Who Is My Mother?

Updated on March 26, 2018


Shalom!! This last week, on March 20th, the Earth marked the first day of Spring; but, here we are, a mere seven days later, and it [kind of] feels like nature has been grasped once more by the hands of Winter, maybe one last “Hoorah!” from Winter because Winter hibernates for the next nine months. It sure is a blistering cold wind outside this morning!! And … that’s okay!! There is nothing on this planet that shall dwindle my joy for my joy is the strength of יהוה (Nehemyah/Nehemiah 8:10).

"You can always go back home."

I had such a wonderful visit with my mom, Sue, and my sister, Jennifer, this weekend. And I was doubly surprised when, as they drove up my driveway and I ran out to greet them, they had two of my three- six by the middle of August -grands, Gabriel and Raven! Thank you, one and all, for being patient and understanding as I did not post devotions over the last few days. I tell my daughter, Taysa, all the time, “You need to take time for you once in a while because you pour out so much of yourself to everybody else. The problem with this, Taysa, is that unless you replenish you, you have nothing left for yourself, or even for anyone else.” I took my own advice this weekend and spent some time replenishing in the sweet fragrant fellowship of family. It was much needed. You know, I love Mark, and I love Michaela, Jackson, and Alana; but, sometimes, what I need the most is a hug from my mom. There’s the old adage that says, “You can always go back home.” Think of where home is; home is where your mom is.

Mom and Jennifer, and Gabriel and Raven, pulled out yesterday afternoon, around 2:00 p.m. Gabriel and Raven have school today (Monday) and needed to be home, where their mom is, my daughter, Melissa, so that they could get baths and a good night’s sleep before their school week begins again. And, Mom and Jennifer have Adult VBS activities this week at The Salvation Army in Abilene, and since Mom is teaching the lesson tonight (Monday), Mom needed to get some good rest after driving the eight hours to get to her home. It has been bittersweet having watched Mom pull out of my driveway to make her trek back to Abilene. There are no definitive dates/times when we will visit again. Yes, there will be texts and there will be phone calls; but, Mom’s hugs are what I always long for.

Who is my mother?

This morning, I’ve been wondering about mothers and sisters, and fathers and brothers, and uncles and aunts, and grandparents and cousins. Who is my mother? Who are my sisters? Who are my brothers? Who are the people that comprise my family?

Mattityahu/Matthew 12:46-50--And while He was still talking to the crowds, see, His mother and brothers stood outside, seeking to speak with Him. And one said to Him, “See, Your mother and Your brothers are standing outside, seeking to speak with You.” But He answering, said to the one who spoke to Him, “Who is My mother and who are My brothers?” And having stretched out His hand toward His taught ones, He said, “See, My mother and My brothers! For whoever does the desire of My Father who is in the heavens is My brother and sister and mother.”

Many people, upon reading this passage of Scripture, tend to think that יהושﬠ was showing a great disrespect for his mother and brothers; however, יהושﬠ was showing us how to extend our families as He was extending His family. Let me put it another way … we are all mothers, brothers, and sisters, in one family, a family of which יהוה is the Father … the family of יהוה Elohim. The family of יהוה Elohim includes natural-born sons and daughters and those who are adopted-in sons and daughters; furthermore, the Father makes no distinction of natural-born or adopted-in sons and daughters- if you are His, then, you are His. The Father does not play the “favorite” game with any of His sons or daughters (Ma’asei/Acts 10:34 & Romiyim/Romans 2:11).

This knowledge of being in the family of יהוה Elohim gives us another aspect of being in the family of יהוה Elohim … In יהושﬠ’s [provocative] question, “Who is My mother?” (Mattityahu/Matthew 12:48), we see יהושﬠ causing the people not to show dishonor to their biological and psychological relationships but, rather, to show a hierarchy of priorities. We are all involved in a relationship that has nothing to do with the biological genetic makeup of our earthly DNA. We are all involved in a relationship based on believing/belief in/having faith in the Father, יהוה Elohim, and giving to Him glory and Him, obeying Him, and trusting Him. “For whoever does the desire of My Father who is in the heavens is My brother and sister and mother.”, spoke יהושﬠ in Mattityahu/Matthew 12:50.

My mom, my brothers, and my sisters are very important to me; I hope they know this, and as hope equals expectation, I expect that they know this. But, my mom and my brothers and my sisters also know that I cannot love them as I need to unless I first love יהוה, my Father, and יהושﬠ, my Redeemer. And, then, though I very much so honor these earthly relationships, I acknowledge and realize that we are all brothers and sisters, set-apart relationships, in the family of יהוה.

In closing, let me ask you a question … What or who is the priority that leads your life?

Be Blessed

Baruch ata, Adonai Eloheinu, Melech ha-olam, she’asani beltzamo.

Blessed are You, Adonai Eloheinu, King of the universe, who created me in His image.


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