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Why is our generation so unhappy?

Why is our generation so unhappy?

I realized a couple of months ago that people my age and myself, were perhaps the last generation to have baby photos taken on a disposable camera - nowadays, we have converted more to taking digital photos on our mobiles.

This, for some reason - made me sad.


My grandfather tells me how the world worked when he was only sixteen years old all the time, he feels sorry for me - my generation and the generations to come.

We are generation where we lack patience. Instant food, instant money transfer, instant hook-up partner (you don't have to prepare what to talk on table, what emotions to put in bedroom, one night, one swipe and yes we all are studs), binge watching TV series(I know people who skipped seasons of GOT every year so that they can binge watch it), lavish restaurant bookings, why to save penny to buy that vacation home where you can AirBnB. I remember my dad worked day and night just to give us that roof. We might be doing so great now, we don't even have to think about next year's plan but he planned. He had only one choice. We are the generation exploited by impatience, rapid technological growth and lack of planning. We thrive behind shiny layers, shiny cars, shoes. I know person who had 1000 friends on Facebook and committed suicide. Not even single friend from Facebook or his phone contacts knows the reason. We have people to talk to. But we don't have people who can listen to our battles, who will come to us with sword just to protect us.

We have a supercomputer in our pockets that are constantly buzzing with distracting notifications, fear-mongering news stories, and celebrity gossip.

We’re presented with thousands of advertisements each day telling us who to be, what to wear, and how to live. Keeping us trapped in a constant state of comparison to an unachievable standard.

We have social media destroying our self-esteem and reminding us in no unclear terms why we’re all worthless and lazy pieces (that guy/gal has a Lambo, penthouse, and model girlfriend/boyfriend so what are you doing with your life).


We’re unhappy because we spend our time chasing external validation from unreliable sources.

We’re unhappy because we take our laziness lightheartedly when that should be our number one concern each day we wake.

But most of all, we’re unhappy because our dreams didn’t come true, and we’d rather toil in mediocrity with our peers than pivot towards a different avenue of success.

As a generation, we are extremely messed up. We are stuck in a world which is changing so fast that however hard we try to cope up, we are still left a step behind.

Compared to the previous generation, we are far more competitive. While we have enough opportunities, we have many more distractions. We are extremely ambitious, but we are also extremely frustrated. The world of online networking has made us far more open, but from the inside, we have become far more closed.

We get involved in many relationships, casual and serious, and we also face many more breakups. We move fast from one city to the other, and leave behind all prior friendships to start afresh.

We travel to far more places during our free time, but we do not take out enough time to really experience the places. We have more money to spare, but don't have enough time to afford.

We try to act determined, but we are far more clueless. We try to act happy, but we are far more unsatisfied. We try to act tough, but we are far more vulnerable.

As a generation, we really are a bunch of broken hearts and broken people.