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Why I Am Happy Being an Atheist


I write about things I find interesting, and although I am not an expert, I have fun learning as I research. I hope you like the results!

The Universe is Ours to Explore Via Science

The freedom to live life without the fear of hellfire and 'God's wrath'

The freedom to live life without the fear of hellfire and 'God's wrath'

Hold Your Own Beliefs

First of all, let me point out that this is not an attack on religion. I think everyone has the right to believe whatever they want to and practice their faith without the threat of harm, either verbally or physically. The caveat to this is that any belief you hold should fit the laws of the land in which you live.

I find atheism deeply satisfying. I would hate to think there is an afterlife, or multiple afterlives (if the Buddhists and Hindus were proved to be correct). I can enjoy the here and now, believing that this is what life is all about.

This means I don't have to obey any man-made religious code of laws other than my own ethical version of what is right and wrong and the legal laws of the land in which I live.

I find the same happiness in science and other forms of knowledge that some people get from their chosen religion. Our ever expanding understanding and wisdom of the world around us means we can marvel at our species’ ability to learn and evolve that knowledge and technology and put it to good use.

Rainbows - Once believed to Bridge the Void Between Earth and The Norse Heaven

Rainbow - A Wonder of Nature, Explained by Science

Rainbow - A Wonder of Nature, Explained by Science

Science Over Superstition

I have a long-standing interest in the paranormal and unexplained mysteries and I have seen the correlation between belief in ghosts and belief in God. We seem to have a deep-seated desire to believe in something 'beyond' the laws of nature and also to consider ourselves immortal in some way. Superstitions have permeated our existence since the dawn of time but they slowly get eroded by man's expanding knowledge base.

As an example, a rainbow was once believed by many Norse people to be the bridge between Heaven, or more strictly speaking Valhalla, and the Earth. Now we have the ability to see it and know that it is just a weather phenomenon as sunlight reflects from moisture. Anything that depletes the amount of superstition in our lives can only be a good thing, surely?

When I look up at the skies and see the moon and stars, it doesn’t fill me with wonder at God’s creation, it fills me with wonder at man’s literal, astronomical ability to understand and explain our far-flung cosmic ‘neighbours’.

I can visit new countries and wonder at the diversity of our species in terms of looks and culture, despite the obvious similarities between us. I know that we are different, not because God created us this way, but because we have evolved to our environment and the conditions and climate of the lands in which we live.

Indeed the country in which we are born and grow up, often determines our culture and religion, harking back to days when survival was all that mattered.

I can marvel at the nature around me, and the vast amounts of species that have evolved and created their own ‘universe’ and place within it. It is truly incredible that life came from a single simple organism which developed in the primordial oceans and evolved into such bio-diversity.

I can accept medicine and medical treatment as another wonder of man’s ingenuity and our understanding of our own selves, even though we are still learning. Religions often turn their backs on such things and it is a crying shame that some do not get the treatment they deserve because of their, or their parents, beliefs.

Charles Darwin

One of the scientists that has helped man peel back the layers of superstition embedded in our psyche.

One of the scientists that has helped man peel back the layers of superstition embedded in our psyche.

Live, Love, Enjoy and Die Happy

There are many other things I could go on to say, but you get my point. There is plenty to see, experience, learn and enjoy, without needing to invent something to thank for it.

I know you will disagree with me if you are religious, but remember this is my view of life from an atheistic standpoint.

I am truly thankful for my infinitesimally small and random opportunity to be here, and experience life on Earth. Why spend our time thanking and worshipping an improbable being that doesn't fit into the laws of anything we have discovered, when there is so much to see and explore, that does?

I do not expect to go anywhere else when I die, and I do not expect to ever come back again in any shape, form or guise, other than through my offspring. My body will naturally decompose and this will give life back to the ecosystem which means I will live on in another form.

The only reasons to fear death are:

  • If you are religious and believe in Heaven and Hell.
  • If you feel you are leaving something unfinished.
  • The physical pain death may bring.
  • Knowing the sorrow loved ones will feel.

The really sad part is that we don’t get to see how our story ends. How much further will we evolve? Will mankind and computers somehow become entwined as one? Will we discover other life in the universe? What further inventions will we make? What discoveries are still waiting to be uncovered? We are just a brief blink in the pages of a history book, and whilst we can look back at what has gone before, we can only guess at what the future chapters may hold.

Once you throw off the shackles of religious dogma, it is absolutely liberating. The freedom to research, explore and learn, without the shadow of superstition looming over your shoulder, it really is something to treasure, not fear.

