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Why School is Hard Yet Important

We all had significant challenges in school, to the point where we want to give up. Every one of us went through a lot of struggles in school, particularly with completing the assignments we missed and finding money to pay the tuition for students attending private schools. Because we consistently run into issues with our schooling, achieving our aspirations to become whatever we want to be someday is not simple. Even so, these issues are not good reasons for stopping our education because we have a right to pursue it until we can fulfill our aspirations in life, such as becoming a qualified teacher, doctor, or whatever else it is.

"When we improve our education and continue to learn, we can foster new connections, increase our marketable skills, and understand people better."

— EveryDayPower

School is Very Important

Despite the difficulties we encountered every day, especially for those who live in cities and if their parents have the financial means to finance their education, we are extremely lucky to be able to attend school. Success is based on education, and we should never forget that. Whatever challenges we face every day, they cannot prevent us from accomplishing our goals; rather, they are only trials that we must get through if we are to succeed in the future.

Keep Learning Diligently

Many junior high school students, if not all of them, frequently complain about the difficulties they had in their studies but, in reality, those difficulties will actually help them improve their knowledge and abilities for the future. They need to understand that the subjects they are finding challenging are the foundational knowledge needed for college, despite how difficult they may find Mathematics, English, or any other subject to master. In addition to these, we will suffer more in college if we will not study these courses attentively. Whether we are in college or not, it is never too late to read and study science or any books linked to medicine till we achieve our goal of becoming a great doctor. Why not learn more about math and everything associated with it if we want to become excellent engineers? We will succeed in life if we study carefully and never lose sight of our objectives.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

— MalcolmX

Instead of Worrying Your Problems, Never Lose Sight of Your Goals

Focusing our goals in life is way better than letting ourselves stuck in worrying our problems daily. We should always focus on our goals in life no matter what will happen to us and no matter how hard to attain it. Financial problems cannot be the main reason of letting ourselves to stop going to school. Having problems in our academics cannot be a good reason to let ourselves be discouraged in pursuing our goals. For students, it is always better to aim high no matter how many challenges they have faced. In order to show others that we are able to aim high, attaining high grades of all subjects or courses we are enrolled is the best thing to do. As students, high grades define our attitudes and so are low grades we have.

By attaining high grades, we are aiming high. By attaining high grades, we are making our lives easier especially to those college students whose grades of all courses are all high despite of their hardships they have faced every day. By saying high grades, we can make our lives easier, this means that if we do not have any failed subjects or courses we enrolled, then we do not need to reenroll them next year. But if we have failures by getting low grades such as by not focusing on our goals always and by attaining failed grades, that does not mean that they are our end. All we need to do for our failures is that, we should never do them again. If we failed on one or more than one subject, then we should do our best to get high grades by the time we retake them.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

— Nelson Mandela


Each of us faced tremendous difficulties in school, which made us want to give up. Despite this, these difficulties are merely tests that we must pass if we are to prosper moving forward. If we pay close attention in class and keep our goals in mind at all times, we will be successful in life. The problems they encountered in their academics are a common source of complaint for junior high school students. Despite how tough students may find Mathematics, English, or any other subject to grasp, they need to realize that the topics they are finding difficult are the fundamental information needed for college.

Never lose sight of your goals in the midst of your problems. Aiming high is always preferable for pupils, regardless of how many difficulties they have encountered. We all benefit from getting good grades, especially college students whose overall course grades are all high. As students, both excellent and low grades are indicators of our attitudes. As students, both excellent and low grades are indicators of our attitudes.

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