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Walking With Ava, Marilyn, and Liz

Do not be fooled. Just because you see only one side of anything, do not forget there is always another side to it. Between publishing hubs,

Walking With High Heels:

Tonight We Are Going Back

to the late 1950’s and to the mid-1960’s, not to investigate how cars are looking so sleek and the fashions for the people of these two era’s are somewhat changing in a good way with a touch of Fashion Rebellion, which was okay for my buddies and I back in these Years of Living Foolishly. Honestly, some of these years of hard-learning, and other years were just numbers on a calendar.

But I can tell you about a very fashionable-time in our lives when we guys found something (besides sports, TV, and sneaking beer to drink). I found the luxurious, beautiful shapes and sounds of the now-Screen Legends, Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor, and my personal favorite: Ava Gardner. I didn’t just watch this goddess in her films, but I envied every step and every word (from a script) that she allowed to gracefully float into the air hypnotizing the eyes of her male fans (my buddies and I included) and captivating her female fans who were all watching her every move in order to be like her.

These years are history, carved in the annals of time, and never to be lived again. Sad, depressing, and black clouds of sadness once hung over our young male heads and we silently swore that we would all find ourselves a woman who was Ava Gardner from the tips of her black high heels to the top of her black hair that was always styled for Hollywood (and the world) to see.

Let me speak from the time when we guys did not know that much about anything, but somehow, we found out that we did love women like Gardner and of course, Marilyn, but it was Jayne Mansfield who blew out minds—with or without her high heels. It just didn’t matter, but as time went by, Mansfield had worn-out every carpet of every restaurant, studio offices, and private mansions and it was not long until she was sadly, phased out of the Hollywood Scene.

The Lovely Ava Gardner.

The Lovely Ava Gardner.

But There Was Ava

still strong, still so lovely that she could summon her femininity at will anywhere, anytime. My friends and I could not see enough of her in the Hollywood magazines that our mom’s had for reading, but the magazines “somehow” disappeared. No details should be told.

Even when Frank “The Chairman of The Board,” Sinatra was married to her, she seldom changed—her personality, views of life, and her depth that she always wanted to be displayed in her latter films. Although Sinatra was automatically in charge of any scene of any nightclub no matter the day or night, it was Gardner who worked to stay the silent goddess and just be content with us guys and the millions of other guys who were mesmerized with her eyes, voice, and acting talents.

But you know the truth about my friends and I adoring Ava? As the years went by, slow as they were, our bodies began to slowly-change and we broke-away from the years of puberty, and so glad that we did live through it, we began to appreciate Gardner’s feet and legs—especially her gorgeous feet when she wore those black high heels. Man! It was worth the two-bucks it cost us to visit our local drive-in theater, but just when Ava was starring in one of her films.

True fact: for us guys, and let me be brutally-honest. Ava’s acting, her characters that she portrayed, and her screen presence was not what we loved to see. It was as exciting or more to look for those carefully-staged scenes when she would walk into her apartment from doing a fictitious theater play or film, and sit on the edge of her lavish bed and slowly remove each high heel and massage her feet as she groaned at just how good it felt to just be barefoot.

When we heard this slice of script, we almost laughed ourselves into getting in trouble for laughing to loudly that the people in the next cars were being hindered by our young brand of humor. But we did love Ava Gardner feet and all.

Do Women Who Wear High Heels Feel Better?

Do Women Who Wear High Heels Feel Better?

Now This Brings Me

to another space in time and this was in the mid-1980’s, and society was changing like a freight train out of control along with women’s fashions that took us males by shock at how the famous girls would try to wear as little as possible, but when it came to her feet, they did not care to wear our favorites: those black high heels. No, sir. The girls of the Modern Scene did not get into the fame vibe as did Gardner, Monroe and even Taylor. But one thing remains: the girls in the Modern Scene are nowhere to be found, memories and all, but who I am writing about now: Ava Gardner, Marilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor are always in my minds and I am sure that wherever my buddies are, these lovely vixens are on their minds as well.

I have held-off from going into “this” part of my piece. It is a very simple poll among the guys and girls and I only ask that you all be as honest as you can possibly be. My first and only question is:

Do You Like Heels or Flats The Best?

