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What Would You Change If You Could Live Your Life Again

Author Cheryl is an advocate for abused women and children. Her goal is to educate women regarding financial abuse.

We Choose to Blame Our Parents

I have always said "if I could turn back time, I would have been childless, single and career oriented". Oh how none of that happened.

I do believe that my parents had a big role in the way I chose to live my life. Although it wasn't their direct decisions that I chose, I believe their life had a big influence on mine.

My parents separated and divorced when I was just nine years old. I was a mommy's girl and my sister and I were made to live with my father. That was total devastation to me because my father wasn't the best dad. My mom would come to visit and all I did was cry and he would yell at me. I don't know why she left. It was never explained. So my life started out as any child's does and then upset by a traumatic life event. I blame my parents for that. The whole situation was not something that you do to children with no explanation.

The day my mother left, I was playing with my Barbies in my bedroom. She came in my bedroom and told me to give her a kiss, that she was going away for two weeks with some friends and then she would be back. A big fat lie. I cried and I didn't want her to go.

The day before she was supposed to come home, my dad told us she wasn't coming back. I was devastated. I didn't see her for a couple weeks and there still was no explanation. My mom and dad never fought so why did she leave. I was a sickly child with asthma and I thought it was my fault that she left because I was sick. What did I know at nine years old?

Our Parents Are Supposed to Be Our Hero's


Your Life in Another Country

Anyone born in the United States should be grateful to live here. If I had been born in any other country, my life could have been horrible.

We never had to suffer from genital mutilation. We have never had to live outside in the desert because our city was bomb and flattened to the ground. We have never had to live in a major earthquake like Haiti and after all this time they are still living in tents.

No one I know has been sold into the slavery trade for prostitution. We have the ability to travel anywhere we choose too. So many countries live in poverty. Their government is aware of how they live but they don't care. It could have been any of us. We could be a refugee needing a place to call home.

I Would Help the Homeless

What Would I Change in My Life

If I could live my life over again, I would wish to grow up in a huge city like New York. Go to college right out of high school and become a doctor. I would have waited to marry or have children until I opened my own practice.

I would hope that living this life, I would learn that all people deserve love, a nice place to call home, and have their hopes and dreams fulfilled. I would make a difference in so many lives by financing a child's college or creating my own charity that would make it possible for every child to have their basic needs met that live in unfortunate circumstances.

I would travel to see our entire world and learn their cultures. I would raise my children to have respect for everyone not just someone their equal. I would make them go in the summers to other countries that are poverty stricken and work there to show them how grateful they should be.

I would help every animal shelter that I could along with every human shelter and try to find a place for these people to live. I would have a staff that would help them find a job, apartment and teach them how to recover from living on the streets. That is my biggest sadness here. Animals in a shelter from abuse and people living on the streets when they shouldn't have too.

I would make sure to volunteer at VA hospitals and try to change a few lives of soldiers who had been wounded in combat. I would offer to give them free care in my office and therapy if they needed it to learn to walk again.

Why Are Veterans Homeless and Hungry


How is the Government Helping Our Veterans

I have watched a lot of series on all the wars. If I could live life over again I would change the way our veterans are treated. They are taught to be killers, to come home with post traumatic stress and no one to help them.

Our government should be ashamed of themselves how they allow any soldier to be homeless after fighting wars so that we can be safe. I have seen the medal of honor series and see how these selfless men put their lives on the line for their own brothers of war. How brave they are to not care if they die as long as their platoon is safe. I have watched series on the Korean war, Vietnam war, World War I and II. A pretty sight is not painted of any of these wars and each time they are deployed, they come back worse then when they went there.

Living Your Beautiful Life


We Can't Turn Back Time But We Can Choose To Be Good People

Would have, should have, could have is something I dislike. You can't change something that has already happened no matter what the outcome. You can however change a situation before it becomes one.

So many times in life our choices are poor. Our lives are turned upside down because of our decisions. The only thing we can do is learn from them. If you make a bad decision and don't learn from it, you will always make bad decisions.

It is important to know that every decision you make doesn't have to have a bad outcome. If you can make one person happy in a day, then that is worth more then money can give.

Volunteer at a shelter or Humane Society. Be inspiring to others. Show love to the weakest. Give a stranger a hug or compliment. Its just little things of positive affirmations that can make a big difference in someone's life.

When Life Doesn't Fit You

Sometimes people are born into situations that they can't help. A baby born to addiction because the mother did drugs while she was pregnant. No one can know how hard it is to soothe these babies. They have lived with drugs in their systems for 9 months and now made to go into complete withdraw.

People born in poverty who have to fight for one meal a day, a place to call their own and they never get it.

A war infested country where hope is not even a dream.

Children who are abused from birth.

There are many things that people are born into that they never deserved and life didn't fit them. But there are others who are born into a terrible life and vow to change it and they do.

We must remember to stop complaining. If you have a roof over your head and food in your belly you are 100% better then most.

Its never to late to change your life around if you are living in a horrible situation. You just have to want it.


Larry Slawson from North Carolina on April 17, 2019:

Really enjoyed reading this! Thank you for sharing.

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