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What if I Was an Earthworm?

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

You might as well get the curiosity out of your mind because this is not a comical hub. I sure wish it was. Serious hubs are many times very depressing. But there is a difference in depression and serious observing, which the second term applies here.

You probably didn't know that earthworms have their own theme. Yes! The following few lyrics are sung to the tune of "Snowflake," recorded by Country Music legend, Jim Reeves. Of couse his recording is better being that he had top-of-the-line recording facilities, background singers and a very wise manager.

A Sample of "My" Earth Song with This Song's Tune.

"Hi, hey, hello, earthworm! My innocent litle earthworm. My handsome, small earthworm . . ." You work so hard for no awards from me . . ."

The theme goes on, but quite frankly, it gets the best of me. And really, the earthworm deserves more. A lot more from me. I mean, the earthworm has never did anything evil to me. And after I used some of his relatives for fish bait when I was in my twenties, the earthworm never retaliated. This means that the earthworm is one classy gent.

"Dig, dig, dig. That's all I get to do."

"Dig, dig, dig. That's all I get to do."

If you really want five really great facts about earthworms, here goes . ..

⦁ Earthworms love to eat Lots and lots. You can’t see their mouth or teeth they have, because they don’t have any.

⦁ Earthworms abide is damp areas, but not puddles Earthworms have to live in damp areas because they breathe through their skin. They constantly need moisture. ...

⦁ These little earth-movers are called hermaphrodites Another great fact about earthworms is they have non-visible reproductive organs. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t reproduce. ...

⦁ Earthworms are extremely sensitive to light They don’t have eyes, Nada. But their skin is so thin that the moment they feel light or heat they rush back underground ...

⦁ Earthworms play a very important role in the ecosystem

And speaking strictly-personal, here are a few facts about earthworms that until this hub was written, I never knew them. The facts, that is.

I would love to be an earthworm for maybe a day. They have NO boss to tell them what to do, which earth to move or how much. They do one thing: move earth. And eat. (see above tips). What a great life.

If I were an earthworm, my social life would be oh, so simple. Since I have no internal reproductive abilities, then my "artillery" is always on the outside and the female earthworms can always judge us earthworms--without spending tons of money on flashy clothing, cars, and status.

If I were an earthworm, I guess that I would love to be the first earthworm comedian. A real stand-down earthworm comedian. "How's fishing? Bud?" I'd ask a fisherman. "What are you using for bait? Huh?" Maybe a tad like Don Rickles, huh?

If I lived as an earthworm, I would want a flashy name, because although I crawl in dirt around the clock, I would like to be called: "Earl," "Sid Worm," "E.J." something from the Hip-Hop Generation.

In closing, I have but one burning question which bears to be answered: when I pass away from this life and my purpose has been fulfilled, just where will I be buried?

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"Hey! Even us birds need to eat. Sorry."

"Hey! Even us birds need to eat. Sorry."

© 2021 Kenneth Avery

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