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Why Do People Leave Their Curtains Open at Night?

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I'm a dental hygienist, pyrography artist, avid gardener, writer, vegetarian, world traveler, and many other things!

© Kate P (Thanks Mom)

© Kate P (Thanks Mom)

I Couldn't Help but Notice

No—really. I couldn't help but notice because it's dark outside, your blinds are wide open, and all the lights in your entire house are on. My eyes are drawn to the light—and thus to you—like a moth to a flame.

I can see what you're doing (you've made yourself the most visible thing out there.) You're usually watching TV (how sad), sometimes you're in the kitchen, but always—always—you're on display. I can see your pajamas, if you're wearing anything at all. I see the artwork on your walls, kind of shabby chic. I understand you like Dancing With The Stars but do you really need to expose your half-dressed dance to the rest of the world?

I've never understood how people can go through life putting themselves—and everything they own—and their kids—on display to God-knows-who. Me, for example. I can see into your house. I can see what you're doing. I don't understand how your mind works. I'm trying to understand how you could think this is a good idea.

Reasons for Leaving Curtains and Blinds Open at Night

  • You get claustrophobic in confined spaces
  • You can't remember silly things like curtains
  • Never saw the need to shut them
  • Live in the middle of nowhere
  • Not many people walk by
  • If someone wants to look, that's fine
  • You like knowing people can see you (naked?)
  • You have nothing to hide and nothing to fear
  • You have 500 windows but can't afford automatic shades
Time to close the blinds.. or is it?

Time to close the blinds.. or is it?

Top Reasons for Closing the Blinds at Night

  • Peeping Toms tend to pick easy targets
  • Prevent burglaries by not shining a spotlight on everything you own
  • Prevent kidnappings by not showing everyone your kids' bedrooms
  • Prevent lewd behaviors by, well, preventing the possibility
  • Everyone (yes everyone) can see you
  • You can't see out but we can see in
  • It's dark out, why have them open?
  • Privacy is important, which is why toilet doors (and walls) exist
Privacy is important, which is why toilet doors, walls, and blinds exist.

Privacy is important, which is why toilet doors, walls, and blinds exist.

It's a Bit Creepy

You heard me right—creepy. That's what I think of both the idea of leaving my blinds open at night and those people who appear unaffected by being on display in their nightclothes to everyone outside.

To me it's like those obese men who wear Spandex swimwear and parade themselves around in public. My mind can't wrap around how their brains work. Why would they subject themselves to the world?

And my problem is similar when it comes to leaving curtains open and lights on at night. I don't understand why you'd do such a thing. Please help me.

Live and Let Live

Did you hear about the man who was walking around in his house, naked, and got arrested for it? Find the story here. It was morning, he was walking around naked, putting some coffee on, starting the day—when who walked through his yard but a mother and her 7-year-old son. Mother called the cops, and the man faced a year in jail and US$2,000 fine (outcome unknown.) A poll asking readers' opinions on the matter showed that either lots of people walk around naked in their houses with the blinds open, or they approve of it:

  • 3% - He should have kept away from the windows.
  • 97% - If you can't be naked in your own house, where can you?
It's freaking creepy to walk around naked with your curtains open—day or night.

It's freaking creepy to walk around naked with your curtains open—day or night.

While it creeps me out—majorly—to see people walking around their houses oblivious to outside stares, what's even worse is to stop people from being able to do so if they wish. I have no qualms about letting people live their lives however they see fit. It doesn't mean I understand everything people do, or even want to understand, but I greatly value my own freedom and support everyone else's as well.

That said, it's freaking creepy to walk around naked with your curtains open—day or night. Please consider taking the advice of Primus in their song, "Nature Boy." Close the blinds!

Questions & Answers

Question: Why do some people always keep their blinds closed, even in the daytime?

Answer: I would imagine privacy and/or to keep heat out or in.

Question: Do you think in some cases it's depression why some people don't ever open their blinds?

Answer: You're actually the first person to bring this up in the history of this article. Come to think of it, you're onto something. I think depression lends itself to cutting off the outside world and stewing within your own hell, usually alone. The people I've known with depression have bouts where they don't open their blinds for days, weeks, or even months. As regards this article, though, I think the vast majority just don't care if people can see them prominently displayed in their bed clothes. Good question.

© 2011 Kate P

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