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Where Have All The Sidekicks Gone?

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

From left,  Clayton Moore as the Lone Ranger on Trigger left, and Jay Silverhills as Tonto (Harold Preston Smith) his horse Scout.

From left, Clayton Moore as the Lone Ranger on Trigger left, and Jay Silverhills as Tonto (Harold Preston Smith) his horse Scout.

As Sidekicks Evolved

into Wing Men and Wing Women, we have failed both groups of very special people. I am here to go on record as I am confessing my guilt for all of the years that I knew all along, that a Sidekick was very important, but kept my miserable mouth shut! I should be punished for this crime and placed in front of my TV and not allowed any food (except pork skins) or water (coffee, yes. I am not stupid.)

Who is the most-famous of Sidekicks? Don’t know. Neither do you. It’s a crap-shoot and anyone’s bet as to whom it might be—because each person has their favorite Sidekick and all that is left is either a Sidekick Lottery or a Sidekick Wrestling Contest . . .to prove once and all, who the true and crowned as Sidekick Champion of The World.

And with the recent news about Bob Kraft, CEO and CFO of Kraft Foods, and owner of the New England Patriots (among other things), I cannot persuade Kraft to step-up and be the judge of this Sidekick Competition.

 Guess who? This is ABCs TV Batman, Burt Ward, who played "Robin," and his secret identity, "Dick Grayson.

Guess who? This is ABCs TV Batman, Burt Ward, who played "Robin," and his secret identity, "Dick Grayson.

Let’s Have a Short Quiz

right here, right now about Who Knows What Sidekick is Really a Real Sidekick? For instance, do you know Bat-Man’s (Bruce Wayne) sidekick? If you said, “Alfred!” you heard an annoying buzzer to state that you are wrong. It is Burt Ward, aka/”Dick Grayson,”the ward of “Wayne” and taught him everything that was to be taught about self-defense; Weaponery; Speaking French; Logic Deduction and something really valuable: Cooking From Scratch. Who knows? Maybe DC Comics could resurrect “Grayson’s” character, fall in love and his sold mate would not be able to cook. See how things work in the Comic Book World?

If I had asked about Superman’s sidekick, how would you have replied? Well,it is not “Lois Lane,” because she was his love interest. And I am sort of leaning toward SM’s great pal, “Jimmy Olsen” who did save SMs life more than once .. .so really, “Olsen” was never dubbed a Sidekick, just a good friend.

(This has to be THE dumbest sentence that I have ever written!)

Do the names Duncan Renaldo and Leo Carrilloleap to your memory? They should. In the very early days of TV, this duo helped to tame the west and keep evil out of the God-fearing towns. These two real-west crusaders against criminals were the Cisco Kid and Poncho. There was no fight too big for them to jump in with all four feet, and no woman too pretty to take out for a waltz when the music was good.

Now onto 1967, we were very excited (each week) to see The Green Hornet and Fran Striker, with input Green Hornet is a fictional masked crime-fighter created in 1936 by George W. Trendle from radio director James Jewell.Then this night-time crime-fighter showed up in 1967 on ABC TV starring Britt Reid and as his sidekick, a young Bruce Lee as Kato, and with their black sedan (loaded with special defenses), the Black Beauty, the duo would always come out on top when the odds were stacked against them.

Dennis Weaver as  "Chester Goode"  in Gunsmoke.

Dennis Weaver as "Chester Goode" in Gunsmoke.

Now a Pat-On-The-Back to

the King of The Cowboys: The legendary Roy Rogers and his female friend, Dale Evans. For years, it was a source of confusion where Evans was Roger’s sidekick, but the real Rogers fans knew that it was Gabby Hayes, who was always at hand to help Rogers and Evans, but as I watched The Roy Rogers Show, it never brought out as to what Hayes did for a living.

I could go on with this narrative about Sidekicks and sure, at some of my ideas, you would disagree and that is fine by me. I am very glad to be living in the United States, but please allow me to end this on a good note.

I know about the Biblical side of Sidekicks, and my opinion would be: The Apostle Paul having his friend, Silas, to travel with him. But I am not going to end with this paragraph, but we can all agree that these two guys, in my opinion, were The True Sidekicks and they are . . .Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon, in any level, event, or in the case of The Tonight Show where both men thrived both on and off of TV.

The two were good friends and I guess that is just one of the working ingredients that make their friendship and working relationship work so well. From Carson’s monologue (sometimes the jokes didn’t get all of the laughs, but McMahon’s boisterous laugh would somehow pull Carson back to reality) to the skif where Carson was “Karnak, The Magnificent,” giving McMahon the time and openings to where he could pull-off the laugh which Carson and his writers designed the performances that way.

What is the main job of a Sidekick? There are many responsibilities, but the main job, to me, is not always being the yes, man, but an enduring man—who can come through with his friend in both bad and peaceful times.

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