Do not be complex in your answer. Just a clear yes for heels or yes for flats will suffice. But before you answer (in the Poll Capsule Below), just allow me this personal opinion about High Heels and Flats and why I like the Heels and can tolerate the Flats.

High heels made Ava Gardner. I say this from an honest viewpoint. She would not have looked as attractive as she did if she wore regular shoes. You can talk among yourselves, but imagine for a moment that you are viewing Gardner in one of her latter films and visualize her wearing a pair of sandals that are only found in certain low-maintenance stores.

Then visualize Gardner wearing her patented black High Heels and watch her personality. With Heels, she takes on the sultry Hollywood goddess that made her famous for her films and credited for selling many millions of magazines and photos that were a part of her legacy—that we can get online and see her in her glory once again.

Equal Time For Flats

How Do Women Feel When Wearing Flats?

How Do Women Feel When Wearing Flats?

Looking at Flats . ..

I cannot deny that there is a big following for Flats, the No-heel women’s shoes and from early indications, women, both professional and non-professional, love these shoes. Why? I am not in any way, a shoe expert, but I would guess it is for the overall comfort that Flats give the women’s feet—especially those hard-working females who have to stay on their feet from eight to 12-hours a day at work or traveling.

Flats are very unpretentious. Unlike High Heels, Flats, I am sad to say, have not achieved the notoriety as those with High Heels, but I can say just give them time.

Personally, I have nothing against Flats. They are cute, easily-worn, and very comfortable, but on the other hand, there are girls and women who would not wear anything on their feet but High Heels. And that, honestly, if fine by my buddies and I, so we will not tamper with the information that I supply.

And while I am being so open and honest, I have viewed on daily life where I live and (on TV News) where stories surround female CEO’s, lawyers, doctors, and teachers, who ALL are seen wearing Flats these days, but by the same token, these same women, to me, just have “that” look about them when they are working while wearing High Heels.

So . . .is this a Male thing? Or is it a Female thing? Speaking only as a guy, I would have to admit that there is “something” about women who wear High Heels, and no matter if women who wear heels because it makes their butt look higher, the women feel better and empowered when High Heels are worn. I won’t lie. I won’t beleaguer the point.

No Caption Required.

No Caption Required.

Now For Some Bare-Footed Praise

which I am now going to tell about the praises that I have witnessed, from my pastor’s wife, (will not reveal her age, but she is not old). One Sunday morning she was singing a high-energy song of Praise and Worship and I couldn’t help but notice that she was wearing Classic Black High Heels. They even made her look taller because she is a petite girl and knows how to wear the right wardrobe. And as a pastor’s wife, her wardrobe choices are a direct reflection upon her husband and our congregation.

After Service Was Concluded

we went to our Fellowship Hall for a time of fellowship, eating, and just talking to each other. And as that event was over, I was walking into one of the hallways that led to the front of the church and suddenly I was being attacked, if you will, by this moving piano coming at me at light-speed. Was I frightened? YES. But in seconds, I viewed the “motor” that pushed the piano: our pastor’s petite wife who was laughing out loud at how she made me stick to the wall and not get hit by the piano.

Then I happened to see her feet. Small and yet, so strong. You see, she was a stellar athlete when she was in high school and went on to play for a college somewhere in Tennessee and just recently, she has been a volleyball coach and softball sponsor so you see for her, she is always active.

But her feet. I can only describe her by saying WOW! And do not get to thinking that just because I loved Ava Gardner’s bare feet and feet encased in Black High Heels and how I loved our pastor’s wife’s bare feet, I want you to know that I am NOT into foot fetishes or anything of the dark world of reprobate activities.

This is not, in any way, to get you to believing that I am more holy than you, because I am not. I am though, a fleshly-mortal and have to fight against everything evil and destructive. But as long as I have my right mind, I cannot UNSEE Ava’s feet in high heels, Marilyn’s white high heels and Liz Taylor’s flats that she wore in a few of her latter Hollywood premieres where she was supporting another actress who valued her friendship.

So here we are. Heels, Flats, or Bare Feet? It is Your Turn.

July 2, 2019_________________________________________________________

Ava Gardner in Evening Gown.

Ava Gardner in Evening Gown.

Time For The Question of The Week:

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