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What Would Happen If Werewolves Were Real?

Tamara Wilhite is a technical writer, industrial engineer, mother of two, and published sci-fi and horror author.


We can come up with a thousand stories of how people would react to the discovery of werewolves or deal with them face to face. But what are the details regarding how the world changes if werewolves were real?

Reasonable Predictions of How the World Changes If Werewolves Were Real

Police and military forces would be called out to round up identified werewolves they could find when it was initially confirmed. The cursed would be locked up in quarantine facilities for study, since this violates so many rules of biology. At least one scientist involved claims the research has the potential to cure cancer.

Tests for the activation of the werewolf trait would be tested. Moon rocks now become important scientific research items again. Borrowing an idea from the British show “Being Human”, werewolves could be put in hyperbaric chambers to test the influence of air pressure changes. If that worked, werewolves may be required by law to be locked in such chambers to prevent the change. If not, they’d simply be mandated to be caged during the dangerous phases.

Herbs that may or may not ward off werewolves like blessed thistle would dominate landscaping, while landscaping for home security includes rows of garlic planted around the house along with the spiky plants. Italian cooking becomes more prevalent because of how it uses garlic.

The garlic based supplements for improving heart health finds broad appeal in the hope that consuming it results in your body emanating the chemicals in garlic, deterring werewolves. Consumption of it becomes a sign of health, proof you are not a werewolf.

Night blooming gardens would be less popular unless kept entirely indoors. People would deliberately cultivate mistletoe in the hopes of deterring werewolves. Conversely, having lines around the house of salted Earth where nothing grows as a means of protection becomes something one intentionally puts in and integrates with the landscaping.

Rye bread becomes much cheaper since rye production goes up due to the belief rye weakens or outright deters werewolves.

Religious symbols that scare away werewolves would become a hot commodity. Catholic churches in particular would be subject to theft of holy items like crosses and water. Priests and those claiming to be priests earn a lot of money selling holy water in bulk.
There would be scientific tests to determine known werewolves’ responses to various holy items to determine what works as a defense in many different situations. Can a Christian find safety by wearing a cross? Would a kippah keep a Christian or Buddhist safe as a holy item? Would a Star of David deter a formerly Christian werewolf? Can pagan symbols deter werewolves? Would an Egyptian eye of Ra stop an atheist or Muslim werewolf? Could a burqa covered with 10 different religious symbols deter every possible werewolf? Or do werewolves lose their souls, so to speak, upon conversion, so it is only the faith of the human wielder that matters?

Public service announcements would include signs that your child is a werewolf. Storm warning systems would be activated to warn that full moon phases that affect werewolves would be close to occurring, get inside.

“That time of the month” would mean full moon season as much as it does menstrual flows.

Reality TV on full moon nights would be dominated by werewolf watching and werewolf hunter reality shows broadcasting live. And at least a few people would choose to become werewolves by interrupting these shows to get a few minutes of fame.

Garlic sales would skyrocket, and you’d see greenhouses specializing in mass producing them for the seasonal demand. Wolfsbane (aconitum) becomes worth more than fancy truffles.

People who are werewolves would be outed while at least a few people are incorrectly identified as werewolves and shot.

Online sales of werewolf whistles would skyrocket.

Sasquatch hunters would claim that they were right that they saw furry people walking in the forest but wrong on the species, please keep buying our videos and believing us. Chupacabra enthusiasts say the same thing.

Cattle mauling attributed to aliens will now be attributed to werewolves.

Even atheists start memorizing prayers purported to deter werewolves. Expect interfaith discussions for at least months after the formal discovery of werewolves to include sharing prayers that deter werewolves.

Midnight mass in a church becomes an all-night event for the safety of the congregants.

Spending the night in a lonely church on a full moon night is the ultimate adventure, especially if it is in a rural area where werewolves are reportedly seen.

Silver starts to rival gold in value. Silver plated items would be less effective but you’d find people buying old silver plated dish sets to have some sort of protection. Tall wrought iron fences to keep out werewolves would become popular, and the rich would coat the barbs with silver.

Gunsmiths would see a spike in orders for guns that could shoot silver bullets, while working silver plated guns would be worth more than gold.

There would be a new wave of demands to screen people with heavy facial, chest and back hair as potential werewolves. Libel lawsuits would spike after that. People with hypertrichosis would be registered with the government so they aren’t rounded up with werewolves or killed on the mistaken belief they are one.

Animal control would be paid quite well to dispose of any and all animal carcasses on a property the day or two before a full moon so that werewolves won’t be attracted to the food.

Dog owners would have a new argument for owning their pets if dogs actually scared away werewolves.

A flood of books would come out about real and supposed werewolf hunters. The authors of existing shapeshifter porn books would be investigated as potential werewolves or interviewed for their expertise on werewolves.

Questions & Answers

Question: What about mating season for werewolves?

Answer: Since people aren't werewolves all the time, I'd assume pregnancy occurs during normal ovulation for the woman. If fertilization occurs then, she's still normal when it finally implants. If it implants while she's undergoing the werewolf transformation, I'll assume that the "Being Human" BBC version is right and it would cause a miscarriage.

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