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When I Lost My Memory

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My mind went blank at once

Before I begin my story, I want to ask you all, have you ever experienced anything like sudden memory falling over a short period of time? Well, this happened to me once. I am going to share my personal experience of short memory loss, which I faced during my final exams of the Masters.
It was the time when I was having final exams.

I was preparing hard to achieve a good result which seemed a challenge for me. I had an exam of Prose (subject of MA English), and I did an over preparation for that exam (means stressed myself to prepare extra assignments). It was the holy month of Ramadan, So I was fasting too.
That morning, I went to a center for an exam.

I was fresh and relaxed that time until I started to attempt my paper. I looked at the paper and got relaxed that I am going to do it easily and there was nothing tough for me.
I started my first question, and then, my mind went blank at once. I was shocked and tried to recall that assignment, but how could I? My mind was blank and it never happened to me in life. I collected all my strength to recalled, but failed, so concluded that and decided to start the next.

Okay, I tried to calm down (as I was still confident that I could do all of them easily).

As I tried to attempt the next, that horrible thing happened again. My mind was blank, as I was unfamiliar with those questions at all. In that shocking state of mind, I concluded all those answers and left the examination room.


I am still unable to solve that mystery

I started crying after leaving the examination Hall. Every student came to me, curious enough to find out why I was crying.

I kept on crying, all the way back to my home, even the driver asked me, “Daughter, are you okay? how was your exam?”. But I was not in a position to answer anybody at that time.

After some time, my memory was back, and I kept regretting my memory loss.

Anyhow, I passed that exam (I didn’t expect) but still, I regret that I could get a very good result according to my preparation.

I am still unable to figure out, what was that? Was it due to sleep deprivation? Or due to over-preparation? Or a black magic? (Nowadays, I am reading a story about it so this point clicked for me too, Lol) I have shared this story just to get the answer to the query. I request all of you to tell me, if anyone experienced such kind of thing in your life? Waiting..

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