Appreciate everything, live, love, enjoy and die happy and thankful that you were given this amazing opportunity in such a random and chaotic amalgamation of universal chemistry and physical interactions.

Religion is not a requirement of being happy or moral.

Religion is not a requirement of being happy or moral.

Belinda Carlisle - Heaven is a Place on Earth

© 2018 Ian


KJH on June 08, 2020:

What you say is a crock. There are far more men that hate women than the reverse. It's not dangerous to say "hello" or "good morning" to a woman either, that's a lie. As far as "loser women" well there are plenty of "loser men". Guess what, if you don't want a loser woman, don't choose one genius. You're no different than women who pick men that are abusers, cheaters and jerks and then claiming that all men are pigs. Speaking of losers, how many men use women, dump a woman and abandon their child? The answer, plenty.Plenty of women ask "why aren't men the way they used to be back in the good old days, "Real Gentlemen." Anyways, you're not an atheist, you're a theist whose mad at God because you don't have a girlfriend.. Becoming an atheist has nothing to do with unhappiness in your love life or anything else, it comes from not believing in God because of lack of evidence. If you want to know why you aren't married, look in the mirror instead of blaming the opposite sex because the fault lies with YOU.

Atheist With So Many Excellent Reasons on May 30, 2019:

Well i certainly have so many excellent reasons to be an atheist since i am a single man that always wanted a wife and family which that definitely would've been a very normal thing to have. God is a very evil bastard for not giving that, especially when he gave it to billions of other people on this planet since i am no different than they're. What made those people more special than me anyway? Did they have the word that said special on their foreheads? I am a good looking single man that keeps in very good shape all the time, and i like to laugh a lot when i watch comedy shows to keep my sanity. I hate being a single man as it is, and now that we have so many feminists man hating women everywhere these days which makes it worse meeting a decent normal one now altogether. Women today have really changed for the worst of all, especially since a great deal of these women are very severely mentally ill which they really are the ones that need help very badly today. Just saying good morning or hello to a woman now has really become so very extremely dangerous for many of us single good men now looking for a very serious relationship today. And i know a few other friends that having problems with these women as well. There are times for no reason at all that these women will even Curse at us too which doesn't make any sense to begin with how very horrible women can be these days. Even God can't control these very pathetic loser women these days since he gave them the free will to do whatever they want to do. So since many of us men that are still single today which this does certainly hurt a lot, and many of us aren't single by choice either. It is just real too bad that God didn't create women just like the good old days when a great deal of the women back then were Real Ladies and the very complete opposite of today, and these are very excellent reasons why many of us are atheists today. Being single and all alone isn't fun at all today which is why we really hate the holidays as well when they come around.

gyanendra mocktan from Kathmandu,Nepal on October 10, 2018:

Why I am with you brother, do you want to know? At times I tend to feel that Religion and Spirituality is a new kind of SUPER market.

Suzie from Carson City on October 01, 2018:

Hello Ian......I see you have very recently joined HubPages. I usually try to "Welcome" new members and introduce myself. It's always good to have new members, especially exceptional writers, which I can clearly see, you are.

In my 7 years here, I've quite unfortunately experienced reading a great deal of utter crap that individuals who have the audacity to refer to themselves as writers, have splattered on this site.

You will come across these works as you travel throughout our community. The grammar, spelling, punctuation errors and every other sort of destruction to our beautiful English language, will be found in these "alleged" articles. You will learn to skip over them as we all must do. HP moderators are lax in doing an appropriate job at keeping the trash/litter off our site.

The good news is, we have some of the most fabulous free-lance, Indy writers here that you will find anywhere! So many are published authors and have had wonderful success in their writing career. They are easily recognizable and I am certain you'll fall in love with them. Their articles inspire, educate & entertain.

So, have fun and I wish you the best of luck! Peace, Paula

Paladin_ from Michigan, USA on October 01, 2018:

I'm with you, brother. When I finally realized my religious beliefs were BS (more than two decades ago), it was if I had been living my entire life with gauze over my eyes, and I could FINALLY see for the first time!

Back when I did the usual routine and asked Yahweh to 'come into my heart,' I didn't feel a darned thing. Nothing happened (contrary to what I'd been told my entire life). But when I finally had my atheist awakening, I was ecstatic! At least for a while, I was all fired up and wanted to share this awareness with everyone!

The years since have tempered my enthusiasm, but I still consider myself extremely lucky to have found my way out of the darkness.

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