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What Does Steven Johnson Do for a Living?

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I have another serious mystery to discuss and when I get it all laid out, I will call on you for answers. First, the question: have you noticed that in many or our favorite daytime TV shows that some of the main characters do not have jobs? For example: Stephen Nichols, he plays the role of "Steven Johnson," and I found a lot of Former this, and a Former that, but no Current place of occupation. Does anyone besides me strike this as odd? I mean we see this good-looking guy probably each Monday through Friday on Days of Our Lives and he will appear. Out of nowhere. He never pumps gas for whatever vehicle he is currently driving., or asks the convenience store manager if he (the manager), carries a certain type of water meant only for the horse Stephen is riding. He eats well, dresses well, but he never shows a credit card for the goods or services. Again and help me not to lose it . . .does this too look odd to you?

Steve Johnson as "Patch" "Stephen Nichols" Days of Our Lives.

Steve Johnson as "Patch" "Stephen Nichols" Days of Our Lives.

I Know That Reality and Fantasy

have their places. I'm not knocking that at all. But although Days of Our Lives is one of the best-written, best-acted, directed and produced soap operas on the air, I do like a bit of good. old -fashioned Real Reality. This is brand-new term for us to use. Say it slowly. Real Reality. Wow! Wonder if political genius, George Will knows about this new term.

In doing research for this piece, I noticed one of "Steven Johnson's" "jobs" was delivering medicine to a female doctor in Salem, where Days is shot. This too makes my entire topic very convoluted. We never see this guy deliver anything but a confused piece of writing. In some scene he is listening to another buddy talk to him about a crime that the buddy witnessed and "Johnson" says as he leaves the buddy, "I gotcha, buddy. Gotta get on this case." Does that sound like a Medical Delivery Person? Oh, he might be an Undercover Medical Delivery Person. More Real Reality at work.

I really do not want to cross this bridge too soon, but maybe this "Johnson" moon-lights as a very successful gigolo in Salem. I can see that. His hair never combed, wearing a patch (his nick-name on several episodes) and he's projecting that mysterious, cold, dangerous loner image and bam! Salem Gigolo. What a spin-off for NBC. Our society would love it. And as he is sitting on the huge bed of a wealthy Salem wife who is starved for a man's attention, he is dressing and when he is ready to take off, he gets a stack of hundred-dollar bills as thick as a Dagwood Sandwich. He winks with his one good eye, smiles and leaves.

What really steams me worse than any clam caught on the beach is this "Johnson" fella, not matter where he is at the time, night or day, he is always wearing high-end fashions from the top of his head to the tips of his toes. I wouldn't put it past the producers of Days of Our Lives to sometime stick a 80s standard, "Sharp Dressed Man" on the show's background music or even better, setting the Bee Gee's "Stayin' Alive" while the cameras roll scenes of him walking to and fro. And to make this piece complete, when "Johnson" gets to the end of this "Stayin' Alive" colllage of video clips of him walking, for him to stare directly into the camera's eye with the patch and fade out.

This research project (for me) may never garner any answers, but with "this" commentary, all I have now is "Steven Johnson" showing up in several scenes--eating with friends, family, meeting some rich Salemite for a romantic rendevzous, running from a mobster's "Soldiers," and all of this action no paycheck or cash are ever given to "Johnson." Maybe he has Direct Deposit? I wish that the answer to this mystery would be written into one of the show's scripts and we could all relax.

With "this" mystery, all I have is a good-looking guy who wears the best clothes, drives the fastest car and eats from the best cafe's all without showing one MasterCard or a 100-dollar bill or two and no job to speak of, and with the narrative about "Festus Haggan" of Gunsmoke fame where we learned that "Haggan" did have a job working for "Matt Dillon," but "Steven Johnson" has the clothes, looks, cars and an easy lifestyle all afforded him with NO job.

Hey, screenwriters! Can you at least try to write a few scripts with a little bit of honesty?

Stephen Nichols aka/ "Patch." on Days of Our Lives.

Stephen Nichols aka/ "Patch." on Days of Our Lives.

© 2018 Kenneth Avery

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