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What Type of Life Does a 65-Year Old Lead?

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

Do me wrong, do me right

Tell me lies, but hold me tight

Save your good-byes for the morning light

But don't let me be lonely tonight

Say good-bye and say hello

Sure 'nough good to see you

But it's time to go

Don't say yes, but please

Don't say no

I don't want to be lonely tonight

— James Taylor

Christmas 2017 (from left) my wife, Pam and yours truly.

Christmas 2017 (from left) my wife, Pam and yours truly.

Compared to Many Today

I feel older than I look. I can say that without self-praise because there is nothing about me that determines people to praise me--please, dear people, if you are going to offer praise, give it to the Heavenly Father. Praise Him all that you want to. He loves it.

Like I said, compared to many today, I could be guilty of leading a very boring life. Oh, I am thankful for the breath to breathe and food to eat as well as my physical abilities, so do you see ANYTHING in this statement that would lead you to prove that I do not live a boring life? If so, I want to hear some of your points.

I Foolishly Thought That When I Reached

16-years-old, that I had it made. All I wanted to my driving license, but a dear friend of mine in my P.E. Class I had to take in 1971, Randall Metcalf, had the best advice to tell me about "my" need for this needed-license. "Yes, Ken," Randall said very sternly. "When you get your driving license, the next thing you will want will be a car," and after a span of 30 minutes, I had to agree with Metcalf because he was right.

Speaking of my dear friend, Randall, last summer my wife and I ran into a (certain store's parking lot) and my wife was going to pump some gas when I looked at this lovely girl sitting at the next pump and something clicked. She looked so familiar that I wanted to ask where she was from--then it hit me, what if she is from Georgia, what will you do then?

So I asked where she came from and she said, Hamilton, Ala., and it turns out that she was (the) Randall Metcalf that I have just mentioned and his sister. Man, was I glad because I loved Metcalf, her, and her family. And because us old geezers always say something like, what's so and so doing? So I asked her what was Randall doing these days? She was quick to say that he lived in North Carolina after retiring from the US. Army. Wow! Had the years been so fast that they went by me? Looks like it.

But make no mistake, I stand proud for my good friend and brother, Randall, and I thank him for his valiant service and sacrifice to our country.

My Daily Activities

compared to yours, may shock you. (I should stop and publish this hub and leave that one sentence to cause you to think about what I said.) Maybe not. I know that I am giving you a straight-forward answer that covers my daily goings and comings—and thanks to a few health issues, the goings are few and the comings are left to the sun and moon. And the occasional visits from our grandchildren.

This paragraph may turn your stomach, and if it does, forgive me. I do NOT know how or what I would do (each day) without my loving Pam, of 44 years this June. I did not tell you this to score points with you. I can tell you that this lady has endured more, put up with more and saw more bad than good out of my 65 years—that was until Oct. of 1989 when I had a long talk with God’s son, Jesus, and I told Him the bottom line about how I was living then, and He took a lot of nasty habits away from me and it hurt in the beginning because if you have studied (any) in the Bible, you know that we have two bodies: one of flesh and one of spiritual, and when “those” habits left me, I felt as if I had missed something.

Quite the contrary. My life was beginning anew. In March of 1990, my good friend and Managing Editor of our local newspaper, the Journal Record, gave me a call and asked if I was interested in coming back to work—because in 1975, I left this paper to work for Les at (then) another paper: The Hamilton Progress, that folded in 1988 leaving Les and me without jobs.

Then Horace Moore, the man who owns and publishes the Journal Record and Northwest Alabamian as well as the Pickens County Herald and the Times Record (Fayette, Ala.), had a sit-down with Les and me and we came to an agreement about working for the Journal Record and from the year 2000, I designed our display ads; ran our darkroom; wrote a column, plus features and I had a ball.

But in 2000, I had an urge to take a new job and that was in an FM radio station in nearby Winfield, Ala.,and with our daughter giving birth to our first granddaughter, I was so happy as well as I am now. Our daughter went on to give us two more grand-kids and now I am sad, because they are both grown. Almost. But the three of them are so wise in schoolwork and life issues that I take a backseat to them.

I was going to share with you, a sample of a typical day for me. It is not glamorous, as glamorous as George Clooney, but I am thankful for each day that God sends. Let me clarify. I am not religious. I have a Relationship with The Lord Jesus, and friends, there is a big difference.

My wife and I have our Morning Quiet Time with some wonderful Bible reading and we have our breakfast. After that . .. .I tune in to whatever local channel I can get in order to see and hear what types of weather we may be facing—and when you are a senior citizen, you automatically-start to watch and listen to any news or weather that applies to you.

But . .. .as I recall, when I was in my twenties, I loved to keep a tab on my favorite college football area: The Southeastern Conference, where the University of Alabama pretty much dominates this particular division. I love the program on and off the field with the Crimson Tide players who are really listening to Head coach, Nick Saban, and his fine coaching staff in order to help these young athletes know how to live a sober life and stay out of trouble.

But . . .Alabama and the rest of the NCAA College Football play on Saturday and folks, this old 65-year old can only stand so much football, so I entertain myself with one of the two most-dominant TV services in America. I will not name the one I watch, because I will not give them any FREE plug in my text on Hub Pages. Not that I am greedy, not at all. Just taking care of business.

Sharing The Truth About

my personal health issues. At first, I was apprehensive about writing this part of my life, but if you have wondered at the posts that I did post on Community News/Hub Pages about what was happening in my health, well, this can do much better.

I have endured two major strokes, according to a Specialist who says his X-Rays found, as he put it, “a lot of little strokes,” and then I just sat there. I feel the daily affects of these “annoyances”: I have a shortness of breath, but I use an oxygen manufacturing machine that I can take the end of the pipe and breathe God’s oxygen.

As for sleeping, bring on the CAP with decorative mask and tube and I put this on after a long day in life and get some good sleep.

And if I have not said it enough. .. .I thank God for all of our blessings along with the time He allocates and without my wife, Pam, I would not be here at all, because I depend on her so much. As a wonderful Bible teacher told me: “she (wife) us bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh,” and I cannot argue with that.

In June, God willing, I will celebrate my Tenth-Year on Hub Pages and yes, I not only Appreciate my Sweet Followers, but I love them all. And I am thankful to have such a competent staff at Hub Pages—because there has never been a question that they have not answered. I love them also

P.S.: let me leave you with this piece of advice: each day that you are blessed with to awake, ask God (directly), how can I make someone else’s life or maybe your spouse or kids, have a better today without asking ONE thing for you. I want you to not just exist, but SAVOR each moment of each day and night and in a short while, you will realize that for a 65-year-old . .. .you can keep up with the best of them.

P.S.S.: (I’ve always wanted to write that on one of my hubs), since in the paragraph that next to the last, I somehow implied that my TEN years here might be enough . . .This could not be further from the Truth. I will strive to produce works that Google will blow-up, others will be looking confused and scratching their heads and I will be yelling, that’s why I always ask for a waitress with white teeth. You figure it out.



February 20, 2019_____________________________________

This old guy with the blue shirt is yours truly with (Alexis, to your right), (Top from left) Annabeth and Gabriel.

This old guy with the blue shirt is yours truly with (Alexis, to your right), (Top from left) Annabeth and Gabriel.

© 2019 Kenneth Avery

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