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My Weird Coincidences and Experiences

Val is a life-long student of unexplored human potential and many challenges that self-honesty throws at us on that path.


Coincidences are spiritual puns.

-- G.K. Chesterton

What's in the Number 9, Papa Pythagoras?

Do I believe in a special significance of coincidences and some out of ordinary experiences in life? Well, since "believing" doesn't occupy a big space in my mind, let's just call it curiosity.

Now, most of the folks could tell their own stories about a friend or a relative calling them at exact same time when they were about to call them. That gets to be explained as if having something to do with "telepathy", while we could still see it as a coincidence, right?

However, it's not the kind of it that I am about to mention here. Mine has something to do with numbers and with one particular letter, before continuing with some weird, not easily explainable experiences.

Significance of numbers is not only of some special interest to those who believe in Numerology, but much more to mathematicians, physicists, philosophers, and others of some academic credentials.

Even my high school math professor once looked up as if envisioning something divine, and said it, as if more for himself: "Everything in life can be explained by mathematics." It must have been that mystical expression on his face in that moment why I memorized it.

Anyhow, so out of a sheer curiosity, some decades back in time I bought me a little booklet on Numerology, hoping that I would find Pythagoras' system in it. It quickly found its way to the waste basket, with its naiive generalizing easy to find in those booklets on Astrology.

Nevertheless, from time to time I still can't help but being puzzled over this coincidence having to do with my and my family's birthdays.

Namely, when I add up the days of birth of my wife, our son's, our daughter's and mine -- it comes to a number which reduced to the single digit gives a 9.

Then the same happens when I add our birth months, and our years of birth -- reduced to a single digit, it's a 9 in each case.

A sheer insignificant coincidence?

So I checked what Google had to say about the "interpretation" of number 9, and it said some flattering things like: "universal love, spiritual awakening, service to humanity, strength of character..." -- so. thank you Google, I love you too.

Somewhere else I once read that it was "Jesus's number", denoting frequent change, new beginnings, since it's the last digit after which they repeat themselves after being reduced to a single one.

Well, aside from any relating to Jesus in any conceivable way, I could most certainly attest to that, with my whole life being a series of one after another major new beginnings.

But we are not going there now. And yet, I am still wondering what papa Pythagoras would say about number 9.


It's hard to believe in coincidence, but it's even harder to believe in anything else.

-- John Green

The Enigma of a "K", and a "C" When Pronounced as "K"

Could a letter follow you in life as the first letter in the names of places where you lived and the companies where you worked -- especially when you changed so many of them as I have.

I made a much longer story of it in another of my articles, but suffice it to say here that I have a so called "peripatetic" -- or "gypsy" nature, which seeks changes, whether in my personality makeup, my life psycho-philosophy, or in external living environment.

Maybe I am making of it more than it deserves; and then, maybe it's just downright weird, no matter how you choose to look at it.

When something like that keeps repeating itself, at least it's somewhat entertaining to be noticed -- no matter what additional imagination may build upon it.

So, here we go, starting with my last name, which is "Karas"; then, I spent my first 20 years in the street called "Kornatska", in Zagreb, the capital of "Croatia". Two places where I worked prior to emigrating to "Canada" were "Chromos" and "Kras".

Here in Canada I worked in several companies, and only "General Mills" didn't start with a "K", or a "C" pronounced as "K" -- other places had names like: "Chromolax", "Canadian Keys Fiber", "Kellogg", and "Cord Industrial"...

Then I moved to "California", and there I lived in "Collet Avenue".

Now, nothing to do with first letters, but while in Los Angeles, I found a job in "Ontario Street" -- of all the other streets possible in that huge city -- after living in the Canadian Province of "Ontario" for 13 years.

And finally, while playing with letters, why not mention how I spent many years living in the street called "Bergamot" -- which contains a reversed part of my home town Zagreb.

Now, I am smiling while thinking of all those somewhat-paranoid writers at Hub Pages, who wouldn't even introduce themselves by their real name, let alone make public a whole list of information about themselves, as I have just done here.

Well, I don't have any theory about all this -- if there could be one at all -- but there are some quite learned people talking seriously about coincidences, calling them also "synchronicities".


Symbols are miracles we have recorded into language.

-- S. Kelley Harrell

An Unfriendly Set of Traffic Lights

Now done with things in my life having recurring first letter in them, let me continue with some out of ordinary experiences.

For the last ten years or so we have been buying our groceries at a supermarket not far from our home. So we could be talking roughly five hundred trips so far.

On our way to the store, before making a turn into the street where the store is located, there is a set of traffic lights. Nothing out of ordinary is happening as we are approaching to that light, as it could be any color.

But that randomity stops at our returning home, because, no matter when we left that parking lot -- and with no prior lights to go though, as for case that they could be synchronized with each other -- we always run into a red light.

Is there a science, a philosophy, a belief that could explain that?

It has become a regular feature to make us laugh in the car every time we go shopping. And yet, another of those weird coincidences that we'll never understand.

Well, if I really wanted to play a smart ass about it, I would talk about something like that ever popular Law of Attraction, and something in our repeated "mood" , or "mind-frame" attracting the parallel reality which serves us a red light each and every time.

Now you got something to either think about , or to laugh about, but in my adventurous mind I often think about stuff like parallel realities, virtual reality, simulated reality, consciousness collapsing waves in quantum realm and manifesting our reality...

Well, I have from ever been freakishly into the mystery of everything, never really satisfied with the "obvious".

Coincidences mean that you are on a right path.

-- Simon Van Booy


An Extra Set of Eyes?

Then, there are some other little things, and while I am calling them "little" they could blow my mind if I could ever explain them.

Like this crazy thing, when I am walking outside, no matter how I am deeply in my thoughts, or focusing on my conversation, or observing the scenery -- I instantly look down if I am about to step on something that I normally wouldn't want to step on, like a chewing gum, a wild goose's poop in the park, even a tiny brave ant crossing my path.

Moments like that regularly put me in a state of confusion -- just like it is with my waking up at exactly the time when I set my mind the night before.

It's weird and spooky -- as if some other set of eyes is constantly operating and alerting me when needed.

We could play with words like "instinct", and there are surely enough of those folks who would call it my "guardian angel", but situations like that don't have an element of a danger in it.

Really, why would my instinct care if I am about to step on a little critter that obviously doesn't care enough for its own survival?

And, what puzzles the hell out of me is "that-something" in me that's keeping track of the time and having that power to yank me out of my sweet dreams, at exact time when I set my mind the night before?

Well, another weird thing about human nature -- just like that never explained phenomenon of people yawning after seeing someone else yawn. Or, why even animals look at other creatures in the eyes, which are, after all, just two very small details comparing to the size of the whole body. Why eyes?

There is so much still to be learned about what's really going on in us as energy beings, as consciousness, as creators of our internal and external reality.

Which has brough us to the end of this strange post. I hope you found it at least entertaining, if not also adding something to those mind-boggling questions that you may also have.

© 2022 Val Karas

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