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My Personal Feelings

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Feelings not Flowing


My True Feelings of Late

Writing is simplicity -

You know, my wife and I got into a big fight a few days ago. I've spent the last few days after that being internally angry with her because of her total lack of allegiance, it has put me in one of the most uncertain moods about our future together I've ever been in.

As I've been writing about the things I have over the last few days, it hit me. Accepting the truth about certain things is simple when you write with raw emotion. Now, being a writer all my life, I've always known this; maybe not have acknowledged it but I do know its an incontrovertible fact of a writer's existence.

Every time I write about a video game or a video game that's coming soon, I get filled with a sense of excitement and feel like I can write for days. I've always written with passion, but when I am going through something then I often find that I can write about said emotion such as when I feel betrayed by my wife.

You never really know what it's like to feel your writing as you're writing it until you're going through something whether it's life, love, betrayal, video games, whatever.

The Emotional Toll -

Emotion has driven a lot of the writing works of many a person including yours truly, and I've found times when I can write with reckless abandon. For example, when I wrote on my other blog that I like shopping alone, it shook my wife to her very vestment. I mean, writing is all about truth and identifying yourself in accordance to said truth.

I feel my writing flows when I am feeling some surge of emotion, I feel like I rediscovered who I was and who I really am when I write. Saying that, I am truth personified.

I pride myself on sometimes showing a little restraint when I write at the cost of hurting my partner but I get too that a lot of times, she doesn't acknowledge things about herself.

I've never been the emotional type, sensitive to some degree, yes. But, never emotional. Often times, I'm reminded of what it means to write with passion and most times, I do. But I noticed, I catch myself writing more and more about my partner and where we are in our relationship or lack thereof.

Non complication -

Sometimes, I used to hear people say about how complicated it is when they write like its so hard to come up with 200 words about how you feel or the last known incident that caused you great pain.

Writing isn't complicated, it is more free flowing than anything else. You can't expect to always be on top of heap when it comes to writing about mere everyday things. I learned to write but I also learned to channel what I was feeling into my writing.

But you know what I also found, it is through crisis that you find the strength to write how you feel and to really release yourself from everything that you might be feeling negatively.

Always say what's on your mind -

I am always writing what's on my mind, it has always been enough to guarantee the emotional release that can only come when you write about what's on your mind. Most times, I often found myself writing about my feelings regarding certain things.

Sometimes it's hard to write about your wanting to get away from that person because they don't respect you nor you them. I mean, sometimes its hard to sit up and write something like "I hope a divorce is in the works because I can't take anymore of this girl's crap".

I hate writing stuff like that because it is not how a man is supposed to feel about his wife, but you know what I also realized too as I have always known. Some people who are brought up in broken homes are not fit to be married people. The reason, that behavior and the evidence backing said behavior, it doesn't get better.

Most times, it gets worse and take the people around them down with it. Sadly, the kids are the ones who suffer the most. I just don't know if I can bear the responsibility of being the only adult in the relationship because right now, that's what its coming down to.

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