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My Life Living In A Haunted University - Pt.1: The Shadow People

Part of my experience living in a haunted university. There will be more parts available.

What It's Like Living In A Haunted Dorm - Pt.1: The Shadow People

I’ve always had a fascination with the paranormal since I’ve had experiences my entire life. No matter where I went in my life, I always seemed to experience something that put me on edge or made my skin crawl. Here’s my story about being a young college student.

Everyone has heard about college/university campuses being haunted, certain classrooms having certain activities that have happened or certain dorm rooms having things that go on during the night, but a lot of the times the stories seem to be strictly Urban Legend. Urban Legends often times only amount to a bunch of stories going around campus, no one really having any true evidence of anything happening. Sometimes someone will say their “friend” experienced something, but have you ever noticed you never seem to meet or even see this “friend” they speak of? Although hearing the different stories never made any impact on my choice of schools, I’d always kept the stories in the back of my mind and, in all honesty, hoped to hear a first-hand account of some of them happening.

When it was time for me to go off to college, there was only one college/university I wanted to go to (Name being withheld for privacy reasons). During my high school years I had stayed in many of the school's dorms while participating in different educational programs for the summer, so I already knew what everything would be like, where I wanted to stay, and where everything I needed was. The dorm I chose was the newest one. I didn’t choose it because it was new, but because of the space in the room and it having a shared bathroom between us and the room next door. There were two sinks and the shower and toilet were separate, so I knew that would be perfect to help keep from having to fight with other girls to get ready (and it did!).

I’d always heard the dorm I’d chosen was haunted, someone mentioning that it was not properly blessed or not completely blessed. I’ve never been sure about that information, but knew there was that possibility as it was a really large building with multiple wings. Other than things being moved when I’d just put them down somewhere, walked away, and came back, the occasional bump in the night, or the occasional shadow figure in my room, I never really experienced much that made me too frightened to stay in my room. I know some people who think that’s more than enough for them to get scared, but after all of the things I’ve been through during my life, that wasn’t anything overwhelming. I figured all of the stories I’d heard were merely urban legend and the people who had told them to me were making it up, that is, until these "stories" started affecting the people I knew.

One of my classmates lived in the same building as I did, so we’d often walk to class together. She’d have to pass my room in order to get to the main campus, so it made sense to walk together and get to hang out for a bit. She was normally a well put together girl, her hair usually tied back nicely. One day she’d stopped by so we could go to class, I noticed she looked a bit disheveled and really tired. I could see the circles under her eyes and the bags starting to form. I asked her if everything was ok and if she was having trouble with some of the work or with her boyfriend (who was not attending the same school). She seemed hesitant at first to tell me, so she told me it was nothing and that she was alright, just tired.

Once class was through and we started walking back to our dorm, I asked her again if she was okay. As a friend, I wanted to be there for her if she needed to talk about something. She mentioned there were things going on in her room, so I asked if she was having trouble with her roommates (one of her roommates happened to be a classmate of mine from high school. I knew her fairly well, so I knew she could sometimes be a little "rough around the edges"). She was still a bit hesitant, but I could tell she wanted to get it off her chest. I offered to let her hang out in my room for a bit and talk about it. Since I knew my roommate wouldn’t be there, and even if she were, she wouldn’t have minded, I figured it was the best place to talk in private. We sat for a bit and chatted about our classes and the work we had to do, working through some of the questions we’d have with a few of the assignments.

After a brief moment of silence, she mentioned there were things going on in her room that were really starting to freak her out. I asked her what she meant by that. She mentioned she and her roommates started hearing all kinds of noises going on, most often times while they tried to sleep at night. She said things would often times be moved when they knew they had put it down in that spot sometimes seconds before. I mentioned to her we had had the same things happening in our room as well, but kind of brushed it off since this was a big building, noises travel and since there were 4 of us, any one of us could've moved it and not realized it. I could see the relief on her face when she realized I believed her and it wasn't only happening to her/them. She went on to mention they’d all started seeing shadow figures in their room, sometimes while they knew they were alone. They’d often times be in the shower and see someone pass by, thinking it was their roommate, they’d call out to the person or start a conversation with the person, but they’d never get an answer. When they’d get out to check who it was and why were they not answering, there would be no one else there. She said that was really freaking them out. I told her we’d had that happen a few times as well, but not to that extent, it was mostly seeing someone walk past without saying anything. When we’d go to check who it was and see how they were doing (my roommates and I were pretty close), we’d always find empty rooms. My friend sighed in relief when she heard we’d all experienced it as well.

