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Why Were Wooden Fences Never Rebuilt?

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

People can lean on others when needed.

People can lean on others when needed.

Several Years Ago I

noticed something that instantly made me very depressed. Was it a war film or a reality crime show on TV? Not even close. What I am sharing now is somethng that I have with me since the first viewing of my frst old, wooden fence that I discovered in some rural area where my wife and I were just going for a drive. I am so glad that we did.

Quite frankly, the old wooden fence captivated us more than the ride. I could tell from that sigh that we were approaching senior aged humans. And when we got out of our car, we could not stop gazing at the planks that were used to build this fence and why? We did look at some of the planks which were rotted, but hanging tough as so did the others. I remember thinking that there was something about the sight of rotted planks still standing that really got to me.

In these years, I never dwelled upon what others might think if they knew about my sudden-fascination with an old wooden fence. If my friends ever uncovered my secret, I would be th butt of bad jokes. That did not bother my wife and I as we even went back to this place where the fence had been built and took a lot of photos so we would have them study at home.

And we did. There were stacks of fence photos spread here and there so much thst our little daughter, Angie, who had learned to walk, had herself one big time walking over our photos nd then laughing while the photos crackled. She must have thought that she was in the audience of some famous circus.

Funny how the fence and house has grown older together.

Funny how the fence and house has grown older together.

And Now Came

the questions about the fence that we had discovered, and that was fine. I doubt seriously that my wife, little daughter, and I had been this excited since a few Christmas Days ago. But an old, broken-down wooden fence? Below is a number of personal questions that I wanted to ask anyone who lived near that fence, but that failed. No one lived near or around the fence.

But I will share my fence-questions about the fence anyway. I'm serious too. I hate to see something, anything, that was once great, and now, thanks to human negligence, that thing is now filthy, termite-infested, and rotted in places. I share this same sad description about the fence that we viewed.

Now for the questions:

  • Why did the owner or owners of the fence choose to not rebuild?
  • Who were the people who built such a fence? Looked to be a group, maybe just one person who showed a lot of talent in building the wonderful fence.
  • Why was the fence built so far from human population? Was it a case of apathy or running out of materials?
  • I wish that I knew the answer. But I will say that with all situations, there is a reason (why) the fence was built although I may never know the reason, but that does not prevent me from thinking about it.
Fences like people come in many shapes, colors, and sizes.

Fences like people come in many shapes, colors, and sizes.

The Fence Was

much like life if you think about it. All that you have to do is start at any end of the fence and you can trace where the workmen, or workman or work-woman started laying and placing the lumber just right as so the fence would have no bucks and no part that was sticking out. Each piece of lumber, to me, was like life itself and many times, a tragedy will many times strengthen us for future trials.

In this fence there were no big or small pieces of lumber. Each piece was the same. There is something to be said about the equity of the lumber as well as society. In human terms, there are "some" groups who openly-declare that other races and nationalities are much less than they are. This is very wrong. In fact, ignorant. NO one group or race of people is superior to the next. This should be very easy to understand.

Can you imagine what the fence would look like and not work as well if some of the lumber was placed carelessly and some of the lumber was a bit longer or wider than the rest? Then you would have a fence that looked more like an eyesore, not like the beautiful fence we found and yes, even in its state of age, it still had "that" look of importance. To me, yes, even people can look and feel this way if they are humble at heart and strive to help others who are around them.

Also, we looked carefully and found that in each piece of lumber was the same amount of nails that the builder used to keep them in place. But what is amazing is the builder used the same amount of nails to keep the lumber placed right and without crack. Only a master builder could do that. And only our Maker has such ability.

In closing, there a number of people's initials as people used to do who were severely-dating or going steady and by looking at the many phrases and names, we were humbled at these creations that two humans in love had made. This too was amazing to me because even with the weather and elements, the initials were not faded, but kept their shape. So we can take a lesson from these initials to be able to stand the storms of life without fading or cracking.

Yes, we, the human race, is much like a fence.


I have found that in my latter years, when I devote a little amount of time in looking for life's many positive lessons, I can find them. I may not fully-understand them at first, but with serious study, I can.

March 03, 2021________________________________________

Majestic is the only way to describe his fence.

Majestic is the only way to describe his fence.

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