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What's In Poetry?

Poets Soul. By profession I am a Certified Therapist and Holistic Healer. My love for "expressions" turned me into an Artist and Poetess.

A Poem Is One's Feeling Decorated By Words

There is rhythm, there is rhyme. Enriched with feelings and emotions. There is someone's lost love and a heart ache, there is someone's beautiful dream and high hopes.

A Page from My Journal

A Page from My Journal

There is always a story behind everything

I used to write poems when I was in school. Back then I had even submitted a few for my school's magazine and local weekend tabloids. But my main motivation was my Grand Dad, he loved my poems and regularly asked me if I have a new one written.


I started reading Rumi. His poems are enough for inspiration. I find relevance in his poetry, every word beautifully put together as if pearls in a string. Every line causing a state of trance, taking one deeper and deeper, connecting one to the whole, connecting one to God Himself.

After reading Rumi, I started doing poetry again.

My First Poem after 15 years

Who isn't fantasized by "The Moon" ?

Who isn't fantasized by "The Moon" ?

After 15 years, I was no longer about rhythm or rhyme but all about emotions and feelings. My words are my stories and I begin to write my stories as poems.

The Top Most used words in Poetry are:

  • time (944)
  • love (831)
  • day (763)
  • light (732)
  • night (725)
  • man (710)
  • world (696)
  • long (677)

I wanted mine to be 'The Moon'.

Next Poem Happened While I was Struck In Traffic

On The Roads

On The Roads

In the car I was lost in my own thoughts. It had been 30 minutes since we all were stuck in a long line.

"Where where we all going?", "What is every one thinking?" Surely they won't be as mentally present as they were physically in their cars so then, "Where is their mind wandering?"

It then occurred to me, "Isn't that how it usually is all the time?" How often are we lost in our thoughts without being present in the moment. I decided to write a few lines on this thought.

Inspirations For Poetry Writing

1. Have a Poetry Book

Read one poem a day or whenever you are looking for inspirations. A few lines from the book will get you in the mood to write. My pick is Rumi.

2. Get Comfortable With Yourself

Most of the times we doubt whether or not we are capable. That is the blocking factor. We don't trust ourselves enough and feel our words are not making sense.

I would suggest WRITE. Write without judging, write without questioning.

3. Connect To Your Heart

The best way to write a poem is being in-tuned with our heart space, our true feelings, our strongest emotions. That is our treasure chest, that is the repressed space where we should look for inspiration.

Most of my poems come from the situations I survived, from the struggles and pains I experienced.

4. Keep A Journal

Write it down. Maybe it was a beautiful sentence you read somewhere or two rhyming words you came across which you thought could be turned into a poem. Maybe you got something nice going on in your mind, an incomplete sentence, note it down. Do poetry in that journal.

5. Publish

Make an account on social media, share your poems with the world. Write a few words for your friends and send them across. The feedback will motivate you into writing more poems. Your poems could be somebody else's inspiration, some body else's relevance.

HI! I am Shumaila Khan

I write to you from the middle of this desert, winners in it's bid to host Expo 2020. A day by day developing oasis called Dubai, situated in United Arab Emirates (UAE).

I am not a local, my roots are from Pakistan, I was born in Dubai and have a fancy title to my identity here, ‘Expat’.

Poetry is something that comes to me naturally. It's a result of whirlpool of feelings that resides in my body. It's the sum of all the good days, bad days and a few rainy days I experienced till date in my life.
My life goes on, so does my poems.


© 2021 Shumaila Khan

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