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What Would You Say to the Girl You Had Been?

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If I could talk to the 20-year-old girl I was, I would tell you the following:

That fear is not synonymous of weakness.
That there are opportunities that cannot be missed for fear of failure.
It doesn't hurt to change your ideas, people, projects.
That it is essential to say "no".
That saying "yes" can be a leap of faith.
That I will never please everyone.
That doubts, advances and setbacks are part of it.
That our vulnerabilities can be our greatest strength.
That nothing is acquired.
That we have the power to change our history.
That trying to please everyone can destroy us.
That the most winding paths are often the most direct for our purpose.
That taking care of others implies taking care of us.
That giving up is not synonymous with failure.
That sadness kills little by little.
That our body is our sacred temple.
That victories are made by successive failures.
That self-confidence goes hand in hand with authenticity.
That it's never too late to change anything.
That in one life can be many lives.
That before the course of events, we can only choose how to live them.
That Love can be detachment.
That our path may be politically incorrect.
That our security can be tremendously frightening to the insecurities of others.
That it is not worth running away from certain challenges.
That what is for us, will be.

I wish I had known all these when I was only 20!

What would you add to this list?

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