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Why You Should Visit the City Walk in Dubai

My visit to Dubai's City Walk left me awestruck. There are just so many amazing things to see and do, there. Join me on a tour!


With metropolitan vistas that appear to have been plucked right out of the streets of Los Angeles, Dubai's City Walk precinct dazzles in its vibrancy—a celebration of progress in the most modern city of the Middle East.

Not only does the City Walk in Dubai offer visitors a rich, upscale atmosphere to behold, but it also blends the fresco streets of European culture with an Arab take on modernism. Once I’d stepped into this whirlwind of lights and wonder, I had no misgivings about my decision to venture here.

For a patron travelling over from Sharjah, the price of a taxi ride was steep, but it was completely worth the cost, as the City Walk had me busy for hours. I thoroughly enjoyed my time exploring its chic shops, swish restaurants, and most of all, the sights of the beautifully designed walking spaces that are the heart and soul of the locale.


Dubai is a city of glamour. It draws the bulk of its income from upper-class citizens who seek to splash their money about in exchange for highly valued products or from tourists who plan on diving headfirst into Dubai’s abundant sightseeing offerings.

The city can entertain a traveler easily for an entire month, provided you bring a thick wallet.

Dubai’s skyline will keep your eyes glued firmly toward the horizon as the sprawling skyscrapers enthrall the viewer with their sleek forms that are perfectly complemented by the shimmering lights fitted into these mesmerizing buildings. I found this very quality while wandering the City Walk. In the distance, the skyscrapers beckoned, with a clear outline of the tallest building in the world—The Burj Khalifa.


Of course, I didn’t just pop in for a stroll, and there was much more to discover. My eye caught the enormous Hub Zero gaming center. Blitzing with techno design, it beckoned me inward to check out what was in store.

Hub Zero will eat up hours in entertainment value—and eat up a significant amount from your wallet too. However, the entire gaming experience can be acquired with a full payment of AED 160 and is well worth the money.

Fashionistas will squeal in delight due to the abundance of selections to choose from in boutiques. I myself have no special interest in fashion—although even I could not deny the well-organized collections that tempted me in to browse—and instead wandered happily through the mall in admiration of the upscale architecture.


While UAE is an Islamic nation, you will hardly feel any different from the public in the country. Dubai, in particular, is home to various ethnicities, and people from countries such as the USA, India, Pakistan, England, Australia and others are a common blend of folk in the city.

City Walk gave me a chance to marvel at the mixture of cultures, as the visitors were decked out in everything from business suits and elegant gowns to the local white-robed men and black-veiled women; it was a showcase of inclusion.


Being a film buff, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to watch a movie. While the screen wasn’t much different from those I had frequented before, it did add to a good night out.

The night was capped off with a final stroll on the cobbled streets—an excellent rendition of those found in countries such as Spain or Italy. Here, the lights amazed with colors weaving in and out in different shades. It was far too expressive not to be captured in photos, although I will admit the view couldn’t quite be done justice until seen from the eyes themselves.

What’s more is that my favorite English icon—the classic red phone booth—was situated in the heart of City Walk as part of the multiple cultural themes.


Before departing, I took a moment to reflect upon the merriment before me, of people delighting in the atmosphere of music and lights.

From a small distance, the area appeared to be reminiscent of a concert hall in darkness, when a star-making performance might be in play.


As I sat on a bench, I was approached by a stranger whom I had asked to snap a picture of me earlier.

“Makes you want to travel to Europe, doesn’t it?” He caught me admiring the cobbled streets.

“For now it feels like I just did, and some of Asia as well,” I replied, still appreciating the ambiance.

Every place is unique, and the lure of travel will forever remain. But when you can find somewhere that blends the best parts of society and eye-catching milieu, it does make you appreciate right where you are.


If You Go . . .

Hub Zero should be your first choice. It offers a terrific gaming center that is sure to form the bulk of your time there. It is located at the heart of the City Walk.

To view Dubai at its finest, the Big Bus Company is the best way to go, offering the highlights of the city to major attractions and with the option of hopping off to visit the sights personally.

Multiple shuttles are in place from Al Barsha and Sheikh Zayed Road for those not involved with a travel plan. Taking a taxi from Sharjah is the best option for direct travel to Dubai.

© 2018 Saim Cheeda

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