Wise Thoughts

Updated on June 26, 2018

Part 1

In my early kid days of the years 2004 through 2006, I had imagined a bigger world. It seems as if I have streamed my way into reality and started changing Ito the adult in 2018. To be honest with you I don't loose sight of things that I imagined or once imagined for a reason. So much negativity is polluted into the world each day. I never once had the time to let negativity have a hold of me. To show out all those thoughts I always tell myself that I am a vending machine. Everybody can relate. People let out what they let out, people let in what they want to let in. We do have a control of this way of thinking because soon we also have to get mentally stronger. People call me wise all the time. Not because of my thinking because of how open I am to share how we can get to the top without our fears getting in the way.

Life is too short to be slowing your own train down. Try to be a person of hope. Don't let people come to you for the wrong reasons. We all have a presence people can see that will disregard their thought about you. I'm here to let you know. It starts with your heart. Love is a valuable thing we have to protect our love inside our heads, like I was saying we let things in and out. I have used a mind barrier and a brain excel button like a car. I let things pass by and work harder.

Things effect us in different ways for different people. Once we learn our differences we can also learn our similarities. As in everybody always goes though things. We have to learn that sometimes society doesn't think for you but you will have a way of thinking they do. Sometimes we talk to ourselves but we still have to know that we are all in control of ourselves and eliminate the negative mind that tells you that you're not enough! A mad girl or boy who is raised in a family where they don't get the attention they want may grow up differently. They can be hurt feel hurt and the older ones parents whoever thought they loved them may not understand what the other person is going through. Sometimes its the other way around and we also have to care for the person who is hurting you. The big goal is to not let the negativity certify for yourself or have a say for who you are. That's where we have to come in and talk to ourselves in the "Right Way" We shouldn't always be depressed about the things around us but find too find hope for us and them.

"Things" made me happy when I was a kid. Toys, Jewelry, Spy Toy devices. I didn't have a mindset of knowing my self worth before. I was always the one that had a reputation for the things around me. Before I had talked about not letting negative thoughts define you but when I was a kid I did and we all do slip up everyonce in a while. We are not defined as perfect. Nor will I label others as perfect. I choose to let in the negativity to row me away like a motor boat.

In the atmosphere that I lived in was creative. My mom was a dancer at one time she did a lot of events with her dancing as when I was a kid I saw a imagination way for myself. My dad was also a writer still is today but my mom works with a health resource department and maybe one day wants to become a relator. My brother was the talkative and even though I was shy in my early days I still was outgoing. The thoughts of collaboration was stressful because there were so many options and creativeness in my family. I had too explore my own. That's where the gates of things had opened too self love. For my visual reputation though. I still knew it didn't complete me or define me as a person. The things that I thought of around me are not what makes me as a person.

I've always wondered why I didn't have self love for myself like all the other kids were doing. At the point where I had a big imagination I didn't care about it that much until I started getting older. Let me say this, I do believe that quote of not to care about what we look like but whats on the inside. My main goal is to bring others to really focus on who they are on the inside. Materialistic things can really make people focus on there selves the wrong way. Which can cause other problems. If you start obsessing over things the wrong way. Isn't it the things around us that don't define us but the things in us? How do the things in us define us? Good Question! Analyze yourself every once in a while but don't be obsessed over yourself. That is not the goal. The thought and the perspective try not to get it twisted or else we can determine things in the wrong way. Being more open is a good way too start to having a positive mind.

Being positive and having an open mind is the key. Once a positive source reflects of something good, it's a start. You should always have your mind focused on yourself but self loves comes with those who are around you too. We are people and we should always care for each other. Not everybody will think the same way I do. The part of not caring for each other is what gets us into a negative thinking. Where do we get the love from?

I personally believe that our self love isn't where we get the love from. When I was kid I grew up being affectionate and that's where I thought to myself to never back down from anything. But it didn't complete me. I was always a smiling kid until a few years later and a couple obstacles knocked me out of my place. Or worse, my passion. I did learn a lot from my parents that the real world you live in will have start doing things on your own. Apparently I thought one of them was love. Because the amount I had received from my family and others. As I am writing and accept myself for who I am while writing it will lead to loving who you are as a person. That's what really matters.

Love your inside qualities and flaws made me start thinking how important we really are as a person and a whole. Our inside really does matter. I said to myself "Wow I'm really like this"? If you don't get that question you might need to dig deeper and find what makes you who you truly are. Obstacles will throw you off your game but you can't and that's what matters. You're completely in control of yourself. Those amazing qualities that you got on the insideI just knew I was strong and didn't let my family or myself down. I focused on those around me and I appreciated that I was stronger inside. That's when I realized who I was. That was one of the qualities about me that I truly appreciated. Along the way I started accepting myself for who I am. I spent time to dig deeper and too analyzed who I really was on the inside. Everybody story is different but it can make us stronger when we notice.

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