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The Woman I Want to Be (1): Whitney Houston


Yes, Whitney Houston inspires me, and I am not a singer nor do I aspire to be one. But she is an inspiration for the woman I want to be.

You might be scratching your heads because she was known in her later years as someone no one should ever aspire to be. Besides that, she didn’t really advocate for anything in her life not did she make scientific discoveries. But she’s my inspiration—young Whitney, that is.

She embodies the woman I want to be: Young, bold, and passionate, bursting out with every talent in my bone and sharing the joy with the world at every chance I get.

I love young Whitney not because she fits into that choking good-girl image, but because of her zeal and passion she used to approach her talent. Whenever I’m on instagram, I come across several rare snippets of pre-megastar Whitney in one place or the other, singing her lungs out regardless of who was her audience. She is either dressed simply or dressed in flashy clothes she personally felt comfortable in, and I am instantly reminded that that is how I want to be: Passionate, diligent, consistent, and confident in my abilities and I’m sure that all this is what contributed to her rise.

I struggle with diligence because I grew up in a toxic environment where I was constantly put to shame or denied due credit for my contributions. It’s why I struggle with doing things without adequate compensation but this has only left me unable to discover my passion. But I’m working on this and that’s a good thing.

I’ll end by saying again that I want to be like Whitney Houston. I want to approach life with passion (not fear) just as she did, but I’m still trying to discover that thing I’m great at.