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Why Buy a Pet, If You Can Adopt One?

Please Adopt Homeless Animals, Instead of Buying a Pet


My heart breaks every time I see homeless animals struggling around. So many of them are suffering on the street, and sadly, people often ignored and neglect them. They are everywhere, always looking for something to eat. I've seen so many stray dogs that keep on looking at those people eating around.

Can you imagine how they feel while looking at those people's food while they are eating? They are dying inside to eat that food. But there's nothing they can do. So they just keep on looking at it, so really heartbreaking.

They keep on waiting for those people to feed them, or hoping at least to give them leftover food. It is just so hard to see the struggles of these poor animals. It would be really nice if at least, we can give them some food to eat if ever we'll see them around.

Please Don't Ignore and Neglect Those Stray Animals on the Street


I've seen so many stray dogs around, and it saddens me to see them suffering a lot outside. They are always around and often struggling on the street. Sadly, many animals suffered abuse and cruelty from people. Also, I've seen so many people are often getting mad whenever they see a stray dog approaching them around.

Although I have terrible asthma and allergies, it doesn't really stop me from letting those dogs come and approach me. I've always been gentle and kind to them. Whenever I see stray dogs around, I would always give them food to eat. I would always take my time to comforts them too.

They have feelings too, just like us. I hope that those people who are cruel to animals will somehow realize it. It just so sad that there are cruel people in this world. Some people treat these animals badly as if like they are a disease to them, and ended up beating them in no time.


Homeless Animals Really Need Loving hands and Nurturing Environment

Whenever I heard the news or witness the cruelty of animals, I can't help but being emotional at times. People might think that I am overly sensitive and emotional, but that's how I really feel. Sometimes I just can't help asking myself these questions. Why are there cruel people on Earth? How could they hurt these poor helpless animals? Why they can't just be kind and compassionate?

Just like the quote of Anthony Douglas Williams, " Be kind to every kind, not just mankind." Please let's all be kind and compassionate to one another, not just to people but to animals as well. So, please be kind always to animals. If you can't be kind to them, please at least don't hurt them.

Just like us, animals deserve to be love and care too. These homeless animals need us. They need loving hands and nurturing environment to ease their struggles and sufferings from their miserable world and away from those cruel people outside. They have been through a lot already.


Animals Need Our Love and Care Too

Sadly some people nowadays don't really care at all about these homeless animals. They don't even bother seeing them around, or the worst is, they don't bother watching the abuse and cruelty of these poor animals. I'm really hoping, even praying that people will eventually adopt homeless animals instead of buying expensive pets. They need our love and care to nurture them.

These poor animals really need a place to keep them safe from those abusive and cruel people. They need a shelter to keep them protected from the cold and heat of the weather outside. They need a stable place where they don't need to wait or compete for leftover food from those people that eating around, and they don't need to dig those dirty garbage around to ease their hungry stomachs.

Animals really need our love and care, and these homeless animals are really in need of help. All they ever wanted is loving people and a nurturing environment to make them feel loved and protected.


Please Give Them a Chance to Have a Forever Home

Although I heard so many stories and news about the cruelty of animals, I'm not losing my hope because I know that there are still people in this world who are kind and compassionate beings. I really admire those people and am so thankful for them. The kindness and compassion of those people really matters, especially to these poor animals.

Sadly, these animals can't speak for themselves. They don't have a voice in this world and are often ignored and neglected in our society. That's why these animals really need us. Instead of buying a pet, why not adopt one? Please look around you because these poor animals are everywhere.

They are just around the corner or on the street waiting for people to help them. These homeless animals are really in need of a place where they feel safe and protected. They need this safe and nurturing place called home, and they are just waiting for us to offer them a forever loving home.


"It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal"

— Joaquin Phoenix

© 2021 Juliet Acedera

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