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Why We Cannot Die

Val has from ever been very intuitive which oftentimes bordered with extrasensory.

To our linear mind concept of death is unfathomable -- but free intuition can grasp it.

To our linear mind concept of death is unfathomable -- but free intuition can grasp it.

Do for this life as if you live forever, do for the afterlife as if you die tomorrow.

-- Ali ibn Abi Talib

Not "Knowing" -- Just Intuiting the Truth of Dying

I could almost hear you ask: Is this to be yet another round of wishful thinking of a 77 years old incorrigible optimist? At the echo of that question it's bound to be another one to be heard: How the hell could he possibly know?

Well, I don't -- at least not in the everyday sense of the word; but knowing is not any longer tied to the empirical aspect of it, which is pretty much proven with the quantum realm where things are more intuited than provable by the physicists.

By the best way I could explain it -- the truth is multilayered, and we can't grasp it all at once, while being somewhat in the position of those proverbial three blind men describing the elephant by touching different parts of his body.

In this article I will try to verbalize my own "blind", but intuitively sensed, aspect of truth about dying.

Those of you gifted with a pronounced intuition are bound to sense the fragrance of truthfulness in what follows, whereas all the others might as well try to derive some intellectual fun out of it.

For starters, allow me to make a pretty bold statement about the nature of that which follows upon out body has stopped its functioning.

Namely, we slip into a dreamlike state, albeit with an altogether different contents.

While it's impossible to describe it without doing injustice to the authenticity of the intuitional sense of it, let's say how once freed from this body loaded with memories of life, we also lose all memories of it.

Try to see it as similar to the fact that we can't retrieve any experiences from our embryonic stage of being -- while scientist are saying that we actually were already conscious at that time. It's only that our embryonic memory could not serve us in any way once we got out of mother's body -- thus it got blocked from our consciousness field.

Likewise, in that new dimension of existing after body's death, our memory, which was majorly orbiting around our survival strategies, will have no use for us in that new environment.

However, let's make one important point here: We are going to feel very much "at home" there; actually more than we could ever feel at home during our entire earthly presence.

I know, it may look quite unbelievable to those religious folks who are anticipating to be either welcomed by an angel, or greeted by an ugly dude with a long pitchfork. Now seriously, the experience will be in every sense divine and out of any dictionary that could possibly describe it.

If the spirit of a flower is conceivable, we will blend with one, once out of our body.

If the spirit of a flower is conceivable, we will blend with one, once out of our body.

I have always been interested in the paranormal and afterlife, everything from ghosts to angels. I think that everyone has that curiosity of the great unknown.

-- Hilary Duff

A Dream that's Meant to Last Forever

Cool, isn't it?

Just don't try to fall in love with it too much, since it's a sort of the universal rule that we live fully and completely every dimension in which we get to reside.

I have no idea though, if there is anything like a "penalty" for breaking that rule on purpose -- albeit something is telling me that we are already paying for it in installments here on earth for our negligence to make the most of this life.

However, let's get back to that moment of metamorphosis from an earthly caterpillar to a divine butterfly.

The feeling will be equal to nothing that our body could produce with the strongest drug. Except that there is a catch here -- we won't register that it's so good, because we won't have any standard of comparison native to out body which needed the knowledge about something "bad" so that it could experience something good, within the principle of yin and yang, day and night.

You know what I mean -- when everything feels great, then we feel it as great but we are not conscious about that greatness as to call it that way. It simply is that way.

Some are bound to ask whether they will see god. Nope.

You see, while on earth, we are conceptualizing about god in dualistic terms -- there is god, and there we are. But once that we are "up there" that dualism ceases to exist and we are just an entity entangled with the universal consciousness, in the way that a drop in the ocean "is" the ocean.

In other words, we return home into the infinite field of potentiality carrying all characteristics of it. By knowing ourselves at that point -- we also know god, and there is no dualism anymore of us-and-him.

How could I ever forget my very first very deep meditation when I sank right into my very essence, or call it my "true" self, or pure consciousness.

I got startled out of it with fear that I had died. But then I settled and went back "down my spiritual rabbit hole", into a state where I suddenly was everywhere, knew every cosmic secret -- which later on I could not retrieve by converting them into any concepts. While in that state, I didn't even bother cataloging any of it, it just felt divine.

I had no sense of my body, no sense of my personality, there was just "I-amness", blissful and above everything -- somehow so familiar.

As I woke up from it, I had to wipe a tear from my eye -- a tear of unutterable joy. Being a passionate lover of the mystery of everything, I never stopped meditating that deeply after that experience.

It prompted me to train my blissfulness-at-will until I became quite proficient at it -- and much of my intuitive "knowing" resulted from that altered state of consciousness.

That includes this intuiting about death, which never really happens to our soul.

When all good words are exhausted, it's time for intuition to open its big door for us and let us just be in that state of wonder.

When all good words are exhausted, it's time for intuition to open its big door for us and let us just be in that state of wonder.

We don't really understand most of what's happening in the cosmos. Is there an afterlife? Who knows.

-- David Eagleman

We Can Make Divine the Remaining Chapters of Our Life Story

Even while we are still in this earthly form, there is that distinct and non-physical aspect of us that will only continue its journey once when freed from limitations imposed by the material world.

Through meditation, or by minimizing our ego, we can rehearse that divine experience that's awaiting us at the end of this game. That's what I am doing with my daily practice of blissfulness-at will.

Moreover, by evolving ourselves beyond our personality and its survival preoccupation, we can prolong life and heighten its quality on a daily basis. By staying present in our higher self, we are giving a new suchness to our familiar facets of living.

Then, in some moments an epiphany may come with understanding how "god created us in his own image" -- metaphorical as it may be. For one day you will be one. Why wait for that moment" Why not give ourselves a taste of that harmonious beingness before?

Why not tune into our true self to the point where all of us may clearly see how at the end of the rainbow we'll just continue being -- because we cannot die.

© 2022 Val Karas

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