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Why Artificial Intelligence Is a Threat to Writers

Donald is a freelance B2B and B2C content writer specializing in sales copies, newsletters, landing pages, blog articles, and user guides.

With the emergence and application of artificial intelligence (AI) in writing, the prospects of a writing career changing significantly are high. Nowadays, AI-powered software can write forms of content, including organizing references into an identified format.

Having worked as a writer for several years, I feel that artificial intelligence is becoming better and more effective, and might make a writing career negligible. As companies and organizations rely more on AI-powered systems for content creation, the demand for writers is declining rapidly. AI is capable of reading, writing, editing, and suggesting words and sentence structure to make readability score high.

If you have been making a living as a writer, there are several reasons to make you worry about the future of your career. Many things are changing rapidly, and it is important to position yourself well to remain valuable in your niche.

As tech companies continue to advance their AI solutions, sooner or later, businesses will find ready content-writing solutions using AI tools. Below are some of the reasons why AI is a threat to writers.

Artificial Intelligence Can Write About Everything

Probably, against the saying from the Good Book, this is the “new thing under the sun.” AI is a powerful and transformative tool in the content creation sector. Based on recent trends, AI is capable of producing content in various formats and for diverse purposes. The benefits can be seen in education, business, entertainment, and marketing, among other sectors.

Technology companies have noted that AI can write essays, songs, jokes, poetry, and even code. Like never before, it is now easier to compose emails, memos, reports, recipes, and other important documents for personal and business needs.

Another benefit of AI is that it can rewrite advertisements and copies for websites. With multiple suggestions on wording, individuals can choose to use AI tools instead of hiring a writer for their company. This is a major threat in the coming years. So, writers must evolve their skills and adapt to the new trends in the market.

AI Writes Human-Level Prose and Style

Artificial intelligence is known to produce content that relates closely to those produced by human writers. The reason is that it can search through the web and rephrase written content to appear original and new. The prose and creative level fit the standard writing style applied by average writers.

With this apparent possibility, the future of writing is AI. Instead of relying on human writers, who can take much time and resources, investing in AI-based systems can enhance companies' strategies in marketing.

The goal is to achieve things faster and ensure that you remain relevant in your specific sector. Most businesses remain relevant by constantly producing content optimized for search engines. AI tools are known to understand proper keyword balancing while maintaining the originality of articles.

AI-based systems can be used to produce consistent content, suggest topics, and build a human audience around the content produced. There is a great possibility that more than 50% of articles ranking on the first page of search engines are written using AI.

It’s here with us, and it is never going away. Sooner, human writers will be seen as a nuisance and people will solely depend on AI-based software.

Content Produced By AI Is Easier to Edit

While you might argue that AI can produce bad writing, it is always easier and cheaper to edit that writing from scratch. AI does not have self-awareness and self-reflection when writing content. Unlike a human who can write and rewrite content to suit their style, AI content is based on a prebuilt system.

Although the possibility of getting bad writing is high, you can always edit and proofread without rewriting everything. As long as the first draft is available, an individual can always improve and edit. This guarantees faster production of content.

AI-Based Writing Tools Are Easily Accessible

As a writer, your career is threatened by the accessibility of AI writing tools. Many technology companies have created AI writing tools, and have deployed them to assist businesses, individuals, and general writing needs.

In the next few years, more people will have access to AI-based writing software, which will significantly reduce the need for human writers.

The growth of AI might be scary for writers, but I think it is a good thing for our times. Many things are being automated, and people are inventing new ways to be productive, faster, and reliable without investing many resources.

Artificial Intelligence is the future of the world, and writing should never be left behind.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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