My friend went on to explain things were getting scarier in her room, so I didn’t interrupt. She said they’d often times wake up in the middle of the night hearing things going on in the bathroom. For some reason my friend and her roommates ended up in one of the handicap rooms. The way it was set up was that the bathroom was on one half of the room while their beds were all spread out in the other half. She said they’d all wake up and see each other sitting in their beds. When they’d look into the bathroom, they’d see at least one shadow standing there, looking at them. This was really starting to freak them all out, so they weren’t getting very much sleep. This was the reason why she was starting to look so tired and disheveled all of a sudden. She went on to say things were getting even worse. They’d wake up to a shadow figure standing next to their bed, looking down at them. She said you couldn’t see any eyes, but you could tell it was looking at them just from its posture. They’d turn on the lights and there would be no one there. It was starting to happen so frequently, they were starting to get used to it happening, but it would still sometimes keep them up at night.

The day before we’d talked, she said she was taking a nap between classes. One of her roommates was also taking a nap in the bed nearby. My friend decided to face the wall in case her third roommate came in. She said sometimes the sun would shine through the doorway right on her bed. So as not to get woken up because of the light shining through the door, she turned her back towards the entrance area. A bit later, she had woken up because she heard someone come in the room and could see the shadow from the doorway cast on the wall in front of her. Thinking it was her third roommate, she didn’t think to look up, and closed her eyes to go back to sleep. She said that’s when things started to get really weird. She heard the person walking into the room and come up to the side of her bed. She thought it was really weird that her roommate would do that, but kept trying to nap. She tried not to think too much into it until she realized her roommate had leaned over her and she could hear her breathing. She thought it was super weird that her roommate would do that, so she opened her eyes. When she looked to her side, she realized it wasn’t her roommate; it was a shadow person. She was frozen stiff. She could hear this shadow person breathing. She said it looked and sounded like it was sniffing her, which freaked her out and confused her at the same time. After a minute or so of this, the shadow person walked away and went into the bathroom area.

When she sat up in her bed, she realized there was another shadow person doing the same thing to her roommate sleeping nearby. After this being was done with what looked like it was sniffing her roommate, it walked into the bathroom area like the one that was next to her had done. Her roommate quickly sat up in bed, wide eyed, and looked to see if she had seen what had happened. Both wide eyed, they watched the bathroom area for a couple of minutes before asking each other, “what was that?!” Not knowing what was going on, they started to worry there were people in their room. They decided they needed to check the bathroom area in case someone had broken in and was trying to steal something. They slowly made their way towards the bathroom only to find it completely empty. They checked their entire room, dug through the closets, checked the shower, etc.; No one else was there. She said after that had happened, they both sat on their beds, wide eyed, not knowing what to do. They tried to make sense of what had happened, but there really was no logical explanation.

Having had known her for a few months, I knew she wasn’t the type of person to make something this strange up. She didn’t do things for attention and, although very friendly, would most often keep to herself unless she knew you well. Now understanding why she was looking so tired and worn down, I consoled her. I know very well how frightening an experience like that really is, so I offered to let her and her roommates crash in my room if they needed somewhere to go. Feeling relieved someone believed her, she declined the offer, but did say if things got really bad, they might take me up on my offer. I let her know my door was always open, and, if and when they needed it, there was enough space in the room for all of us to fit comfortably.

I’m not the type of person to believe someone’s stories unless I know them well. Knowing this friend for a while and seeing how it affected her both physically and mentally, I knew at least one of the urban legends I had heard was true. Prior to this I heard the same things were going on in some of the other rooms. I had known some other people who had stayed in and near one of those rooms, but wasn’t sure how believable their stories were. Teenage minds sometimes go the extreme and fabricate stories to make a boring time in the dorm a bit more exciting. But this time, this time I knew it was real and could see it in the tired face of my friend. And this time I knew it was real because I had seen them too.

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