What Is The Difference Between Happiness and Joy?

Updated on June 19, 2019
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I am asking the foundation you build on with happy and joyous moments

Happiness and Joy

In today's society its almost as easy as it is accessible to perceive happiness and joy in relation to quotes as "Money cannot buy you happiness." Although time has proven this quote to be noteworthy - It also can and has been argued that its worth is dictated by those who state it. A rich man who can state it and find its truth but the poor man who suffers on the street of L.A. can claim its fault. That being said, I find it important to scrape the surface and to allow all individuals their own voice in response to what happiness and joy means. This archive isn't meant to push other's theories on another to eliminate or take away from what one already believes to be true, but rather to act as an opportunity in which allows the reader to suggest that one own identity comes with his or her own belief of what happiness is to them and what joy can come out of it. I have asked a handful of strangers of all ages what they believe the difference between happiness and joy is. This is what they said:

  • Joy is temporary
  • Happiness is longer-term

  • Joy is the small things in life
  • Happiness are the bigger things in life

  • Joy is adrenaline
  • Happiness is an external and internal feeling of comfort

  • Joy is the feeling you get when hard work pays off - joy is the cousin to relief
  • Happiness is everything in between

  • Joy is more of a spiritual feeling and can be harder to find but lingers longer than happiness. Joy is within happiness - I think you have to be sad with happy moments

  • Both happiness and joy are emotions that can be hindered by events in your life

  • Joy is present
  • Happiness is an emotion you get

  • Happiness is the most general basic word
  • Joy is a more active and cheerful happiness

  • Happiness and joy are the same

  • Happiness is cumming
  • Joy is fucking

  • Joy is long term and more personal
  • Happiness is within

  • Happiness is longevity
  • Joy seems temporary however, both are similar sensations

  • Happiness is a state of mind
  • Joy is a surfaced emotion

  • Joy is more consistent internally
  • Happiness tends to be triggered by people, things, places, and thoughts.

  • Happiness is deeper
  • Joy is an action

  • Happiness is thriving
  • Joy is receiving whatever you thrived in

  • Happiness is when life doesn't fuck you over
  • Joy is when you're refunded your fuck ups in life

  • Happiness is all around us, but it's often overshadowed by the sadness we're so keenly focused on
  • Joy is something we feel at a deeper level, that most people lose when they continually overlook the happiness around them.

There Is No Right or Wrong Answer

With each identity comes our truth with happiness and joy. I think it's beautiful to ask strangers a question that leaves them wandering, digging deep into thought, and maybe they have never been asked such a question before. I believe joy is an emotion you get from a reaction throughout life. We share many joyous moments. Happiness is something you actively work towards to apply to your physical and thought life - to maintain an internal positive long-lasting feeling through the cycle of happy AND sad moments.

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