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Vermont's Stick Season

Linda is a 56-year-old woman who has lived in the North East all of her life. She has written a book of poetry called "Heartfelt Emotions."


It's a New Season in Vermont

Fall is over, the days are becoming shorter, and a chill begins to fill the air. Living in the north east is beautiful but also has it's the time of the year where the weather changes drastically. All of us thought there was only 4 seasons in a year, until now. Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire have 5 seasons with the latest one being stick season.

What is stick season you ask, well when all the leaf peepers have left for the south and the last colors of fall have fallen to the ground now comes the bland landscapes with no color and the wait for snow begins.

Looking much like a black and white photo, the landscapes have no color and the skies turn dark and gray. The thermometer begins to drop and the darkness of night falls around 5 o'clock.

The sun tries to shine but only manages a weak, white light and seems to have lost it's warmth. It is the first warning for what is ahead and that snow will soon be on the way.

Stick season is really a Vermont thing but all of the Northern states go through the same exact thing. Dark, gray, cold, and gloomy. Everyone wishing they could turn back time to when the sky was bright and the sun was warm, and they were surrounded in color, but instead it's the time of the year to get ready to settle in for the long winter.


What's Next

The bare landscape that surrounds everything can be beautiful in itself with the rusty looking leaves all over the ground of the forest floor. Many of the different types of trees can now be seen with the shedding of all their leaves.

When the sun does manage to show it's pretty little head the skies seem bluer and more vast.

The ski resorts are getting ready for the snow birds that will be flooding about shortly. Advertising begins for which mountain you should visit this coming winter and what they offer compared to all the others.

Radio stations are shouting out to all those skiers on the way of their new sales of the latest equipment they offer. Hotels with their new rooms available and free ski tickets when you grace them for a stay. Ski shops trying to get rid of their last years stock at very discounted rates and the new arrivals for this season.

The craziness begins.

The sticks will grace the north east throughout the winter. They will be covered in the white fluffy snow and ice on the branches but will remain bare as a bone. They will remain sticks until the warm weather of next spring, when the sap begins to flow and the leaves once more peek out from above.


Sticks Everywhere

This time of the year also has those up in the northern part of the states, the locals are now catering to the hunters who have come up to reduce the deer population. They advertise their camps and where is the best place for hunting. You will view dead deer on roof tops and in the backs of pickup trucks. Venison seems to be plentiful.

In the grocery stores there is a run on candles with snow storms on the way and power outages to follow.

Generators are on sale for the season as everyone who doesn't already have one heads out to get them before the supply is exhausted. The clothing stores are selling the latest and greatest jackets and winter boots, along with gloves, scarfs, and mittens.

The auto parts store have out their new display of car scrapers and antifreeze on the shelves. New batteries in case yours doesn't hold a good charge for those below zero mornings when you want to be sure to get to work on time.

Many others who have catered to the leaf peepers are exhausted and ready for a vacation. Many business owners close or leave a skeleton crew so they can get away to recover for the upcoming season of winter.

It's a wonderful life up there in the sticks.

© 2017 Linda L Paquette

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