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The Positivity in Losing Everything

Lazola Pambo holds a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of South Africa.

Women in multicolored dress

Women in multicolored dress

The Positivity in Losing Everything

One way or the other; many of us will find ourselves in the position in losing everything. By the way, it’s definitely not a jumping castle of excitement.

I would like to call it or rather see it from my experience as being the state of making sure that you don’t slip up an extra six feet down below. Now more than ever, you will find yourself having to dig in deep as they call it and have a ruthless understanding that you also have a right to be here just like the next man: it is definitely not by default that you or I exist.

The position of losing everything can be seen in many fragments of life. It could be the reality bombshell being dropped on your head, where you lose all your material positions and what’s left is only you my friend.

I know right, at some point in your life, you were living with so much comfort and you could probably almost swear upon an oath that you would never see it in your life for things to be taken away from you, but profoundly enough, it is not always the case. Sometimes you have to let things go; picture it as you doing spiritual cleansing or spring cleaning yourself.

I can picture you totally stranded in an apartment somewhere. You have no bed, you have no refrigerator, you have ran out of clothes and oh yes, the best one of them all, you are so afraid to invite anyone into that room because of how ashamed you are. Let us have a chuckle for a moment and cool down.

Surely, you remember that phrase “It’s not the end of the world”- and it is so very true even though it barely seems like it is at the present moment.

Yes, those things mentioned above, you do not have them now, but do you understand how quickly you can make them reappear again as if you had a magic wand? Oh, it’s definitely not impossible at all!

While you think about that; I would like to tell you that indeed it is not over. As long as you still breathing and make use of the energy within you: you damn right, you going to go out there in the world and make it happen.

You may find yourself in the position of losing the material but the point of the matter, is that you are not the one in the position of being lost. Are you defined by your television? Are your defined by your furniture? Are you even defined by the vehicles or vehicle you used to drive? If your answer is a big yes, we probably need to give you a good slap across your left cheek or dice you with some ice cold water, to wake the living daylights out of you.

All I can tell you right now, is that this particular immense fear you have, is so temporary as much as it may seem permanent.

We have to reach a state in our lives, whereby we either make the conscience decision of losing everything or find ourselves losing everything in order to start again a wonderful exuberant new phase.

I know you might find yourself saying “But I don’t want to lose everything. I want to keep all that is mine”. Don’t we all want to?

Life has taught me many things but never this particular principle of the importance of having to lose things. In losing, we find ourselves, repositioning ourselves, in order to be a success. In other words, nobody wants to continue with the marathon of losing right?

Everyone wants to be a winner. Now before we can be winners, we have to somehow someway understand the benefits of losing, in order not to face that road again.

It all starts with the changing of habits. Most of us have lost things or important people close to us, not because there was an announcement on the radio that all of these realities would be taken away from us.

Rather we are the cause in most cases for losing and our bad habits are the reason why. So you and I have to constantly freshen up, and constantly freshening up in the dome of life, means to stay reawaken and not remain confused. We all make mistakes right and mistakes is part of life.

What I want us to keep embedded in our minds, is that the positivity in losing everything is not always by virtue of being a mistake. I think I like the word ‘misunderstanding’ much better. None of us as human beings woke up straight from our mother’s womb and we knew everything.

In fact, the more we reach our adult lives, the nightmare of being a bad student of life continues to increase. It’s like we are all trying to drive in this straight peaceful road with no potholes, but for some reason, we find ourselves being tossed back and forth on the clustered traffic of the highway.

Nonetheless, such a realization, should not make us feel demotivated or dehydrated from not wanting to try again and again. By virtue of me offering you this information is because I cannot give up on myself easily and neither should you. The more life keeps tossing us back and forth, it is the more we should fight for what is rightfully ours.

The first thing to do is to admit that we are definitely in a position where we have lost everything, but now what’s next. I will tell you what is next.

What is next, is the will to work our butts off, in order to land back in our gold mine that we once had, but will have expanded by the time we face it again.

The positivity in losing everything on a grand scale is an awesome learning curve to build our motives in bettering our lives. I for one, don’t ever want to return to a dump hole of failure or a loss of encouragement to myself.

Now that I have seen my mistakes and realize that I was also part of the problem: in reality what this means, is for me to man up and do what is right.

I know this may sound cliché but hey, sometimes we learn from cliché’s because what matters at the end of the day is going back to that aspect of being a positive example to yourself and the community at large.

Human beings in all walks of life need to wake up and smell the coffee as they often like to mention. For how long will we go around moping in the streets and pin pointing blame upon others and regarding those same successful others as the reason for us not being able to flourish in life?

I know I keep going back to the same drawing board, but the truth of the matter still remains that everyone must admit or better yet submit to their faults.

I should think that is the secret or rather state of enlightenment when you have been hit by a rocky hard place: in order to relish the light.

Never mind that those assets you once had are no longer with you. What you should realize is that those very same assets will return to you as long as you do not go astray on the road of losing everything.

Once again, people should not confuse my narrative here with the narrative of losing someone in their lives.

In other words, I am referring to death. Death is a whole different concept on its own, even though it also important to take note that we have to cherish the one’s we have before the time arrives when they depart from us. So in a nutshell, I can also admit to say that death has a lesson too.

We are also living in interesting times and to be in tune with our spirit is an asset that we should never take for granted, although I admit to be at fault in not following the positive nature of my words.

I am a human being like you and we learn from each other right?

One good day you are all happy and confident and then the next day, you feel like you have been anointed by cow dung on your head, if that’s a proper way of explaining being under frustration.

Either way, we continue to say, ‘A Luta continua,’ because things do not always stay the same when we do not allow the situation to escalate.

All seasons come to pass and such is the same case with pain. It is here today and finally gone tomorrow. Go out there and get what is rightfully yours and always remember that a peace of mind is a state of bliss, where you are in a position of not losing everything but gaining plenty.

© 2022 Lazola Pambo

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