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What Comes Right After the Hardest Climb?

Pessimistic Optimist writer who wants to influence readers through her soulful writings


(mt. Magarwak, Puerto Princesa City)

We'll never truly appreciate the beauty of the things around us, if we never took an effort to let it manifest, if we never worked hard for it, and if we didn't put our hearts while we're doing it. Just like this climb that we had. We thought we're never going to make it, there are lot of times we told each other to stop and just go back from where we started, but still our hearts have that willingness to keep going.

In order to be able to be on the summit, we've experienced lots of mixed emotions. Right from the start there were doubts coming from our minds and letting out through our mouths if we can make it, because we went to an unfamiliar trail, not the usual trail that the hikers are taking, that was because the van driver didn't stopped at the right place that we should've started, unluckily we've gone beyond.

During the hike, all of us are frightened yet excited to see what the nature has to offer, when we've gone a little farther, our emotions are getting higher, some felt like not wanting to proceed anymore, just stop at the point where we just rested, they felt like giving up.
I, myself felt that too, I sensed that my whole being were shaking, feeling so thirsty because our water bottle was running out of water, sweat was like crystals tripping down my face, and every step felt like there were thousands of needles that are sinking into my legs.

But I didn't gave up, I was the one who led the hike, I climbed the trail stoutheartedly, encouraging my friends that we can make it, tolerating bunch of pains that I am holding on the inside, maybe that was because my heart desires to see the mesmerizing view that I've seen on the posts of my friends on the internet. Until, after all the doubts, holding backs, and feeling of not climbing anymore, we reached the satellite, the view there was breathtaking, yet I felt like it wasn't the really the peak yet. So even though my friends decided to stop the hike at the cell site, to eat, to lay on their Sarongs and after that, the plan was to go back down already. But my curiosity arisen, my heart is still wanting more, so I decided to continue the journey, I was beyond the cell site when I saw the perfect view, I told myself “so this is where my curiosity was leading me” I couldn’t believe my eyes! My jaw fell while my eyes was fixed on God’s wonderful creation, the most amazing view I ever saw my whole life. I could see everything from this height, the busyness of the city, the stunning view of Honda Bay, overlooking trees and the horizon where the sky meets the sea. The wind played through my hair, and I couldn’t contain my excitement so I shouted among my friends to come to me and see what my eyes had saw and also to feel what my heart had felt the moment I reached the summit.

At the end, there is one thing I realized, that the best view comes right after the hardest climb, similar in our lives; the triumph comes after our hardest struggles, so don’t you ever give up dear when life feels like giving you hurdles which looks like impossible for you to surpass. Just take a rest, regain your strength, call out to our Almighty Father, and after that keep going because no matter what life has to offer, I promise you everything would be worth it after all.

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