new and looks so pretty that you can’t help but just stare at it for a limitless amount of time. Especially at night that is when the snow glitters when the moon or a light hits it. It makes people happy to see the fresh snow, even if they don’t like what the snow represents, the fact that it is white and powdery gives the illusion that limitless new things are on the horizon for the holidays that is.

Snow on trees or on the lakes or grass if it’s a heavy snow, makes everything look so much more beautiful and that is where the limitlessness of the snow's beauty comes in. The definition of snow is precipitation in the form of ice white crystals formed directly from the water vapor of the air at a temperature of less than 32°F (0°C). Which is another reason why winter is limitlessly beautiful because when you think about it the snow is actual crystals? Who doesn’t think that Crystals are beautiful? I do and that is why I find winter to be limitless beautiful even if I don’t like the ice that comes along with the snow.

Winter is beautiful because the snow is white, and white is a sign of purity, which means the snow is a sign of purity and new things to come. it makes everything glow when the moon shines down on it or the sun shines down on it during the day. The snow is sometimes a pest but when it is falling it is pretty and always put smiles on people's faces because of how beautiful it is. If something looks pretty it makes people smile and that is how everyone should think of the snow.

The snow is not the only thing that is beautiful in the winter, what about the Christmas lights that are put up to light up the town or city during the winter? When the Christmas lights are out during the winter it makes winter feel more beautiful because it glitters with limitless color. Or at least that is what I think anyway. Winter brings with it a fresh quality with the fresh snow that comes, every few days. The freshness of the snow is beautiful and makes people think of the limitless new things that will come in the future when the snow finally melts or at least that is how I look at it.

Fantasy of Lights in Kingsville 2015

Fantasy of Lights in Kingsville 2015

Snow is Beautiful

The snow gives people a limitless sense of purity and the idea that change is coming. The beauty of the snow gives people a sense of limitless relaxation and warmth. When I see the first snow I think of a warm fireplace and drinking hot chocolate in front of it in a warm blanket. Winters Limitless Beauty when the snow falls always puts a smile on my face. What do you think of the snow? Do you find it beautiful or is it just a pest?

Winter, in my opinion, can be a pest but it is still limitlessly beautiful in some aspects. Have you ever just watched the snow fall, and felt how calming it was? I have done that a few times and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Snow is beautiful even if it is cold, It is beautiful because with snow you can make ice sculptures that look like anything you want a swan for example. That is another reason why winter is beautiful, not that I have every seen ice sculptures without it being in a picture but that is what I think of when I think of winter's beauty.

Winter's limitless beauty is snow on the evergreen trees, it is cold air biting into your skin, It is the feeling of fresh air, because of how cold it is it just smells fresh and feels fresh. The ice that shines on the pavement when it is not covered in snow, is beautiful. This is all from someone who hates winter but I can still hate winter and think it is beautiful, can't I?

I love how everything glitters in the winter, I just don't like the ice because I am not very coordinated. Which makes for me not really liking winter but it is still pretty because when the light shines down on the snow it glitters and depending on the light it might get some color to it and who doesn't like seeing the snow glitter green when the sun hits it just right?

The limitless beauty of winter is something most people don't even think to look at. To them, it is something that is just there, and it eventually it will be gone. But have you ever thought to look around in the winter and see the beautifulness of it? Most people probably don't even think of it, I never did until I wrote this post and then I stared out the window and thought about it. Winter is quiet beautiful it is a sign of the world in sleep but not really its just covered in a blanket of whiteness to protect the ground from all the harmful things that winter can throw at it like ice, sometimes ice does invade the ground but it melts pretty quickly.

The snow is still beautiful while it lasts, though. It gives people a fresh outlook on whatever it is they are doing when they see it fresh on the ground. Or at least that is how I look at it, because even though I don't really like it I choose to look at the limitless beauty of it and how it can inspire me to do new things. Which it has, and since it is has melted I have continued doing the new things and will continue to do so.

Winter is beautiful in its own right because white is a pretty color and when the light hits it, it becomes iridescent which is cool and it makes winter feel fresh and new. Don't you think? These are my thoughts on what is beautiful about winter. Everyone has their own thoughts about what they think is beautiful about winter, but we all know that it is limitlessly beautiful in some aspects which I have listed above.

Winter Beauty

Winter brings about limitless happiness because of how white and clear everything is. It brings with it a sense of new beginnings because once the snow melts new things come to be. It is a sense of beauty because of the white color. It is a sense of purity which is another word for beauty. Winter lasts for a long time which means the beauty of it lasts a long time too, not that I like winter but I do like how pretty it is.

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