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What are the Four Breeds of Tea Lovers in India?

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Traveling to various parts of Maharashtra in India and observing its people made the author take note of the tea lovers.

Tea is served in the cup through a kettle in rural India.

Tea is served in the cup through a kettle in rural India.

Howdy Tea lovers! This is for you. Grab your seat, while sipping a cup of tea - the best Kickstarter for Tea fans. While coffee is ruling the west, but here in India, there ain't no competitor for tea.

Tea is the National drink of India. There ain't no corner in India where you can't get a cup of tea. This drink is deep-rooted in Indian minds so much that they can give up the alcohol or cigarette addiction (if they are into it) but they can't give up the tea-drinking habit.

A guest of any Indian family should rest assured that he/she will be welcomed with this hot drink, if not anything else. Tea is indeed a spice of life for densely populated Indian masses.

I have classified Tea lovers into 4 types based on their relationship with the tea. Keep sipping. Maybe you'll feel like drinking one more cup of tea after you reach the end of this article!

Breed 1: The Ignitors

This category of tea lovers is the one who deeply instilled the habit of drinking tea regularly. Tea is gasoline to ignite their consciousness. They think that their body is a vehicle and it needs gas which is tea. Tea is a morning Kickstarter for them. Moreover, gulping the hot tea in the afternoon helps them to stay active till bedtime.

This type of people aren't addicted to tea but feel the need to drink it at least once or twice a day.
No one can refrain these people from having their favorite liquid refreshment. A few of them try to cut off the tea intake one or two times in their life but can't keep themselves away from it for more than 20 to 30 days.

They can't withstand the urge and they break the rule. They don't force the Tea-haters to have a cup of tea. However, they scornfully look at these haters as if not drinking tea is a serious offense.

Senior Citizens are starting their morning in the park with tea.

Senior Citizens are starting their morning in the park with tea.

Breed 2. Chain "Tea" drinkers

Just like a chain smoker smokes cigarettes one after another, a chain tea-drinker drinks several cups of tea in succession.
I met a man from the north-eastern region of Maharashtra who can be an ideal example of a chain tea drinker. He pours the hot tea into a thermos and keeps emptying numerous cups of tea daily. Additionally, he can be spotted drinking tea at midnight.

While he is outdoor, he keeps ordering tea after regular intervals. (his every interval doesn't last more than a couple of hours) While on a tour, he instructs his car driver to stop by a tea stall frequently. Probably, he appoints the car drivers who love frequent tea drinking. Driving skills is the second preference.

If some tea-hater mistakenly happens to meet the chain tea-drinker, he will get addicted to drinking this popular beverage in no time. According to the people of this category, refusing a cup of tea is not only an offense but a sin.

A man pouring tea in the cup from a thermos

A man pouring tea in the cup from a thermos

Breed 3. Drinkers 'n' Smokers

This type of persons belongs to the "smoke n drink" class. This class loves the double effect i.e. smoking a cigarette and sipping the tea.

You don't necessarily have to be a mafia to fall into this category. But a guy of this type automatically takes a bearing of an underworld mafia while he is smoking and consuming the tea. At least it looks like that to anyone who spectates him.

The young boys smoking cigarettes while drinking tea around some corner located in the heart of the city seem like the "angry young men." As if they are soon gonna turn the government rules upside down after they are done with the tea.

If you not only don't smoke but also don't drink tea, then this class of people will think that you are just existing but not living your life. Yeah, that's the way they view the tea haters with zero tolerance for smokers.

A Man Smoking and Drinking Tea

A Man Smoking and Drinking Tea

Breed 4. Tea treat lovers

There is a great majority of Tea Treat Lovers widely spread across India. This breed of tea drinkers are neither chain drinkers nor do they necessarily look at a teacup to kickstart their day. Above all, they don't demand a cigarette along with a teacup. Tea is not just a national drink to them.

To them, Tea is a prestige issue. To them, Tea is a source of connection. They think that tea is a lifestyle, a medium to show goodwill amongst humanity, a symbol of royal behavior, and a ritual that illustrates hospitality and generosity.

We can find them mostly in the governmental sectors and the rural regions of India. If they help someone, they expect a cup of tea in return. If they hear any good news from any person, they want Tea as a treat.

If you invite a man of this ilk to your house, you should know what he wants. Even if you greet him well, even if you follow all the etiquettes on how to treat a guest, you request him to have dinner and while he leaves you politely request him to come again, even if you give him some gift, everything will fall apart.

You missed the magic potion! All he wanted was a cup of tea from you with or without throwing a polite smile! Everything else doesn't matter much, it's just supplementary.

Villagers exited to drink tea

Villagers exited to drink tea

Hope you guys had fun reading this blog. What are the types of coffee lovers in the regions following a coffee culture?
How is the connection of the people with beer, in the places following beer culture? Curious to know?
So do I. Kindly comment if you have any information. Also, provide your feedback on this blog.
Watch the rain, Sip a cup of tea sitting by the side of the window, and keep coming back. Adios Amigos.

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