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What Moving Has Taught Me Over the Years


Yen is a freelance writer and UI/UX design enthusiast. From tropical lands of Malaysia, she currently resides in the land of the rising sun.



Over the years from a young teen to being an adult, the journey of moving has always surfaced in my journey, one way or the other. Undeniably, the desire to explore and learn from various culture always was a dream, a goal I dreamt of attaining before I aged well into the years.



I saw the importance of family, the importance of balance and the ultimate importance of respect and understanding over the years of moving cities and countries.

I still get questions such as, "Why Japan? Why not Canada? " and a ton of whys I asked myself over the years and even till this day.

Having lost a friend recently in Japan, I never thought I had to say goodbye to a dear friend I have only known for 4 months. And the questions of why no longer seem valid.

Instead I found myself asking, "why do we even ask why? Do we even have the time to ask why?"

Moving was often viewed as a hassle and many of my friends who were not used to moving, very often, fought hard with my habit of moving.

Not moving felt strange to me. I would grow restless. The world had so much limitless possibilities and I was refusing to let the sweet comfort of familiarity be a hinderance of these unknown possibilities.

I don't think I would ever call it "being courageous".

The timid little me whom my parents would still be in amazement when others call me "outgoing" and "incredibly cheerful and loud" , yes, that me, regardless of how timid and how different the me is today, never knew how curious I could be.

That, I would like to change "being courageous" and "adventurous" to "being curious".

Because, moving taught me that if there was one thing I did not know about myself was that, I was curious. Moving brought that side of me out into the open. And there, the curiosity found a home. A home with new friends and memories, working side by side with the old and fresh memories of love and home.

All on this journey. This very curious journey.



I still remembered the day, my dear friend told me, the one thing she adored about me was that " you always were curious on how Japanese culture worked. You always asked questions regardless. And that, I really liked about you."

Moving taught me it was okay to be lost. It is okay to be chasing a curios dream with no directions. Because, at the end of all this moving, you will know for your own, where home lies. It taught me the importance of home, and to never loose sight of it. Moving taught me that there was so much more bigger things to worry about rather than the hassle it bore. And above it all, it taught me everyday a little something I thought I always knew about myself.

If it was ever a hassle it looked to be, it would never be a journey. It would never be a curios one.

So instead of labelling it as brave, courageous, outgoing and adventurous,

It was a curios move. A curious journey altogether.

And I want the continuously growing and curious me to remember that.



botakyen (author) from Moriya-shi on February 18, 2019:

Thank you! Let me try my hands on writing a poem on this theme! Thank you for your suggestion!

Liz Westwood from UK on February 18, 2019:

This is an interesting passage, covering your thoughts on moving. Could you maybe write a poem on the theme of moving?

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