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Where Am I Waking Up


Where am i waking up today?

Over the past numerous months, I have had the fortune opportunity to travel across the United States for work and leisure.

You know, making a paycheck, spending time with prospectives and falling in love again.

Yeah, the last part caught your attention...It caught mine to.

But let’s talk about the travel opportunities and bring in a perspective blog.

You see,I had always wanted to visit Washington DC and when i was asked in Denver to join the team, I had to make a decision which would burn me with two other clients.

So what would you do?

I did the math on the opportunity and ended up finishing out the rest of the season with the team.

It also allowed me to turn down a job that a girl who I started talking to was running.

Weird right?

How do you fall back from a gig but then fall for the lady hiring you...You don’t.

We had became writing buddies while I was simply done with women after a sad past of incompatible relationships, This lady became my best friend fast and steadily.

From walking miles through DC or staying up all night in Denver with lack of air, The poems had began again and the friend ship along with business prospective candidates began again.

We would talk about her, her past, her goals and trauma and I’d bring up my business, first responder and producing ventures along goals.

We have a lot in common

From the love of arts and meditation to expression and self awareness, she and I started to grow on each other.

Life was brightening up.

But I was missing my dog now and she had not yet started to travel with me until May.

I had the things I didn’t really need but have always wanted...maybe needed.

A true friend, Travel, money, slight freedom, My to puppy, oh and a paid off apartment due to renting a room out.

You see, I’m living the dream... No bills

Kentucky was a blast after DC, or wherever we had traveled. Everything became a blur.

The one thing missing was a soft kiss on the other side of the pillow and a great pick me up while my dreams could only see the voice of the person I would spend hours talking to on the phone.

The more that work brought me places the more i realized that it wasn’t the aspect of just Traveling that was amazing, but also the people and crowd that create the energy.

Traveling for work is fun but tiring. Work is still work...depending on the work job entails

Washington State and Portland Oregon has become a new staple as the beauty in nature, country life with city nearby and the amazing agricultural up in the PNW

There was also one big treat, besides for work, berries, vineyards, sun, rain... there was a girl...The girl.

That pen pal that slowly started to fall for each other was there and it started to allow us to see each other more.

When I say Breathless...I mean, imagine having a heart attack and passing out... That’s how I felt and still feel every day I see and or talk with her.

Magic like that was not known to be around any longer.

When we met in San Diego in person I knew immediately she was the one.

How often does someone start to climb an ancient ruin just to get the thrill of climbing...Not saying that it happened...But maybe and it was adorable.

Her quirkiness and thrill was so attractive along with the intellectual demeanor.

I knew she was the one when i realized that Sex was a bonus since her character had every component of what my dream girl would be from thought process to sweet voice, business minded but incredible integrity, beauty out of this world and living capacity never seen or felt before.

Freedom of life to myself allowed me to see the freedom anyone can have along with the strength and beauty of self awareness and mature outlook and evolution was brought to the table and provided a healthy secure friendship and relationship.

Her eyes are what got me through the next leg of the trip, heading to Arizona with a Pulled muscle feeling like shit, the only thing in my mind was the job and pissing people off for wearing a shirt that simply said

“Broad City”

Okay well it said “Broad Fkn City”(F world spelled out)

She said to me, be careful with your shirt, people might not like it...

...this lady knows everything like a master Mentalist...I was asked to leave a plane because of my shirt.

Funny part tho...She and I think alike a lot put have a differnt appraoch on how we communicate...I think it’s adorable and cool.

Oh and we were Set to set up a photo booth for Christian kids. Kicker it was a ball pit.

Disclaimer, I’m never going into a ball pit again...BO

And Never wearing that shirt to be told to swap it, unless she wears it with me when we get a new one haha

Back to the scene outside of work

The heat was just right and the scenery was jut beautiful, little taco shops and restaurants hidden on every corner of Phoenix

The place we were staying had such an upscale simple Zen complex where it was something out of one of those tomato mc paperback books with Fabio in the cover.

White bedding black floor, silver posts to the white tables, beautiful natural light and a wonderful pair of bathrooms for each of us to do our business in

You know, hair and makeup...

Arizona was memorable since we created an impromptu photo shoot, the physical pain i was in had been very strong and due to a pulled muscle doing dead lifts two days prior. So posing was difficult but i was so excited to see her smile that i just wanted to flow and create the magical memories.

Needless to say, she is also a photographer, and boy could she see the sexy ness in me that i didn’t know was there but would own anyway.

Three days there then San Diego again.

Best friends and lovers are there for each other. When times are stressful it’s key to know yourself and how you would handle the situation and then from there, give guidance.

There nothing more painful than watching people shit on the person you care about, and that’s what happens in San Diego.

Hostile environment had brought her down and my job was easy but boring. Imagin Gamers coming all day and learning tricks from videos games never the consumers who play them daily... pretty cool. But after work, We would go find food and then relax. The happiest she was, was on the Hookah Lounge night.

That was the smile i remember.

When i say where am i waking up today... I ask myself in middle of the night, how do i get to the bathroom and who do i come back to and Kiss.

Nothing seems familiar while everything is the same.

Meditation had become a key success factor along with smoking weed for stress and solution configuration.

As the new journey rapidly approaches and the past 6 months are memories of love and future has love and success in store, my ending blog note is to understand yourself, talk about the journeys, write and love yourself.

Love you

know you

be you

And then you can love unconditionally for someone else and or others.

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