Why I Do Not Like Leon Everette

Updated on October 8, 2019
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Kenneth, if you have followed him, is not a self-promoter. He can write about most anything. No. He is not a boastful guy.

Leon Everette.
Leon Everette. | Source

Let’s Talk a Bit With Leon Everette

Everette was born March 27, 1948. He is still alive. And recording his songs. While in the Navy during the Vietnam War, Everette won a singing contest and decided to pursue a career in country music. Between 1977 and 1985, Everette recorded eight studio albums, including five for the RCA Nashville label. He charted several singles on the Hot Country Songs charts in the same timespan. Everette reached top 10 on the Hot Country Songs charts with the singles "Over", "Giving Up Easy", "Hurricane", "Midnight Rodeo", "Just Give Me What You Think Is Fair", "Soul Searchin'", "My Lady Loves Me (Just as I Am)" and "I Could'a Had You".

Not a bad stab at a singing career. Personally, I would fail miserably if I had such gumption as to try and launch a singing career. But Everette did it. For that, I give him loads of applause.

Now that the sweet songs of praise are over, I have met Leon Everette twice. Once in person at a big motel smack dab in the middle of Nashville, Tn., where my wife and daughter along with my mom and dad had given the two an anniversary present of this weekend trip, and on our way to head to Opryland, there he was. Leon Everette in the flesh. We were walking toward the main lobby doors and I was amazed at how human Everette acted. Friendly and both feet on the ground. Two lovely girls were at his sides—his wife or girlfriends or his girlfriend and her girlfriend, I suppose. I never asked. But on whim, I looked over at the crowded lobby and yelled hello to him. He was stunned. Then he smiled and spoke back.

My wife, who is a very quiet conservative gal, scolded me for yelling hello at this Country Music celebrity, and told me to be quiet. I retaliated (nicely) and told her that I was only saying hi to this Nashville star and she came back and said that I should have said something besides Hi, Leon. I argued back that by me yelling, Hi, Mr. Everette, would have embarrassed him so I didn’t. Besides I got my point across because he smiled and waved at us.

That was the last that I seen Leon Everette, whose song, “Hurricane,” made him famous, so I accepted the fact that ours was just a nice encounter and went with my family to see what Opryland held in this afternoon for us.

Leon Everette with beard.
Leon Everette with beard. | Source

The Second Meeting That

I had with Nashville singing star, Leon Everette, was on his tour bus, a really fancy set of wheels, when my brother-in-law and our cousin from Adrian, MI., who was partying with us at a bar in Muscle Shoals while we were enjoying this Saturday, so life (at that time) was good.

“There’s Leon Everette’s bus,” I yelled to my brother-in-law and cousin from Adrian.

Truth be told, we had drank several “cold one’s” in this nice bar and life was as good as it gets, and getting to see Leon Everette’s tour bus was the acme of life as we knew it.

My brother-in-law and cousin, argued that the tour bus was not Everette. I argued back by saying, “I may have drank several beers, but one thing I do know is that Leon Everette’s tour bus is sitting in the parking lot of this bar and I am going to get aboard this bus!” Both my brother-in-aw and cousin looked at each other swiftly and said not a word. I was headed for the tour bus and since there were no bodyguards, the coast was clear.

The bus driver, who was still sitting behind the wheel, smiled at me as I was yelling niceties to Everette. Who at this time did not see me. But I kept pounding on the bus doors until the driver must have realized that I meant business, so he got up and started opening the doors.

The Rest is Embarrassing

if you have ever drank several beers and tried to talk sensibly to a celebrity in the flesh. But I did. I saw Everette sitting mid-way in the bus and was half-way smiling. I kept telling him how we three enjoyed his singing and performing. He smiled even bigger at hearing these things. The last thing was asking where he was going to perform that night. He was very cordial as he told me the place where he was going to be that evening and what time, and even told me, my brother-in-law and cousin to come backstage after his show for some photo session—and we three were on a high that no booze could match.

The best part of this meeting was when I asked my new friend, Leon, where he was going to put on a concert and he told me that he was going to appear in the Florence (Al.) Coliseum and was feeling positive that (this) date was going to be his best. I had my first thought of a singing super-star giving this rube (me) some velvet-tongue showbiz jive and I almost fell for it.

Time was running out on our Saturday Tour in Muscle Shoals, so my brother-in-law and the cousin, had to set sail for our hometown, Hamilton, Ala., so we told Leon just how much we appreciated him allowing us to board his bus and he said that he appreciated the warmth of a fan who loves his music. Then we were headed home.

And on The Way I

did myself some soul-searching thinking. The type of thinking that is so serious that you hurt your own feelings and even shed a few tears because you have went too deep into “that” area inside our souls where hardly no one takes time to visit. But not this time. I was inside this Serious Zone and I hit upon something weird.

  • After several miles of riding and all three of us were tired and quiet from all of the celebrating, I came up with a bone-chilling discovery: “I Do Not Like Leon Everette,” and the reasons are honest as well as true, and if you look below, you can see why Everette does not get to sign my autograph book.
  • Everette’s eyes look like a con artist. Notice the eyes of Nashville icon, Ernest Tubb. His eyes are big, white, and caring.
  • That hat he wore in Nashville when I met him going out of that huge motel, was sadly out-of-date. That big feather hanging upward in the right side made me think that he was hawking some snake oil serum that is guaranteed to cure acne as well as most rough diseases.
  • Everette is seen, anywhere he poses for photos, has “that” shady smile that gives me the creeps. I would suggest to him that when his music career hits the skids, he can always sell used cars.
  • I am sure that if I lived near him and I had this wonderful dog, when my dog and I would be taking our evening walk and Everette were to come out of his home to talk to us, my dog would growl like a male lion and take a chunk of meat out of his left leg.
  • I have watched TV for a number of years and honestly, I have never watched Leon Evertte in any commercial selling everything from furniture to top soil.
  • Everette really looks more of a ladies man than a Country Music star. Just look at how he acts on the stage grinding his legs (like Elvis) in hopes that the pretty girls will chase him like a hungry chicken runs down a June bug to have for dinner.
  • There has never been any important Opera Company that has recruited Everette to sing a duo with Luciano Pavarotti, but there again, Everette has never sang and used the accordion.
  • Everette has never been asked to appear in Sesame Street.
  • Everette does not have the talent of a knife-thrower in a traveling circus.
  • Everette has never considered applying for an airline pilot because rumor has it that he has a fear of heights.



August 21, 2019______________________________________________________

Leon Everette in later years.
Leon Everette in later years. | Source

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      • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

        Kenneth Avery 

        7 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama

        Dear Marie,

        thanks a million for your friendships and comments. I mean it.

        I enjoy reading what my followers have to say.

        Since these wilder days, I have not heard of seen Leon and if I ever do, I hope we both can find peace.

        Best wishes to you. Peace.

      • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

        Kenneth Avery 

        7 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama


        Leon did exist. I saw him. And I thank you for stopping by. You can write me anytime. Peace.

      • Cooking Jam profile image

        Muhammad Abdullah 

        9 months ago

        First time I have ever heard about this guy and I think I don't wanna know him ever.

      • Marie Flint profile image

        Marie Flint 

        9 months ago from Tawas City, Michigan USA

        Ken, you are too funny. I personally had no idea who this guy was. When I read "Country Western," I knew why. I grew up with this music. A lot of lyrics were of the "tears in your beer" genre. Also, most Country Westerners don't pronounce words I can clearly understand. So, I don't listen to it.

        The funniest part for me was your imagining your dog growling at this star and biting him in the leg. I guess if man's best friend doesn't like someone, it's best to avoid the dude.

        Best wishes!


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