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When You Know Who You Are Together

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I attend the University of The Living. All my education comes from first-hand experience's life throws my way.

He & I :  The Real Meaning of Opposites.

He & I : The Real Meaning of Opposites.

He & I Are Polar Opposites

Near everyone falls for someone who has many things similar to their way of living. Then there are the rare ones who connect to the polar opposite. Completely unable to comprehend why. Family & friends even scratch their heads. Using terms of "You could do better", "They are not the same as you", and "This will never last."

This is He & I. And this is our polar opposite love story using one-liners. May it inspire others like us to fight for what feels right.

Our One Liner Reality

I wake from horrible nightmares shivering & crying. You wrap your arms around me & pull me onto your chest where I snuggle in. You whisper softly, "I got you, Honey Baby."

I could stay up all night with no sleep, while you sleep through an atomic blast. Nothing wakes you. But before falling off, you kiss me & say I love you. You also inform me that if I need anything, good luck. I am on my own. (Giggles)

You are a shopper, a believer in not wasting money on cheap stuff, and if you want it, you will buy it. You get what you pay for. I help you see the error of your freelance spending ways and by weeks end, you see the savings.

I spend nothing. I will work with broken items until they make me scream. You have shown me it is okay to spend, and encouraged me to buy my purple laptop to replace my broken Netbook. Which is how I am writing this.

I am the emotional one. I run on how I feel, thinking it will solve things. You are the thinker & sees a new plan before issues can arise.

Your clothing matches half the time. Mine must be matched, and wrinkle-free. Rarely do we match as a couple.

I go kicking & screaming into the night. You grace the clock with calmness and reasonable thinking.

I arrive 15 minutes before the appointed time. You walk in when told to be there, and not a second before.

I want a clean home 24/7. Organized to the gill. You want a lived-in home & if no one likes it, they do not need to visit you. (Except me)

When revenge is sounding tasteful to me, you wrap me up in a white flag & say, "There is a better way."

You would work until the last day you are alive, where I lobby in the hobby store.

I can not understand your fathering techniques. I am strict but your plan is what a full-time dad of 3 must do to ensure you can live with your parental decisions later in life.

While you enjoy our present happenings & silently look to the future, I create plans for our future by talking about it non-stop.

You have a procrastinating side a mile long. I have a get this done now mentality. When we combine this together, you speed up and I stop to smell the roses.

You see good outcomes everywhere you go, where I see a cup with no bottom & we are all doomed.

While you are running left, and I am going right, together we pull each other into the middle and hang out together. Never knowing what we will find next.

You stick to what you know works. I bring new ideas and foods to the table.

While you rather eat a hamburger, I am all about the salads.

You drink coffee with a skull on the box. I drink your coffee after it's been brewed through 3 times.

You add too much sugar to your coffee for my liking. My coffee has too much creamer for your tastes.

When I say to leave me alone out of now emotions, you are delicately up in my face making me smile.

Never, in over 2 years, have we had a fight. Never cursed each other. Never shouted. We are non-abusive together.

When the light at the end of my tunnel can not be seen, you put your arms around me and say "We will figure it out. Together."

I will give off a paragraph to let you know I understand something you have said. All you say is, "I understand" and it drives me bat crap crazy.

You are about loud trucks and old cars. I am about storage bins & music.

You can sing like a country star. I make dogs howl. Or you as we are walking past ugly Christmas sweaters in Walmart. ;)

I love music. Love to dance. It is no secret to anyone. You are a man of silence. After 2 years, I learn you can do the two-step & dirty dance. You need to speak up about these things.

I am sweet & salty. You are jalapeno & habanero.

You are good cholesterol & perfect blood pressure with bad eating habits. I am better with my eating habits & take medication for high blood pressure.

I am anti-smoking. You are sweet cigars.

All the things you do that make me scratch my head & question why ... are the very things that keep me running back into your arms.

Opposites attract they say, and we are just that. Absolute opposites. I love the giggles it brings our way.