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Where Is All This Hate Coming From?


The HATE Volcano

In all my 58 years on earth, I've NEVER seen such self-destroying HATE in the world as I've seen in the past few years. Maybe its been lurking there beneath the surface all the time. Churning and boiling like the wicked molten brew of a fiery volcano, it's scorching tongue dangerously licking the edges of our homes, communities, and government. For a while, it seemed somewhat "self-contained" - kept in check, or at the very least, on a short leash. But it seems that nowadays, that hot-tempered demon can no longer be kept at bay. The HATE volcano has erupted, releasing all its venomous lava with it.

The Origin of HATE

Where exactly DID hate originate? As a Christian, I believe hate has been around as long as the world itself. From the calculated murder of Abel by his brother Cain, to the heinous crucifixion of Jesus Christ, there has ALWAYS been HATE between mankind. Likewise, I believe that hate was (and still is) the birth child of the most hate-filled demon of all times, Satan, the fallen angel from Heaven. But he doesn't work alone. Satan has a host of thousands of evil demons to carry out his dirty work for him. These demons cause pain, suffering, and human misery by stirring up all the negative emotions within us. Emotions that, when brewed to the right temperature, boil over into HATE.

Even today, the Father of Hate (Satan), and his crony demons are very much alive, and busy spreading the flames of hate in every part of our world every day. As it says in the Book of Job: "The LORD said to Satan, “Where have you come from?” Satan answered the LORD, “From roaming throughout the earth, going back and forth on it.” (Job 1:7 NIV) And in 1 Peter - "Meanwhile, Satan "prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour." ( 1 Peter 5:8 NIV)

I submit to you that hate originated with Satan, and continues today because of the gripping stranglehold he has on our hearts.

Satan - The Father of Hate?

Satan - The Father of Hate?

The Root Causes of Hate

It's not enough to know WHERE hate came from; we also need to understand WHAT causes it. I think Sir Isaac Newton can help us do that.

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." - Sir Isaac Newton

We've heard this "Newton nugget of wisdom" ever since seventh grade science class. But how does this popular science law relate to the causes of hate? Let me explain....

We've already established that hate is an EMOTION. And emotions are the RESULT of some type of action, or reaction to an equal OR opposing force. For instance, if your husband brings you flowers, your reaction most likely will be positive, and your emotions will be full of love and adoration, as would your reciprocal actions.

But say your husband suddenly told you he was divorcing you, when you were expecting him to stay with you forever. Then your reaction would most likely be negative, and filled with shock and surprise. Likewise, your emotions would run the gamut from sadness, depression, and even anger because his thought process and more importantly, his ACTIONS, were in direct CONFLICT with yours. You suddenly feel afraid, insecure and maybe even jealous of another woman. As your emotional bank fills up with all these negative feelings, you become that erupting volcano I spoke of earlier - ready to unleash your deadly lava on anyone and everyone around you. Any one of these emotions (or reactions) could be the trigger that fires the HATE gun!

So you see, Mr. Newton's Third Law of Motion explains perfectly how a negative action can cause HATE to become a RE-ACTION. Moreover, that hate, if allowed to breed, will continue to perpetuate our lives - and our future generations.

Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton

Hate In Today's World

Look around you and you won't have to look far to see how the deadly "lava of hate" continues to flow in our world today. One need only to turn on the TV for five minutes to see crowds of angry protesters spewing hate-filled rhetoric at some opposing group or entity, or self-justified victims lambasting everyone from God to the President for their current state of affairs. Take a look at your own social media feed for one minute, and it won't take long for you to find a heated, and sometimes even malicious controversy among TOTAL STRANGERS, sparked by a clashing disagreement over political views. And sadly, we hear all too often of another mass shooting from a deranged killer who admits to carrying out his heinous action because of a heart filled with hate for someone else. Pick up a newspaper and no doubt the front page will be covered with stories of violence, crime or other evil acts perpetuated by hate and anger. And no one is immune. Hate has infiltrated our businesses, schools and even our churches. In fact, sadly it's become a 'moral protest" for some who dare to boast, "I HATE our country, President, and even God."


Taming the Beast Within

As we've seen, hate is an inborn part of every human being. We were not only born with the positive emotions of love, happiness, pride, hope and gratitude, we also house the negative emotions of fear, sadness, anger, - and HATE. It's what makes us HUMAN. Without emotions, we would be like robots - void of any feeling and unable to develop meaningful relationships. Truth is, we need our emotions - ALL of them - in order to relate to other humans. The problem is we haven't learned how to control our emotions and keep them in line. Especially hate. Of course we need to try and discipline ALL our emotions, lest they get out of hand, but until we can learn to tame the most reckless beast of them all - HATE - we're doomed to not only make our own lives miserable, but bring MORE misery into the lives of our future generations.

The Beast of Hate

The Beast of Hate

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