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Who are Succesful in True Sense?

An artist,a poet at heart & a teacher by profession, pursuing masters in psychology now. Passionate about reading & writing the expressions.


What's Success?

People strive throughout their life to be successful,

A few devote almost the whole life to taste success,

While most of them don't know what's success in real,

They see it in earning a lot of gold and money in excess,

Or in getting known to a huge audience of cheerful people;

They see it in having an enormous mansion with a status,

And in having degrees, awards, and certificates multiple.

But they ignore the things which flourish an individual,

That's neither money nor any other sort of rich access;

Success is not a factor or agent judged by any external,

It's a feeling that's born within the heart in life's process,

An economically poor living its life with charm is successful,

The one who sleeps on the street but behaves as a bliss,

And those are considered as successful who remain cheerful.

When the mind knows how to go with life's flow,

And the heart is prepared for every kind of blow;

When the feelings aren't controlled by others' remote,

And the experience is based on every lesson learnt;

When a man isn't governed by any greed external,

But is aware of materialism and the soul eternal,

Then only one can be considered as successful.

Story of A Prodigy

This story is of a brilliant boy who was always a hundred percent scorer, thus being a topper in academics.

With his brilliance in academics, he became one of the top rank holders in IIT preliminary examination and was selected in IIT Madras.
For his further education, he went to the University of California and received the degree of MBA.
He was selected by a high paying multinational company on his campus and settled in America.

He started his married life with a beautiful Tamil girl of his interest and bought a luxurious five-room house and the lavish stylish cars.

In terms of society, he was really a successful man in every term and had everything that could prove him as an astute individual. He was always a winner. He remained as a topper since he got his senses till he lost his job. He had never seen what's a failure or what's the taste of defeat.
Unfortunately, this successful brilliant man once lost what he had achieved, he couldn't stand on and committed suicide after shooting his wife and children.



California Institute of Clinical Psychology Studied his case and found what really went wrong.

Through the research and analysis done with the help of his family and friends, it was found that he killed himself with his wife and children just because he couldn't accept this fate of loss. He had lost his job due to America’s economic crisis and he had to sit without a job for a long time. After even reducing his previous salary amount, he didn't get any job. All his possessions were lost one by one as he couldn't pay back the loans that he had taken from the bank.

Though he tried to live with this no income for a few months, he couldn't adapt himself and gain his strength to start once again. He along with his wife decided that it would be better to end life and get rid of all their problem. He first shot his wife and children and then shot himself.

The case concluded that the man was Programmed for success but he was not trained for handling failures.

Can the Man be Considered Successful?

My Personal Opinion (It might vary for you)

  • Not at all, as he didn't know the basic lesson of life, that is adaptation. Whatever he might have achieved and earned in either monetary terms or in the form of degrees and accolades was not enough for him to understand life from a better perspective.
  • He wasn't aware that everything is tentative, any moment we might lose any of our beloved things, person or position. This is the most important lesson in life, where we cannot win all the time. If he couldn't stand the loss then his success doesn't make sense.

Who can be Considered as Successful?

  • Those ones who strive with full dedication and devotion.
  • Those ones who passionately do their duties.
  • Those people who know that they are successful.
  • Those people who make others joyful with their presence
  • Those people who know that whatever they have achieved can be taken back from them at any moment.
  • The people who are prepared for the failures and don't lose their spirit with any material loss. Even if they are depressed, that's momentary for them. They let the feeling of depression leave with their optimism and self-conceit.

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