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Why I Love Writing Daily

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Sarah has loved writing ever since she was a child and has taken this love for writing into a new career.

1. Writing Is Therapeutic

I loved writing ever since I was a little kid but never knew that I could make a career out of writing. Therefore, I gave up writing for many years unless it was writing essays for my classes at university. At the end of February, I refound my passion for writing and I realized that writing is just so amazing!

I've learned that writing daily is a great way to just relax and release all the emotions from the day. There's something very therapeutic about writing all your thoughts down on paper. Writing helps me to organize my thoughts better and unwind during the day. Since I work from home and my work hours aren't the same as a typical 9-5 workday, I usually write between classes or at the end of the day. This helps me to relax and focus on one thing rather than everything that's going on in my life at the moment. I really like the freedom that writing makes me feel and the way that there are no limits to what I can say and what I can write about. I love that I can just talk about anything I want and write as little or as much as I feel at the moment.

2. Writing With A Purpose

I also really love that writing online and posting what I'm writing about is going to be seen by the general public. I often write about my travels, my experiences, and tips about different things so I love that my articles will be able to help others in the future. My hope is that someone will see my article and find it useful, especially the ones where I talk about mistakes that I've made. My hope is that someone who reads my articles will feel more informed about the topic or have a new perspective and this will help them not to make the same mistakes as I did. I love sharing my experiences with the world and I think words come easier when I'm able to write rather than talk.

Also, writing is very different than just telling someone on the phone. It's really great to know that there's a physical copy or written record of some of my experiences and information I want to tell the world. Writing also helps me organize my thoughts better than if I were to just tell someone in person. Writing is also very different than sharing the same experiences in a travel vlog. In a travel vlog, I have a limited amount of time to say the same things so I can't go into as much detail as when I am writing an article. People only want to watch so much so if I were to take five or ten minutes to explain my review of the last restaurant I visited, the video would be way too long and the video wouldn't keep people's attention for very long. However, when I write articles, most of my articles are around 750-900 words and I can explain a lot with this many words. Also, reading can be done anywhere whereas to watch a video, someone would have to either be at home or have headphones to listen while they're out.

3. Writing Is An Art Form

I've never been good at making works of art like paintings or making sculptures. I took an art class in my freshman and junior year of high school and none of the skills came easy to me. However, writing is also an art form and I know that it's something that I'm much better at. Writing is like a work of art in its own way because making a story or just writing a simple article takes a lot of work to make what you wrote come together. Also, writing is like sharing a part of yourself in the same way that painting a picture of your dog is personal to you. Others may not understand the significance of what you write but the author wrote about that specific topic or theme for a reason. This reason is close to the author and the author felt strongly enough about it to want to share their thoughts with the rest of the world.

Words come naturally to me and just start to flow on the page in the same way that an artist can paint a beautiful painting. It's easy for me to get lost in my writing and the next thing I know, I've already written 700-1000 words in less than an hour. Some people don't have this gift but those that do, tend to embrace it and that's what I've learned how to do too. Therefore, I try to write an article almost every day and sometimes I stick to a theme, and other days I just write something completely random. I love the creativity that comes with writing and hope to continue being able to write for a very long time.

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