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Why We Became Foster/Adoptive Parents

As a foster parent and teacher, Miranda works hard to have a positive impact on the children in her care.


The Journey

Hi, my name is Miranda Hurtado. My husband, Joshua and I got married in June 2020. Ever since we got married, the idea of fostering or adopting has been at the back of our minds. We even talked about it on our third date.

Although there were many factors leading up to our certification as foster parents, the main reasons we went through with it include God, my teaching experience, our big families, and my disability.


God’s Influence

Just over a year ago, my husband and I heard God tell us to come to West Virginia. He told us that He had plans for us here. A ministry that would include helping people in need. We were living in Washington state at the time and considering moving out of state.

God showed me a big house with lots of rooms. My husband and I were helping many people learn skills necessary for everyday life. This vision prompted my interest in ministry training. So, I ended up getting my pastoral certificate from Christian Leaders Institute shortly after we arrived in West Virginia.


The Influence Of Teaching Experience

Before I even went to college, I enjoyed babysitting, working in nurseries, and teaching kids in general. That’s one of the big reasons why I got my Bachelors of Arts in special education. Since I’m blind, I wanted to have a big impact on other individuals with disabilities.

As for my teaching career; I got to experience teaching students with a variety of age and ability levels. The only thing I strongly disliked about the job was the paperwork. Otherwise, it was very rewarding to support students in accessing their course material.


Our Big Families’ Influence

Both my husband and I have big families. I have five sisters and he has three brothers. The weird coincidence is that we are each the oldest sibling in our families(we get a kick out of sharing oldest sibling stories).

Due to our being the oldest in our families, we grew up taking care of our younger siblings. We would babysit, help our parents, and even help homeschool them. As a result, we got plenty of experience working with kids.


The Influence Of My Disability

When I was 10 years old I became blind. The adventure of living life with a disability inspires me to help others with disabilities. Both of our foster kids so far have ADHD. The experience has really helped me have an inside view of what having a disability is like. Empathy is really important when working with kids. In addition, my background knowledge in special education teaching has also helped us advocate for these kids.

You Have Valuable Life Experiences To Share Too!

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