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When The Music Hits

Photo by Jefferson Santos on Unsplash

Photo by Jefferson Santos on Unsplash

When I listen to music, it’s not just for the sake of listening; it's to bond deeply with my subconscious. Whatever your reason, music is, at its essence, human, and human is music. Music's capacity to alter our emotions and sentiments is one of the most profound ways it affects our lives.

When someone creates music, they are weaving a piece of their soul into their creation. It brings it to life, and thus, music impresses upon us the feelings of their creator. We feel their joy, pain, and a range of other emotions knitted into their music. Music becomes a friend that comfort us at your lowest, or keep our company when you are alone.

Music affects us in different ways depending on what we’re listening to and why we’re listening to it. Music is a vehicle that transports us. It takes us on a journey through space and time, carrying us back to memories. When you hear a certain piece of music, you can remember how you felt when you first heard it, or connect it to a particular place, people, or experiences in our life.

Photo by Jakayla Toney on Unsplash

Photo by Jakayla Toney on Unsplash

Sometimes, music slows us down. It can even suspend time altogether, placing us in a bubble that separates us from reality.

On occasion, we’ve experienced music so profound and meaningful that our nervous system overreacts, we are at a loss for words, or, in rare instances, feel every emotion all at once.

Sometimes we simply can't explain the feelings we get from listening to powerful music. The only thing we can do is just surrender to the effervescences of sound and rhythm, let the music punctuate our souls, and allow ourselves to experience an emotional orgasm as we become one with every note.

Music is also dark and despairing, and at times, it holds us down in our hopelessness. As much as music can make us feel happy, there are times when it can also have a depressing effect. Just as happiness begets happiness, sadness also begets sadness, and sometimes music accentuates our negative feelings and traps us in an infinite loop of our anguish.

At other moments, music is also hypnotic, and we’re unable to function until its spell is broken. We are enslaved by it. It consumes everything around us until the only thing left is us, wrapped in its intensity.

Music profoundly affects our feelings, sentiments, and perceptions of reality. It is sometimes dark, weighing us down, and at other times, it has us completely enchanted. However, your reasons for listening to music are yours alone to define.

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